Battle Capacity OST

Charlie Twitch, the artist behind BatCap's awesome music has released the soundtrack for the game. You can download it directly from his site for free here:

Some of the songs are actually extended versions of the in-game themes with a beginning and end. Included are also the full Colossoil and Arghonaut themes which are yet to be included in BatCap.

Also, I'd recommend checking out the rest of Charlie's site. He's super talented musically and in the field of illustration (as the badass OST cover demonstrates). I'm super grateful for his involvement in the project, and I'm glad to be able to share his work with you all.
This is amazing. I've always loved the music behind BatCAP, but having it all packaged like this with an album cover and all for free is simply wonderful. 5-starring this thread.
Brilliantly crafted and a joy to listen to, bravo. It's also extremely nice to listen to the themes on their own without having to play the game or watch one of the videos with background noise on youtube.

PS: album cover art is excellent.

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