Battle of the Week: UU Edition! (Resumes after SPL)

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teal beat me in a fun series :) overall it was quite haxy on both sides:

g1 an early flinch helped me a ton and a late crit removed his chances to dodge or moonblast drop

g2 an iron tail miss allowed his aero to live and put a shit ton of pressure on my team

g3 i played bad with my hoopa on two separate occasions but the game eventually came down to a waterfall flinch (e@ below ya it was shuca so props for giving yourself the best chance to win). ggs again teal!
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won 2/3 vs my friend dodmen

g1 dodmen correctly identified my weakness vs his SD cobalion and put me majorly on the backfoot by leading with it. i'm assuming he predicted that i would lead with something that had a decent matchup vs his shuckle and beat me to the punch, effectively taking control of all of the momentum in the game. if that wasn't bad enough, he styled on my t3 just to show he could and blew by my krookodile. DD gatr + HW shaymin gave me a small glimpse of hope in the game, but i think dod predicted that i had those sets pretty well because he gave me literally 0 chance to healing wish gatr after i let it take a heavy hit to get rid of a tricky hoopa.

g2 was a fairly even matchup early on, again i lead trying to counter his lead and had to forfeit some momentum because of it. turn 19 was the pivotal one in my opinion, because if i had doubled out of my slurpuff when he brought in his tornadus my momentum would be very low and he could win the game from there i think. i correctly predicted he would try to snatch momentum at that time and stayed in to kill the tornadus. i almost lost a big foothold though when i let my hydreigon take an iron head later on to save the slurpuff for no real reason, considering i didn't need it aside from making him unable to outrage-spam if he was a scarf haxorus or i let him get a DD or something. hydreigon saved the day however and had good matchup vs. what he had left. the fireblast on doublade wasn't much of a "play" as well, considering i didn't have dark STAB lol.

g3 i brought what i considered a really fun team, based around a no-attacks gligar which SD passes to RD pert. however, in my idiocy, i didn't realize that Ada pert was still faster than shuckle under webs, so i let myself get encored into rain dance which was a bit frustrating. game came down to a flinch on his cobalion which i am assuming (wasn't confirmed in game) was shuca berry, because i hadn't seen an item on it in g1 and cobalions usually run either shuca or lum (and i feel like i make up 90% of the latter these days)

all in all a bit of an average series but i think we both brought fun teams and it was a blast to play. any questions re: my plays i'd be glad to answer, thanks for voting for me guys! and thanks to dodmen for playing :)
Congrats to teal for winning week 5 of BOTW!

Week 6 starts now. Pick the top 3 users you want to see battle the most. Refer to the OP to see who not to vote for.

my noms: hogg / pak / lilou
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