battle free for all #2


when you
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The First Battle Free For All Thread

credit or not, this thread should be about original artwork

if youre not going to draw your own stuff, dont participate, simple as that

do not do this in the future
icepick said:
The rules are simple: kill the current champion, thereafter your pokemon becomes the champion. Your method of defeating the champion does not have to adhere to in-game logic, and feel free to make up rules as you go along.

To play, post to reserve a spot. You then have three hours to post your drawing (make a new post, and delete your reservation post if that's all it is). If you do not make the deadline, someone else can claim your spot. Don't reserve spots ahead of time.

Having said all that...


draw something to defeat the mime!
lol I like it arcticblast. We should all make an epic battle for drifloon and jiggs now :D

or use some max revives, becuase up till now everything has been one shotted...

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