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Lost at rank 39 due to a similar situation I've lost to before: Explosion. AIs are either very stupid or plain lucky as they use Explosion at full or near full HP, since I had another explosion user. (Luckily I switching in Aegis expecting a Rock Slide from Golem lol) Previous rank (forgot, like 30-35?) costed me due to custap+explosion, at the same Pokemon Gardevoir. Like seriously... I thought I'd lose to confusion or some status hax, but this is ridiculous.

Trace Gardevoir is not bad. I have fun tracing Sturdy users after they're weakend, it even helped me once from losing.
Well, finally got Super Multi trophy. This time was not as hard as other times, a few battles between 43rd and 49th scared me a little (I won one of them beating 2 pokes with a CB Azumarill with 10 ps and no partner).
I dont know how you feel about this, but it seems to me that Bosses are easier than some other trainners you fight before reaching them. Legendary pokemons are not very hard for my team (except cresselia and virizion maybe).

Now it's time to try doubles again :)
Because the BM is a 3v3 thing (if you're singles), Sticky web often is unnecessary because you're only going to slow down the next two mons, which isn't worth the potential loss of your lead. Or think about it like this:

You send out Galvantula, the opponent sends out, say, a Darmanitan.

You can send out Sticky web, but die to Flare Blitz, or if you have Focus Sash, maybe dent it with Thunder before dying. Now you're down one mon.

You can switch out to a Fire counter, but then you miss your chance to use Sticky web.

Or you can get lucky and KO that Darmanitan after it has failed to OHKO you, and now Sticky web was pointless because you're up 3-2 and you have 1 HP left.

OR you can lay Sticky Web, and find out the last two mons the enemy has are Flying/Levitate, rendering the setting of Sticky Web pointless.

Someone can prove me wrong, but IMO it isn't worth it. Sticky Web is much better in 6v6 because of the number of mons it can affect. 3v3 is too short for Sticky Web.

It's even more useless in the other formats. I remember times where one of the enemy mons in a Super Rotation battle was a Spikes/Stealth Rock Forretress, and I completely ignored it because all of my mons save one were already on the field and didn't care about entry hazards. Or the time where I was in a doubles match and ignored a Spikes spamming mon because I was on my last two mons and no one gives a crap about entry hazards then.
My only defense is that Sticky Web is distinct as it only cares if you come in once (compared to SR where you need several switch-ins for it to matter). Not to mention free speed is useful since slowing down say a Cobalion or Lucario could make a difference with something slow like Azumarril. Normally you would have to Aqua Jet both to avoid getting set up on and wrecked (and Cobalion has gigantic defense). With the Web, you can instead Waterfall or Play Rough. Not perfect at all, but at least deserves a mention.
WOOHOO! Beat the Super Triples Chatelaine on my second try! (I had a bad loss around 15 my first try where I got OHKO haxed) Triples are sooo much more fun than singles. Here's the team I used:

Snow Warning
Quiet, 252 HP/6 Atk/252 SpA
-Wood Hammer
-Focus Blast

The king of this team. Spamming perfect blizzards and having so many weaknesses that the AI flocks to attack him, he really was the glue that held this team together. I got a lot of freeze hax that made a lot of battles not as close as they should have been. I used wood hammer to finish off the odd water type, but I almost always used protect on the first turn, followed by blizzard spam. Would mega on the second turn sometimes if I thought the AI was going to use a weather move.

Azumarill@Splash Plate
Huge Power
Adamant, 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Spe
-Aqua Jet
-Play Rough

My left slot. Kept the pressure off of Abomasnow by using waterfall/aqua jet on problem fire types. Play rough helps to deal with bulky waters more reliably, and Superpower hit the steels that would give Abomasnow problems.

Aromatisse@Safety Goggles
Aroma Veil
Sassy, 252 HP/6 Def/252 SpD
-Trick Room

Wow, this thing is one of my new favorite pokemon. It was an incredibly reliable trick room setter, only failing maybe twice through the whole 50 battles (due to fake out or confusion). After trick room was up, Moonblast spam was surprisingly effective. It hits surprisingly well coming off of Aromatisse's above-average special attack. Wish and Protect may as well have been filler. I used them a few times but they almost never meant anything. Safety Goggles over leftovers because I should ALWAYS have damaging weather up, and leftovers don't protect from powder moves (even though I never encountered any).

