Battle Finder is Down, Ask for Battles Here (Locked)

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Looking for a BW2 Ubers battle. Find me on IRC or send me a VM.

Edit: Please obey sleep clause--the suspect test isn't over yet.

FC: 0734-4152-5478
I'm looking for PU (NU of NU, Sudo-tier) Matches, hit me up on Skype if you're interested.
Latsu7 is the name over there.
I also use legal hacks, such as PokéGen to create the Pokémon I use, however I do not use unreleased Dream World Abilities, and I would prefer you not to use those either.
So, anyway, see you on Skype, or if you want to be stubborn and stay with Smogon, you can VM/PM as well, that works too.
Not open for further replies.

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