Tournament Battle Spot Premier League II - General Talk Thread


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Just wanted to wish all my ex-Cavs players good luck with their new teams. Little disappointed I couldn't get the band back together but the other managers obviously wanted proven winners and I was too broke to outbid them. However my 100% completely new team is looking fucking on-point and I'm really excited to see what we can do!


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Team Previews

Castelia Cavaliers
The most balanced team this year. cant say, NOVED the Godsend and Meese the memer make quick work of any singles lineup. Demantoid is the best BSD player in battlespot and Matameme is a decent replacement for mish mish. Their ORAS slot is pretty much invincible with the Japanese all-star player youmu-senpai.

Saffron Side-Pups
A lot has changed from the last year's lineup but the core members remain in tact. Natalie will be in charge of singles while Plas fills in Jhon's original position and Kaori himself is a top tier BSD/DOU player who can work out something with bargens. With elite players from smogon such as rozes, Zamrock and p2, they'll be quick to learn the meta and become instant assets to the team.

Blackthorn Belly Drummers
Arguably the strongest team in this year's BSPL. No matter who they play in the 3rd singles slot, Jhon + Chem alone will be winning games every single week. There's no way to attack their doubles lineup either with players like GreenGogoatttt and Sir Scrubbington so their team has near-perfect coverage.

Fallarbor Flare Blitzers
We've all seen what cant say + kami was capable of last year and this year we have the GOD of RU Psynergy working with kami instead. Psynergy + kami can virtually fill in any slots while qsns + Teryx is a dangerous combo for BSD. ethan is the glue holding the team together and if he could find rhythm, he'll be unstoppable in ORAS BSS.

Anistar Farseers
This team is all over the place but has all the qualities to be the champions. As we know Italy has the best managers in the world and this year its Solippi leading his team. Lego has been the most hard working member of the battlespot community this year and his vast knowledge of the meta will be a key to the team's success. marilli, The Squash, fischgratto, para, tfa, feis and Lucy are all quality players who are masters of their respective tiers so it'll be interesting what kind of formation Solippi brings to the tables in week 1.​

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