Battle City V - Round 1


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took a chip off teal. current balance: 4 chips

and suddenly, a weird aura is seen developing around the figure of our heroic battler...

is the myth of the Legendary Nice Boy really true?! o no...


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And that should wrap up our first two days of action, sans a stray game here or there. The sheet should be updated with the updated standings now, please pm me on discord (Mannat#4386) to point out any corrections. Congratulations to: Updated Kanto, Flares., and We Three Kings for being the first ones to get to 8 star chips! Additionally, sorry to those who were eliminated, good luck in future tournaments.

Keep in mind that if you do not play a game before 11:59 PM Friday, October 5 (GMT -4), then you WILL be subbed out, no exceptions. After this soft deadline for "week 1", there will be another activity deadline every two days of the tournament that will result in autosubs for inactivity.

Tagging everyone that has not played a game yet: Also I added some subs to the sub list in the OP:
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formerly Floppy
cross Robert off that list brother; just stripped him of 1/2 chips.

balance: 5 chips
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