Championship - Type A Battle City III - Round 3 [TERRIFIC 16]

previous edition [no winner]:

shoutouts to YGO for the shitty battle city logo and to karpman for adding a touch of mons
This tournament was first run back in 2012 and was inspired by a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament of a completely different name (Duelist Kingdom). If you sign up, you are expected to not john. Because the concept of this tournament leans so heavily on player participation, please PM me as soon as you can (on Smogon or Discord) if you are not going to be able to continue in the tournament so I can sub you out quickly.

You begin the tournament with two (2) Star Chips that you can wager in SM OU battles for this tournament. You must wager at least one (1) Star Chip per match. If you drop to 0 Star Chips, you lose and are removed from the tournament. If you collect eight (8) Star Chips, you will advance to the next round! Beware: do NOT accept any wagers that would push you above eight Star Chips - both players will receive a penalty by doing so and excess Star Chips will be handled accordingly.


The tournament is now single-elimination, best of 3 (SM OU). Please post replays from here on out now guys!



Silver_Lucario42 vs We Three Kings
Ming549 vs teal6
Floppy vs Simiatic
Vai Lusa vs Pohjis
McMeghan vs Santu
Bushtush vs Reymaki
Lycans vs Leo
sedertz vs CaCaTuA

Extension deadline is Saturday, 7th October, 11:59PM GMT+1
Round 3 deadline is Thursday, 12th October, 11:59PM GMT+1

type A, 128 man tour, you probably know the drill by now
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Seems I made a mistake. With that in mind, I will be reverting the extension between Santu and youtuberhotspots. youtuber was away the entire time the round was up (with no prior warning on his profile or anything too) and only responded a couple of hours before the deadline, and never really showed any dedication to get the game done. Santu will be advancing.


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