Battle Minigames Room- Inaugural Congress Tournament

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We are pleased to announce the creation of the Battle Minigames private room, and with it an inaugural game of congress. What is "congress," you may ask? (Besides being a boring place in Washington full of boring people, of course.) Congress is a teambuilding game that changes every time it’s played. Players take turns submitting “laws” (the laws are various clauses/bans/other restrictions like STABmons Move Legality or a BST cap) that change what each player is allowed to bring. After a predetermined team building time, a tournament is held where players show off their teams. This means there is no “average” game of Congress. In the law-proposing phase, what might normally be a placid set of rules could quickly turn crazy when someone decides to make everyone play in Sketchmons. The typical game of congress has 6 rules that all must be adhered to, or else your team will be disqualified.

Example Congress:
  • The lawmaking phase begins.
  • User “not a racist” proposes that no pokemon may have higher than a base 80 in an attacking stat
  • User “platinumCheesecake” proposes that a Pokemon may hold a Plate item to gain the ability to use any one move of that type.
  • User “Cake” proposes that no pokemon may have the letter ‘e’ in its name, typing, or ability.
  • The room collectively agrees that user “Cake’s” rule is too restrictive and votes to veto the rule.
  • User “Cake” amends their rule to only limit Pokemon and items.
  • Once a desired number of rules have been reached, a timer may be optionally set to encourage that games move along quickly. Users have this long to make their teams.
  • A tournament is held, usually round-robin for smaller games or double elimination for larger games.
  • Users play on the honor system, understanding that they can be disqualified for a noncompliant team.
In this thread, we will be polling users for custom rules to determine how we play. For ideas, you may use this link to a repository of rules we’ve previously had a lot of fun with. Because this thread will be larger than the typical congress game, we are eschewing vetos in favor of another democratic solution: the reaction. Each user may post 1 rule in this thread that others will then judge whether or not it seems like fun by reacting to the post. We will be looking at the rules with the highest number of reacts and picking our final 6 teambuilding restrictions from those you guys deem most interesting. Obviously, some rules may interfere with each other, so even if you get a lot of likes on your post your rule may still not get chosen. Creative, interesting rules that allow for niche strategies are more likely to get picked over others. Posting more than 1 rule will get both your rules disqualified for consideration.

The default rules are the typical Gen 8 OU, though at the congress hosts’ (my) discretion, we may decide to play in Gen 8 National Dex OU if Pokemon are otherwise too restricted. Rules proposals will often change the format played in, sometimes to Custom Game if needed. Any illegal teams will result in instant disqualification. Congress is a silly minigame and there’s no reason to cheat when the only prize is honor. If you make a small mistake, its up to your opponent to allow your match to continue, but if they grant you this leniency you should take care to fix the problem before your next match. This tournament will have ghosting banned.

There is no need to formally register, but be advised you will need to have your team made ahead of time. Oh, and it’s customary to give the mons on a congress team silly nicknames.

From the time of this post, we will have 5 days of time where users can propose rules. On Thursday, May 21st, we will post a list of the 6 accepted rules. You will have until this Saturday, May 23rd at 3:00 PM CST/GMT-5 to make your team in accordance with those restrictions. We will host a tournament in the battle minigames private room at that time, also accessible through <<congress>> or <battleminigames>> ps.
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Being May 17th, i think this rule is totally on point:

Rainbow Battle: Each pokemon on the team may be of each color of the rainbow --> 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Purple, 1 Pink (no Indigo or Orange so Pink sounded like the correct thematic option)émon_by_color

Also, as someone that played congress with Platty a few times, may i assure you, this event is gonna be bonkers fun
For each Pokemon, you may use any move or (AAA Legal) ability that contains all unique letters in the Pokemon's name.


Latias ("a i l s t") may use Darkest Lariat (D a rke s t L ar i at)

Kommo-o ("k m o") may use Mold Breaker (M o ld Brea k er)

Aron ("a n o r") may use Dragon Dance (D r a g o n Dance)

Mr. Mime ("e i m r") may use Mind Reader (M i nd R e ader)

(Don’t get confused and think the other way around! Serperior contains all of the letters in Spore, but that’s not the right way. Think - generally - big move names, small Pokemon names.)
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items on the pokemon must have a flingable effect or a damage of 60+

Therefore items like leftovers or life orb can not be used and also choice items cant be used

if ya wanna know by effect you can do /dt light orb and it says it will para the opponent by flinging it. along with toxic, flame orb and such.

60+ damage items are more explainable, items like grip claw have a base fling of 90 so that item would still be allowed.


