Battle City V - Round 1

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Seeing as the "soft deadline" has passed, I'll be doing the first wave of subs, be aware that everyone has two days to play a game before the next wave of subs, instead of the 5 you were given for the first week, and this will be the same for the rest of this round.

subbing in MewtwoHidden for Accelgor
subbing in GotCookies for Caioken
subbing in LieslLovesMons for Ahsan-219
subbing in Zesty43 for Sneakers
subbing in Bdlc for StepC
subbing in Haru for DasaniBlue
subbing in TPP for iKiQ
subbing in Lil Blaine for Pluvis
subbing in Ash KetchumGamer for Diophantine
subbing in Flamita for DJRubik
subbing in Shakur for bigtalk
subbing in Aurella for stableprince569

Tagging all remaining players, remember to join the discord: to make scheduling with your opponents much easier
Not open for further replies.

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