Reuniclus@Life Orb
Magic Guard
Bold, 252 HP/252 Def/6 SpA
-Trick Room
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball

Backup room setter and substitute if one of my sides fainted. Not a lot to explain, because it mostly dealt with poison types that weren't part ground. I used Focus Blast on this guy more than on Abomasnow. I don't think he ever actually set Trick Room, but I sure felt better having him around.

Tyranitar@Assault Vest
Sand Stream
Sassy, 252 HP/6 Atk/252 SpD
-Rock Slide
-Fire Blast

Surprise! Double weather! If Abomasnow fainted (or had too many fire types or water types to deal with), in came this guy. Had his own plethora of weaknesses, but since I was already running two fairies and a psychic type, the major fighting type weakness was covered. Soaked up attacks and dealt the damage back while my sides tore through the rest. Was absolutely invaluable.

Salamence@Choice Specs
Naive, 6 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
-Dragon Pulse
-Draco Meteor
-Hydro Pump
-Fire Blast

The closer. If I ever didn't get trick room set up (and had something die) or had trick room expire, this guy stepped up to the plate. Dragon Pulse was the attack of choice over Draco Meteor since I could hit things across the field. Fire Blast came in handy a couple times against steels.

So there you are! It was a lot of fun using a different Mega than I've seen a lot of people use :) Here are two battles for you guys: the first is against a veteran that gave me a scare, and the second is against the Chatelaine (in case anyone needs to do more research on her team).

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Meh, lost battle nr. 41 in super doubles to a Veteran. Was some bad play from my side, had no issue beating her in the mock mode, and some bad luck due to flinch both not happening on opposing 'mons and it happening on mine. She had a cresselia+registeel lead, with thundorus+latios backup. For some reason latios outsped Chomp in mega the first attempt, but at the mock battle Chompy outsped it, so guessing a speed tie. Well, off to the beginning again... If only I had a rough skin Chomp so that I could use mega on Scizor instead to keep the nice speed of Chomp.

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In doing 1000 battles, I did my usual routine of hand creating a list of end game trainers. As usual, there's 100 of them, 20 that I consider "Set 4" trainers, which you face on 31 onward, and the bulk of the rest being "Set 5" trainers, which you face beyond 41. So now, I present...

The 100 Trainers you face at the end of Battle Maison:

Set 4 Trainers (Battles 31+)

Battle Girl Kata - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types
Battle Girl Mae - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types
Battle Girl Rei - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types

Black Belt Sebastian - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types
Black Belt Tyrell - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types
Black Belt Wystan - Fire, Fighting, and Rock Types

Hex Maniac Celia - Psychic and Ghost Types
Hex Maniac Ciara - Psychic and Ghost Types
Hex Maniac Lola - Psychic and Ghost Types

Owner Cyril - 4th Set B
Owner Galton - 4th Set A

Psychic Uberto - Psychic and Ghost Types
Psychic Haskell - Psychic and Ghost Types
Psychic Magus - Psychic and Ghost Types

Scientist Max - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon
Scientist Neils - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon
Scientist Sigmund - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon

Scientist (F) Candela - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon
Scientist (F) Jane - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon
Scientist (F) Rosalind - Electric Types, Poison Types, and Fossil Pokemon

Set 5 (Battles 41+)

*Ace Trainer (F) Bunny - (100+ Base Sp Def Pokemon + Latias)
*Ace Trainer (F) Gwen - (4th Set B + Latias)
*Ace Trainer (F) Nikita - (4th Set Mixed + Latias)
*Ace Trainer (F) Victoria - (4th Set A + Latias)

*Ace Trainer (M) Claus - (4th Set B + Latios)
*Ace Trainer (M) Colin - (4th Set Mixed + Latios)
*Ace Trainer (M) Jai - (120+ Base SpAtk + Latios)
*Ace Trainer (M) Sigurd - (4th Set A + Latios)

Artist (F) Azure - (4th Set) Ground, Rock, and Steel Types (+Regirock 2)
Artist (F) Rose - 4th Set B

