Battle City V - Round 1

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shoutouts to YGO for the shitty battle city logo and to karpman for adding a touch of mons
Welcome to the fifth installment of Battle City! This tournament was first run back in 2012 and was inspired by a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament of a completely different name (Duelist Kingdom). If you sign up, you are expected to not john. Because the concept of this tournament leans so heavily on player participation, please PM me as soon as you can (on Smogon or Discord) if you are not going to be able to continue in the tournament so I can sub you out quickly. Like the previous editions, the Shadow Game mechanic will still remain in Battle City. If you challenge your opponent to a Shadow Game and they accept, you must both wager exactly 3 Star Chips and play your opponent in a Best of Three (SM, ORAS, BW). The winner of the Bo3 wins the wager as per usual. However, players with 6 or 7 Star Chips can challenge someone to a Shadow Game for 2 Star Chips and 1 Star Chip respectively. You begin the tournament with two (2) Star Chips that you can wager in battles for this tournament. If a challenge is issued, BOTH PLAYERS must agree to a tier before commencing the challenge, with the tier being announced in the Tournaments Discord. You must wager at least one (1) Star Chip per match. If you drop to 0 Star Chips, you lose and are removed from the tournament. If you collect eight (8) Star Chips, you will advance to the next round! Beware: do NOT accept any wagers that would push you above eight Star Chips - both players will receive a penalty by doing so and excess Star Chips will be handled accordingly. Finally, keep in mind it's much easier for me if you post every game you play as a separate post rather than going back and editing afterwards. Also, please post right after your games as it can get really confusing for the host otherwise

Because activity is so important for this tournament, you WILL be subbed out if you go more than 2 days without participating in a battle for this tournament after the initial "soft" deadline, you have been warned.

see my most recent sub post for a list of players still in contention
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Banned deucer.
won vs kanto in sm ou for 1 chip now at 3
won vs ima than lost vs ima for 1 chip now back at 2gg
won vs soulwind in bw back at 3 gg
won vs kanto in sm ou for 1 chip now at 4
won vs t0m holland in sm ou for 1 chip now at 5
won vs sage in bw ou for 1 chip now at 6gg
won vs blinkboy in oras ou for 1 chip now at 7 gg
won vs Mix in oras ou for 1 chip now at 8
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won vs samqian in bw: now at 3 chips
won vs ima in bw: now at 4 chips
lost vs mix: back at 3
lost vs samqian: back at 2
won vs oibaf: back at 3
lost vs mix: back at 2
lost vs sab, won vs stefbryant: still 2
won vs spl4sh, 3
won vs stefbryant, 4
lost vs makirey, 3
lost vs samqian 2
won vs samqian x2 4
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won vs samqian in bw. 3 chips
won vs ima in bw. 4 chips
lost vs star in bw. 3 chips
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