Battle Finder is Down, Ask for Battles Here (Locked)

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We do not know when the Battle Finder will become available again. There are a lot of updates going on right now and, unfortunately, the Battle Finder is relatively low on the priority list. Sorry!

Please go to the Battle Finder first if possible.

If you can't, post in this thread to ask for a battle. Make sure to follow the rules!

  • Do not double post. This is also a forum wide rule, but since so many people break it here it is listed. Again, do not double post. You WILL be warned without mercy or question every single time you do it.
  • Do not use use textspeak or intentionally misspell words. "u", "ur", "cya", "g2g", etc. Again this is a forum rule, but it deserves special mention here because people can't seem to help themselves. Again, it will earn you a warning without question.
  • No post game commentary. This includes making any sort of "GG" post, except in the case of arranging another battle. (If you absolutely have to, please use PMs or VMs! Don't clog the thread up!) The other people who are using this thread for its intended purpose (to find battles) do not care about your hax. They do not care about your hack accusations. They do not care about your disconnects. Attempt to settle this via PM and then, and ONLY then, report to the blacklist. If a moderator notices you arguing in this thread you will receive a warning without question.
  • Any illegal hacks will cause you to be blacklisted. This includes things like illegal Pokeballs; keep in mind egg moves and version exclusives.
  • If you use legal hacks you MUST list this in your signature or in all of your posts. No exceptions. You will receive a warning if you are caught using any hacks and you did not disclose this before the battle.
  • If you use Dream World Pokémon that have not been officially released by Nintendo, you MUST list this in your signature or all your posts. No exceptions. Smogon's list of confirmed Dream World Pokémon can be found here.
  • Put your Friend Code (FC) in your signature or post it in all your posts. No one needs or wants to listen to the three or four extra messages that are required when two people have to have a back and forth conversation about "whats your fc?".
  • Check to see if your opponent is blacklisted before you battle. This rule is in place mainly to stop people going to try to reblacklist another member. Attempting to reblacklist another member will net you a warning. Search by FC *and* forum username.
  • For IV Battles only - Please use the Simple Questions/Requests thread in the main Wi-Fi Forum.
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Looking for 5th Gen OU Battle w/ TheFlamingSpade

Looking for a 5th Gen Standard OU match with TheFlamingSpade. Spade, if you see this, please PM me, I'd really love a battle.

5th Gen: 4771 6220 0488
Mainly do Standard Matches
Use Legal Hacks
DO NOT USE Unreleased DW Abilities
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