Artist (M) Redd - 4th Set A
Artist (M) Wenge - 4th Set B

Backpacker Perdido - 4th Set A
Backpacker Rolf - 4th Set B

Beauty Claire - "Rain" Team
Beauty Lucetta - (4th Set) Normal, Dark and Fairy Types
Beauty Lucille - (4th Set) Normal, Dark and Fairy Types
Beauty Orla - (4th Set) Water and Ice Types

Butler Noah - 4th Set B
Butler Deacon - 4th Set A

Chef Andrei - Water and Ice Types, +Meganium?
Chef Carlos - (4th Set?) Water and Ice Types

Chef Nicoise - Water, Fire and Grass Types
Chef Roux - Water, Fire and Grass Types

Furisode Girl (Black) Kannon - (all sets) 8 Eevee Evolutions
Furisode Girl (White) Nigella - (all sets) 8 Eevee Evolutions

Garcon Darcy - 4th Set A
Garcon Porter - 4th Set B

Hex Maniac Mara - "Trick Room" team
Hex Maniac Anastasia - (Sets 3/4?) Psychic and Ghost Types

Hiker Choss - Ground, Rock, and Fighting Types
Hiker Rand - Ground, Rock, and Fighting Types

Madame Aparna - 4th Set A
Madame Sati - 4th Set B

Maid Colette - 4th Set B
Maid Ghislaine - 4th Set A

Monsieur Kirill - 4th Set B
Monsieur Patrice - 4th Set A

Pokemon Breeder (F) Ina - (All sets) 18 Starters
Pokemon Breeder (F) Josiane - 4th Set B

Pokemon Breeder (M) Abbot - 4th Set B
Pokemon Breeder (M) Tad - (All Sets) 18 Starters

Pokemon Ranger (F) Cerese - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types
Pokemon Ranger (F) Hazel - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types
Pokemon Ranger (F) Willow - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types

Pokemon Ranger (M) Hunter - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types
Pokemon Ranger (M) Parker - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types
Pokemon Ranger (M) Tanner - (4th Set) Water, Grass and Ground Types

Punk Girl Europa - (4th Set) Fire, Dark, and Poison Types
Punk Girl Miranda - (4th Set) Fire, Dark, and Poison Types

Punk Guy Deimos - (4th Set) Fire, Dark, and Poison Types
Punk Guy Puck - (All sets) Pokemon with Intimidate

Roller Skater (F) Aurora - (All sets?) Electric and Flying Types
Roller Skater (F) Electra - (All sets?) Electric and Flying Types

Roller Skater (M) Raoul - (All sets?) Electric and Flying Types
Roller Skater (M) Ryker - (All sets?) Electric and Flying Types

Tourist (F) Chelsea - 4th Set A
Tourist (F) Geneva - 4th Set B

Tourist (M) Hartsfield- 4th Set B
Tourist (M) Incheon - 4th Set A

Tourist (Old) Aire - 4th Set A
Tourist (Old) Ibiza - 4th Set B

Veteran (F) Catherine - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (F) Eleanor - Legendary Pokemon
Veteram (F) Hera - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (F) Isabella - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (F) Sybil - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (F) Zenobia - Legendary Pokemon

Veteran (M) Alfie - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (M) Dorian - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (M) Howell - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (M) Jake - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (M) Saba - Legendary Pokemon
Veteran (M) Stanislaw - Legendary Pokemon

Waitress Ilisha - 4th Set B
Waitress Remora - 4th Set A

Worker (Blue Hat) Levin - (4th Set) Ground, Rock, and Steel types
Worker (Blue Hat) Rasmus - "Sand" Team

Worker (White Hat) Axel - (4th Set) Ground, Rock, and Steel Types
Worker (White Hat) Ivan - (4th Set) Ground, Rock, and Steel Types


One thing you'll notice here, that's different from past generations, is that all trainers that run an unthemed Pokemon selection "Set A" or "Set B" will ALWAYS run the 4th Moveset. Since there are very few trainer now that run Pokemon outside of this set, and the ones that do largely stick to some sort of type theme, there's a number of Pokemon that will NOT show up beyond battle 40.

-There's some trainers that I haven't confirmed/didn't pay attention enough to really know whether they only use 4th set mons or not. Specifically, the Chefs.

