battle free for all #2

lol love it vabolo, glad you're back and wisdom toothless. :)
I guess I'll reserve...don't know what I'm going to do yet :?

MMMM Arbok hungry...
When in doubt, \m/ !

Also, I wanted to make Tornadus hold a microphone, but I drew him with his right arm up and I changing it would have been too haaaaard
also I made my Loudred hold one so i didn't want a recurring theme
or slasher Jigglypuff.

But much as I enjoy praise, perhaps it is time to move on?
^dammit Andrew, thought I could whip up a quickie before someone reserved.

...Given you hate drawing the genies, could I have permission to show my finished art and you just do the next one?
aww man I just finished and I diddnt see your about we both post and the next person can kill both of ours (I really wanna show mine lol)...precedent for this is here :D (really sorry about taking so long to reply to your post)

ok here's mine:

Haha, yes, YVELTAL!

On a side note, I really hope they're going with an Ancient Nord direction with the new legendaries, if only so I can scream the names in my viking voice while Immigrant Song blares in the background.
As you can observe
I'd like to preserve
My odds to deserve
A place, so I'll reserve!


This is what, the third drawing I had in this thread that takes place in a back alley? I never actually went in one before. As you can tell by the backgrounds hehehehe!

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