Rejected Battle Outcome Predictor

I think it would be great to have a Battle Outcome Predictor option in the battles which would show the winning or losing percentage by analyzing the Pokemon type, move, lineup, ability, etc. It will be great to add this feature to the Battle Option category. I think this would be an amazing feature for Battles.


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this seems like it would be very impractical. There are way too many aspects and exceptions and inclusions and so on that would have to be accounted for, in order to make this feasible. It also seems like it'd take some of the fun out of battles - joining and seeing, say, a 70% chance of your losing doesn't seem super fun for you as a player. There would also be a lot of questions to answer to do it right - how would you calculate and weigh the effectiveness of a move in the overall win chance, for example? Obviously, subject to change based on your skill, but that still seems unfun. In general, there seems like there would be a lot of moving parts and a lot of work for little gain, since luck is difficult to account for, and a large part of the game, so I personally don't see much of a benefit, but that's just me.
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luck is incalculable
Luck is calculable (it's called probability) but everything else you said is right. The moves/abilities/items/EVs in particular would make it extremely hard to make, as the program would have to account for all possible sets (weighted thanks to usage stats) as to not leak information, and then potentially update this on the fly as the battle progresses. And for what? With so many possibilities to account for, a single prediction at the start of the match sounds incredibly unhelpful, and updating it on the fly sounds like it would fluctuate as wildly as the estimated time remaining on a download, which is again incredibly unhelpful.


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In theory it's always possible to estimate win chances, and AI systems can probably help with that. But there's no way to guarantee accuracy, so I wouldn't want PS to endorse it by making it official built-in functionality, so I agree with HoeenHero in rejecting this.

I think if someone wants this sort of functionality, it should be done by an extension or third-party bot or something.

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