*Ace Trainers are kind of strange. Most of them only use 4th Set mons, but in some cases a mix between both A and B. I think each of the male Aces have one Latios Set, while each female Ace has one Latias Set as part of their selections (though I haven't actually seen each of them use a Lati, I'm just making the assumption). I'm pretty sure they do not use all the Pokemon that are available for a given group, whether it be A, B or a mix of both.

Ace Trainer (F) Bunny - Claydol, Florges, Dusknoir, Bastiodon, Ferrothorn, Tentacruel, Venusaur, Gyarados, Sylveon, Milotic, Umbreon, Goodra, Ferrothorn
Ace Trainer (F) Gwen - Weavile, Drifblim, Walrein, Floatzel, Umbreon, Poliwrath, Milotic, Snorlax, Drifblim
Ace Trainer (F) Nikita - Walrein, Vanilluxe, Blastoise, Salamence, Hydreigon, Rhyperior, Dragonite, Lucario, Aromatisse, Tyranitar, Gourgeist, Probopass, Lanturn, Tangrowth, Slurpuff, Flareon, Eelektross, Charizard, Espeon, Slaking, Hippowdon, Tyrantrum, Tangrowth, Skarmory, Medicham, Lapras, Hydreigon, Mr. Mime, Magmortar, Latias, Haxorus, Greninja, Clawitzer, Breloom, Venusaur, Glaceon, Jynx,
Ace Trainer (F) Victoria - Cofagrigus, Vileplume, Darmanitan, Hawlucha, Noivern, Pyroar, Reuniclus, Sawk

Ace Trainer (M) Claus - Mandibuzz, Salamence, Dragonite, Crobat, Togekiss, Tyranitar, Gallade, Chandelure, Eelektross, Ninetales, Conkeldurr, Magmortar, Lucario, Mienshao, Milotic, Lickilicky, Glaceon, Politoed, Latios, Ninetales, Scizor, Roserade, Exeggutor, Flareon, Magnezone
Ace Trainer (M) Colin - Breloom, Quagsire, Slurpuff, Mr. Mime, Marowak, Meganium, Medicham, Gogoat, Beartic, Arcanine, Probopass, Metagross, Venusaur, Aromatisse, Feraligatr, Hippowdon, Delphox, Mienshao, Clawitzer, Avalugg, Typhlosion, Aggron, Florges
Ace Trainer (M) Jai - Volcarona, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Espeon, Latios, Glaceon, Exeggutor, Reuniclus, Magnezone, Gardevoir, Gengar, Togekiss, Roserade, Hydreigon
Ace Trainer (M) Sigurd - Feraligatr, Torterra, Goodra, Jynx, Scrafty, Latios, Noivern, Empoleon, Skuntank, Druddigon, Cryogonal, Avalugg, Florges, Chesnaught, Avalugg, Carbink, Froslass, Slurpuff, Dewgong, Blaziken, Scrafty, Blastoise, Gothitelle

-Chef Andre for some reason has a Meganium in a team otherwise full of Water and Ice Types. I get the feeling that all of his Pokemon may be running Blizzard, and Meganium was tagged and added for having "Petal Blizzard"
-Beauty Claire's "Rain Team" mostly just means that she has a lot of Pokemon with rain benefitting moves (water attacks, thunder, hurricane), or rain related abilities (Hydration, Swift Swim, etc.), similar to Parasol Ladies in the Subway
-Hex Maniac Mara's "Trick Room Team" has all the TR setters, and a handful of slow Pokemon. Similar to the teams run by Harlequins in the Subway
-Worker Rasmus "Sand" Team, is similar to Workers teams found in the Subway

The Following Kalos Pokemon show up in Super Maison:

Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja, Talomflame, Pyroar, Florges, Gogoat, Aromatisse, Slurpuff, Barbaracle, Clawitzer, Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Carbink, Goodra, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Avalugg, Noivern

All 21 of them are placed into the "A" listing. "A" and "B" both have 98 Pokemon Species

Group "A" Mons:

