battle free for all #2

Witness the necromancer
Work this very thread;
For with my power,
It's back from the dead!

Now that my semestre is over, I can flood you with large imagefiles!
I'v never drawn anything even remotely seriously in my life before, by pencil or by computer. I don't even doodle in class so I have no idea why I decided to sit down and spend a half hour doodling in ms paint but I can honestly say I had fun doing it which is all that really matters I think. But yea, Nidoqueen crushes Regirock into the sand, sorry for copying the background style Vabolo but I was out of inspiration by the time I reached the background.
Haha, it's alright, I was copying nature's work myself. Also, F YEAH SUDDEN DOODLES! They keep this thread alive and well!

(and seriously, for someone who doesn't get a lot of practice at drawing, that's quite admirable, especially if it was done with a mouse in MSPaint. I remember those days!)


does anyone actualy read People magazine!?
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sawk v hoothoot.png

there's no violence cap right psst

Morris was furious. How could she do this to him? He had given up everything for her--and she up and leaves for the first fancy Brit who passes by--
as he stalks down the street, his heavily muscled fists slapping together in rage, a lone ball boy, carrying an ash and blood-smeared ball, hops down the street.
And as Morris looks at the ball boy he realises something:
-its fur is the color of her hair.
The ball boy has no chance.
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