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No Pokemon can be used with a ratio of base Atk to SpA greater than 2.
I.e. Darmanitan Galar would be banned because 140/30 > 2, while Aron would be allowed, because 70/40 < 2.


Banned deucer.
None of the words that form a Pokémon's move set can start with the same letters. Some examples:

Body Press and Iron Defense would be legal, since all four of those words starts with different letters
Body Press and Acid Armor would not be legal, since "Acid" and "Armor" start with the same letter
Body Press and Bulk Up would not be legal, since "Body" and "Bulk" start with the same letter
Body Press and Cosmic Power would not be legal, since "Press" and "Power" start with the same letter
To prevent Covid-19, we must limit the amount of droplet from pokemon. Therefore, you can only use Pokemon that completely close their mouth in their newest sprite while also not showing any teeth, tongue or saliva, or just don't have a mouth at all.
Stoutland is legal cause it doesn't show its mouth open, even if it might be covered by its mustache.
Slurpuff is illegal as it has its mouth closed but it still shows its tongue.
TIME HAS COLLAPSED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. It is now Jan 8th 2013, you are sitting in your room watching a broadcast of how a new pokemon game is coming out in October. They draw several lottery tickets to compete in a competition that has mons from gen 6 and more but this is prior to the idea of fairies! they also have a bunch of mons that they are saving for the next gens which you get to play with (gen 7 and 8 mons) but they erased clefable for some reason... hmm wonder why? Who knows. Fairies are banned


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Your pokemon must have words in their names that when put in order and capitalized make a sentence.
Example: WEavile excaDRILL ditTO togeKISS landorus-THErian shaymin-SKY
Shoutout to some members:
not a racist rule: Your team must have equal number of pokemon with yellow, black and white dex color. I won't explain this one.
platinumcheesecake rule: These requirements must be met in your team: Having at least 1 gen 4 pokemon (platinum), having a rodent or rodent like pokemon (mice like cheese and are rodents), having a pokemon that's based on some kind of dessert (so either fruit like cherrim or cake like Appletun)
RustySheriffBadge rule: Your team must have a pokemon that's not pure steel type (not pure so rusty), a dog pokemon (linked with sheriffs, RSB made this himself once already), and a Gym Leader's signature pokemon (Like Jasmine's Steelix)
Kris rule: Each pokemon must have something from gen 2, either move, the pokemon itself or item.
Instruct rule: One pokemon from your team can inherit Oranguru's moveset but have to remove its own. It can then instruct another team member and give it a move it knows from its 4 moves.
Edit: This idea is mine that I add here to avoid double posts. The Blackmarket shop: In this shop, each pokemon with 500 BST or below can have new options in their arsenal, for a price. They can buy an AAA legal ability with 8 levels, or a Sketchmon legal move with 6 levels, up to 32 levels if you buy all 4 moves + an ability.
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All Pokemon must hold a move of a type weak to them. This is easy for dragons and ghosts since they're weak to themselves but may force other pokemon to run HP coverage so that they may fulfillm this req.
Ex. Kommo-O with Clangorous Soul/Clanging Scales/Aura Sphere/Flash Cannon is legal since Clangorous Soul and Clanging Scales are Dragon moves,
However a Drapion with Swords Dance/Cross Poison/Night Slash/Acupressure is not legal since Drapion doesn't hold a Ground move.
Alternatively, you can do this with Resistances/Immunities instead. I would say just resistances but then all mono normal types plus Malamar, Inkay, and Hoopa-Unbound would be disallowed by default due to not having resistances.
Thank you all for participating! I've picked the rules with the most reacts. Of those that tied, I tried to choose ones that would best fit with the pre-existing rules. If your rule wasn't picked, don't worry! We host congresses frequently, and if you're in the Battle Minigames room during the evenings (CST) you can join up and get your rules submitted then.

Here are the full rules for this congress:

Default tier: Gen 8 OU

Irpachuza's Each pokemon on the team may be of each color of the rainbow --> 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Purple, 1 Pink
Tiksi's For each Pokemon, you may use any move or (AAA Legal) ability that contains all unique letters in the Pokemon's name.
Bloodstained Vuyj's items on the pokemon must have a flingable effect or a damage of 60+
A Cake Wearing A Hat's One Pokemon with a Base Stat Total of 300 or lower may use a set legal in [Gen 8] Balanced Hackmons, so long as it doesn't interfere with the other rules here.
HeroicTobias's None of the words that form a Pokémon's move set can start with the same letters
TheMagicLlama's All Pokemon must have a nature which boosts a stat with no EVs

I look forward to seeing all of you with your crazy teams on Saturday at 3! Join the mafia room a at 12:30 CST for their community day where we'll also be hosting a congress!
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