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja, Dugtrio, Marowak, Medicham, Quagsire, Granbull, Talonflame, Jynx, Mr. Mime, Lanturn, Pyroar, Breloom, Forretress, Skarmory, Absol, Whiscash, Hariyama, Vespiquen, Raichu, Florges, Gogoat, Dewgong, Manectric, Staraptor, Gastrodon, Skuntank, Throh, Sawk, Aromatisse, Slurpuff, Hawlucha, Unfezant, Vileplume, Victreebel, Electrode, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Barabaracle, Clawitzer, Carbink, Exploud, Lopunny, Froslass, Lilligant, Darmanitan, Ambipom, Cofagrigus, Gourgeist, Trevenant, Golurk, Durant, Golem, Slowbro, Weezing, Kangaskhan, Tauros, Spiritomb, Cryogonal, Avalugg, Druddigon, Noivern, Musharna, Scrafty, Ferrothorn, Alakazam, Slowking, Miltank, Altaria, Goodra, Toxicroak, Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Sylveon, Bisharp, Abomasnow, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Cradily, Armaldo, Aurorus, Tyrantrum

Group "B" Mons:

Rampardos, Bastiodon, Floatzel, Mismagius, Carracosta, Escavalier, Accelgor, Zebstrika, Drifblim, Seismitoad, Poliwrath, Rapidash, Muk, Gengar, Ampharos, Politoed, Pinsir, Scizor, Heracross, Ursaring, Houndoom, Donphan, Wailord, Claydol, Bronzong, Drapion, Luxray, Ninetales, Machamp, Shuckle, Roserade, Honchkrow, Gigalith, Conkeldurr, Excadrill, Krookodile, Steelix, Weavile, Gliscor, Zoroark, Mandibuzz, Braviary, Tentacruel, Aerodactyl, Porygon2, Lickilicky, Yanmega, Gardevoir, Gallade, Exeggutor, Starmie, Flygon, Klinkang, Chandelure, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Lucario, Hippowdon, Probopass, Dusknoir, Mienshao, Beartic, Bouffalant, Aggron, Walrein, Mamoswine, Lapras, Crobat, Magnezone, Rhyperior, Tangrowth, Porygon-Z, Vanilluxe, Eelektross, Gyarados, Snorlax, Kingdra, Blissey, Milotic, Electivire, Magmortar, Haxorus, Togekiss, Volcarona, Arcanine, Archeops, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Slaking

Hopefully this information will be helpful to people. Also, since this was all hand-made, there is a possibility that I may have overlooked something. If you can think of anything that needs to be fixed/added, be sure to let me know.
Super double Battle completed on 2nd try with some real luck in the end. Ended with rotom-w+a low health paralysed scizor against the entei and a low health Latios. Hit Latios with bullet punch for the KO and hit entei with rotom's hydro pump. Felt really lucky that I evaded para+miss in that final round, else I wouldnt have made it. Now time to go for triples/multi battle trophie.

Anyone got any tips for AI's with great partner pokemons?
Super Rotation Battle streak: 156

Tyranitar @ Tyranitarite
Brave Nature
Ability: Sand Stream
IVs: 31/31/31/X/31/0
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Taunt

Trevenant @ Sitrus Berry
Brave Nature
Ability: Harvest
IVs: 31/31/31/X/31/0
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
- Trick Room
- Wood Hammer
- Shadow Claw
- Protect

Lvl 1 Aron @ Shell Bell
Rash Nature
Ability: Sturdy
IVs: doesn’t matter
EVs: no EVs
- Endeavor
- Protect
- Sandstorm
- Screech

Garchomp @ Life Orb
Jolly Nature
Ability: Rough Skin
IVs: 31/31/31/X/31/31
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Fang

The strategy of this team should be quite obvious, abusing lvl 1 Aron with the help of the Sandstorm from Tyranitar. Teams without Sandstormresist can be completely swept by Aron, but I do not get a lot of those freebees. Almost all the teams I faced had at least one Pokemon immune to Sandstorm or had a ghost. Tyranitar takes care of the ghosts and Pokemon who are immune to Sandstorm are picked of by Tyranitar or Trevenant. Garchomp is in the back of the team to clean up the mess. It’s quite hard to explain this seemingly simple strategy exactly so I saved a couple of video’s to explain the strategy and to show some close calls.

Battle 85: L78G-WWWW-WWW3-336W (close call against an annoying Cresselia)
Battle 94: PHHG-WWWW-WWW3-3378 (another close call because off mold breaker Throh)
Battle 100: PH7W-WWWW-WWW3-338B (nothing special, but battle 100)
Battle 102: TZNG-WWWW-WWW3-3392 (Didn’t get TR up because of taunt + OHKO)
Battle 114: BGUG-WWWW-WWW3-339G (OHKO Walrein…)
Battle 126: WKQW-WWWW-WWW3-339P (Aron sweeping a legendary team)
Battle 157: MKSW-WWWW-WWW3-33A9 (the losing one)

Quite pleased with the result, because Rotation is probably the hardest of all, because of the AI unpredictability.
Super double Battle completed on 2nd try with some real luck in the end. Ended with rotom-w+a low health paralysed scizor against the entei and a low health Latios. Hit Latios with bullet punch for the KO and hit entei with rotom's hydro pump. Felt really lucky that I evaded para+miss in that final round, else I wouldnt have made it. Now time to go for triples/multi battle trophie.

Anyone got any tips for AI's with great partner pokemons?
Entei or Typhlosion would do the work really nice. If the parter of one of those two pokemons is nice... take them, you wont regret ;)
I just lost in Super Doubles at the 43rd battle to Veteran Sybil with Zapdos/Entei/Thundurus/Tornadus. I used...

Exploud @ Choice Specs | Modest | Scrappy | 252 SpA / 132 SpD / 124 Spe | Boomburst / Flamethrower / Focus Blast / Overheat

Aegislash @ Weakness Policy | Brave | Stance Change | 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD | Swords Dance / King's Shield / Shadow Sneak / Sacred Sword

Garchomp @ Lum Berry | Jolly | Rough Skin | 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Protect / Dragon Claw / Earthquake / Rock Slide

Togekiss @ Leftovers | Modest | Serene Grace | 60 HP / 252 SpA / 196 Spe | Roost / Dazzling Gleam / Air Slash / Aura Sphere

I started this streak before I saw Jean mi's post about Exploud in triples, and Telepathy Musharna sounds like a sweet partner actually. I'll have to give it a try when I can bank over the one I have in White 2. Spread moves in Boomburst, Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Dazzling Gleam are nice to have, but the first two are the main two. It was really fun to use. Exploud does some pretty incredible stuff, highest body-count by far (even if some of those are its teammates) and it only used a non-Boomburst move once: Flamethrower against a Gardener with Ferrothorn. Garchomp and Togekiss still work great together, although I'm not totally sure about Togekiss' moveset or EVs. The streak isn't that great, but it's the best I've done and only took me one try to get there. Maybe Sitrus over Leftovers and Yache or Garchompite over Lum would do better. Exploud tho

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A bit of a follow up to my trainer information...

Here is a list, off memory, of non-Kalos Pokemon that I know have had some moveset changes for Pokemon from the 4th set, and at least one thing I know that has changed to them. If I don't mention a name here, that means that their moveset info is exactly the same as in 5th gen, and you can refer back to that listng of Pokemon.

Charizard - Focus Blast
Granbull - Play Rough
Mr. Mime - Dazzling Gleam
Ludicolo - Same Moveset @ Kee Berry
Darmanitan - Flare Blitz, Superpower @ Choice Scarf
Altaria - Sing
Mismagius - Power Gem, Protect, Perish Song @ Bright Powder
Carracosta - Same moveset @ Weakness Policy
Gardevoir - Moonblast, Psychic,
Klinkang - Same moveset, Held item changed
Espeon - Dazzling Gleam
Lucario - Stone Edge, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed @ Weakness Policy
Magnezone - Same movest, Held item changed
Snorlax - Power-up Punch
Togekiss - Dazzling Gleam (252 SpA/Spd EV spread)
Dragonite - Extreme Speed
Hydreigon - Held item changed
Congratz to lolnub for aceing a format many are averse to!

Just a question: for your Aron, is Rash Nature necessary or any nature in general will do?
I rebuilt my Battle Maison team after getting completely thrashed. I'm only keeping aegislash

Aegislash Leftovers
252 HP/ 252 atk/4 Sdef

King's Shield
Swords Dance
Sacred Sword
Shadow Sneak

Azumarill @ Choice Band/Muscle Band (still on the fence)
252 HP/252 atk/4 Spe
Play Rough
Aqua Jet

However I don't know who to chose last, I need a fast special sweeper that can cover these two. Any suggestions
Try a Gengar lead:

Gengar@Focus Sash
6 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe

Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Thunderbolt/Dazzling Gleam/Focus Blast
Destiny Bond

OHKO or 2KHO something then destiny bond spam.
Oh neat. I didn't realize we were putting records in the OP. Right now, I'm at about 80 battles on Super Singles (no Entrainment), but I've gotten really, really lazy with the Maison and haven't played in about a week. I'll keep trudging forth soon though; wouldn't mind a spot on that list. :)
I got to 59 with this team, not as good a record as I had hoped but I realised the team could use some work anyway.

Blaziken @ Blazikenite
4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spe
- High Jump Kick
- Flare Blitz
- Protect
- Baton Pass

Hydreigon @ Life Orb
4 HP 252 SpA 252 Spe
- Dark Pulse
- Dragon Pulse
- Taunt
- Roost

Aegislash Leftovers
Brave, 0 Spe
252 HP 252 Atk 4 SpD
- Swords Dance
- King's Shield
- Shadow Sneak
- Sacred Sword

They all worked quite well together. I ended up losing to a a team of Slowking/Golem/Nidoqueen. Slowking's Ice Beam froze Hydreigon, rendering her useless against the Nidoqueen. I think I misplayed, going to Aegislash to take the Ice Beam after switching Hydreigon in probably would have worked better because lefties and bulk means he can wait out a few turns of immobility. I didn't recall TR Slowking from the Subway ever having Ice Beam though, so I lost.

I'm breeding other pokes at the moment, so I probably won't attempt again until after I have the other trophies. Next time I might consider changing up Hydreigon's moveset to Modest with Draco Meteor over Roost. It just felt like such a waste to heal when I would usually take around the same amount of damage from not attacking, while DM nabs OHKOs on a bunch of stuff that I didn't realise would be a problem like Armaldo. I also realised that everything faster at +1 is either not a threat, or setup bait for Aegislash - so going for more power is fine.
Entei or Typhlosion would do the work really nice. If the parter of one of those two pokemons is nice... take them, you wont regret ;)
Just my luck, not any of my 60+ partners got any of those. Well, will have to check out the other options then. One thing I could think of as promising is a Goodra+alakazam partner to compliment my M-Kanga+Aegis.
Enquired about something a while ago but did not receive any reply. In case it was missed, I shall post my question once more.

Is it true that your boss fight for Super Multi is the other 2 Chatelaines u have not fought in Multi battle #20?

For example, if you fought Evelyn and Morgan in Multi Battle #20 as a boss fight, your final opponents would be Nita and Dana?

Thanks for any constructive replies in advance!
Enquired about something a while ago but did not receive any reply. In case it was missed, I shall post my question once more.

Is it true that your boss fight for Super Multi is the other 2 Chatelaines u have not fought in Multi battle #20?

For example, if you fought Evelyn and Morgan in Multi Battle #20 as a boss fight, your final opponents would be Nita and Dana?

Thanks for any constructive replies in advance!
It is random from any of them, with 2 random pokemon from each of those teams
I'm doing super singles but lost on battle 48. This is my new record and was the team I was using since battle 1 on this run.

Talonflame(Female)@Sky Plate: Birdramon (It looks like the flaming bird from Digimon)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Gale Wings
Iv's: 31/31/31/**/31/31
Ev's: 252 atk, 252 speed, 6 HP

Brave Bird
Flare Blitz
Bulk Up

What a beast this thing is, as a suicide lead. If the opponent is a Pokemon who is unlikely to carry and SE moves or is not going to ohko me, I try to set up with Bulk up, and roost of what damage i can. Sometimes I get of only the one, but other times I manage to get a +4 0_0
priority Brave Bird beats anything with Quick Claw, as I found when battling a trainers Wailord with the item. Any of the rock type Pokemon scare me to death and I always switch regardless of how many stat boosts iv'e gained.
all in all this thing is an awesome Suicidal lead that does its job.

Azumarill (Male)@Splash Plate: Woundwort (as in the General from Watership Down)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Huge Power
Iv's: 31/31/31/**/31/31
Ev's: 252 atk, 60 speed (can't remember exactly) and the rest in HP. Was reading Azumarill thread when doing EV training. want to try the max HP one.

Super Power
Aqua Jet

"I'll blind him!!" couldn't of said it better myself Woundwort. This thing takes care of pretty much everything, watching a dragons HP bar disappear in flash, after a play rough is not only funny but never gets old. this is pretty much the stand set i see people using everywhere... well maybe not the EV's.
Finally the aqua rabbit gets some play time in this generation because of the benefit of an added Fairy type.

Klefki (Female)@Leftovers: Key of Clow! (Cardcaptors!)
Nature: Calm
Ability: Prankster
Iv's: 30/**/31/**/31/31
Ev's: 252 HP, 252 Sp def, 6 HP

Foul Play
Thunder Wave

"Troll, lolololololololo hah ah ha ha ha!" Don't you hate it when someone sends you web link to Rick Ashley, doing his thing,when looking for new Pokemon news or any kind of news for that matter, well this thing is the true definition of being a troll!! This set is everywhere! Once you set up the swagger and the sub, nothing can touch you. seeing the opponent use explosion or memento is hilarious and so is watching the animation for Fissure and sheer cold, and smiling knowing that your safe behind your sub :) Thunderwave is hardly used much with all the electric types running around, and I often think whether to just replace the move with reflect or give it draining kiss or torment.
but there have been matches where the paralysis really did matter, where the opponent got me down to below 40 HP (To weak to sub) and don't know what else to do.

this thing has brought be back from a few near misses where both Talonflame and Azumarill, have been koed and i'm still only the 2nd Pokemon at full HP.
So surrender to the wand, the force ignite! Release!! CLOW CARD!!

how I lost battle.
Trainer sends in Raikou. My reaction was OMG runwaway, with the Talon Flame lead. Switch into Klefki. Takes a thunderbolt, like a boss, but becomes fully paralyzed.
I try to stall out for much time as possible, managing to get a swagger and a few foul plays, and even a sub, but those fully paralyzed turns really hurt me. In the end I ran out HP to make a sub so went for a passing swagger. By this point Raikou had taken roughly half HP but was in yellow. After Klefki dies, I switch to Azumarill, but Raikou is faster and uses Thunderbolt. I survive on 3HP from full health 0_0 and become paralysed. My Play Rough hits and KO's it.

Trainer sends out Virizion, and I switch to Talonflame who takes an energy ball like a boss. I have no idea what moves it has, so just go straight for Brave bird, OHKOing it.
trainer then sends out Moltres, and I use Brave bird again, and do a clean 75% of it's HP, but my HP is also something like 25% so an air slash KOs me. I hate that recoil damage.
Send in fully paralysed 3 hp Azumarill, Aqua jet.... "It's fully Paralysed!" FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! Air Slash kos me.

And that's the sad story of my loss. I think maybe I could of used Roost when Moltres came out, to see how much it could of done to me but didn't want to risk it. unsure of how much it would do. Special fire types with Fire blast have done about half HP to Talonflame before, so this scared me. the main problem with this match was Raikou getting the turn 1 paralysis with thunderbolt on 2 of my pokes. Theres a 10% chance of this happening!!

Improvements for next time would be to use a life orb on Talonflame instead of sky plate for more damage output, since it rarely misses a KO, and those KOs really do matter, and maybe a choice band for Azumarill, or maybe Assault vest with 252 HP to take a Thunderbolt better.

Was half thinking of using Excadrill mold breaker instead of Klefki for last slot, with the air balloon. But it'll have to come out once someone has fainted or on the predicted thunderbolt/ electric type, ground move or poison attack, otherwise you'll pop the balloon on the switch, and like Sonic sez.... "Thats no good"
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Anyone know if Exploud is viable is triples/multis? STAB Boomburst, flamethrower and some other moves ought to be really nice with its
/68 stats as it can go mixed if needed. Its weak defensivly and rather slow, so not sure how it will work even with that OK atk+spatk and health. Any suggested partners for triples and backup for multis? Also, any suggested nature+ev's?
Any nature will do, the only thing Aron needs is sturdy and endeavor. Everything else is filler lol.
I think Protect deserves a lot more mentioning than none.
Toxic / Swagger have made my life a little bit easier every now and then as well, but I'm talking Super Doubles here though.
Congratulations on your streak (and all others who have posted ofcourse!).

OP has been updated with records and R Inanimates research information (thanks!).

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