Tournament Battle Spot Premier League II - Week 5


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Week 5
<<Scheduling Sheet>>

Fallarbor Flare Blitzers
vs (1) Tenacious Tapus

BSS: qsns vs Megazard
BSS: Teryx38 vs dogknees
BSS: SofroneL vs GroudonEmpire
BSD: Stax vs Mr.GX
BSD: nvakna vs Maxx C
ORAS: Psynergy vs maxgamer1

Blackthorn Belly Drummers
(4) vs (2) Anistar Farseers

BSS: Alore vs p2
BSS: Roseybear vs ThickFatAzumarill
BSS: chemcoop vs LegoFigure11
BSD: PacoTaco vs marilli
BSD: triceratops5 vs v0lca
ORAS: Jhon vs Misaka Mikoto

Saffron Side-Pups (5)
vs (1) Castelia Cavaliers

BSS: Zamrock vs NOVED
BSS: Kingler12345 vs cant say
BSS: Plas vs youmu@poke
BSD: Kaori vs Demantoid
BSD: Feis vs flarz
ORAS: Cynara vs ethan06

All games are a best-of-three. BSS and ORAS are not teamlocked, but BSD is teamlocked.


DEADLINE: Sunday August 27th, 11:59 PM EDT


#1: Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (5 pts, +6)

WIN: Best case first. Worst case tied first.
TIE: Best case first. Worst case semis.
LOSS: Best case semis. Worst case drops.

#2: Saffron Side-Pups (5 pts, +2)
WIN: Best case first. Worst case semis.
TIE: Guaranteed semis.
LOSS: Best case semis. Worst case drops.

#3: Tenacious Tapus (5 pts, +0)
WIN: Best case first. Worst case semis.
TIE: Best case semis. Worst case drops.
LOSS: Best case semis. Worst case drops.

#4: Anistar Farseers (4 pts, +0)
WIN: Best case tied first. Worst case semis.
TIE: Best case semis. Worst case drops.
LOSS: Guaranteed drops.

#5: Castelia Cavaliers (3 pts, -2)
WIN: Best case semis. Worst case drops.
TIE: Guaranteed drops.
LOSS: Guaranteed drops.

#6: Blackthorn Belly Drummers (2 pts, -6)
Out of playoffs contention.​
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Alore vs p2
Just as I predicted Solippi saving his trump card for the final week. Need a win here for a chance at the playoffs and p2 will do just that.

Roseybear vs ThickFatAzumarill
A coin toss between two players of similar skill level. Slightly leaning towards TFA here since he's been with the battlespot community for longer.

chemcoop vs LegoFigure11
Lego is my bestie and has had a solid season but it doesn't matter if you're solid or liquid the GOAT chem doesn't give a damn.

Jhon vs marilli
Forget Se Jun and Wolfe my senpai right here will be the man to win Worlds 2018.

PacoTaco vs v0lca
No idea who they are but one is Italian so I'll go with that.

triceratops5 vs Misaka Mikoto
Trice is the better player but Lucy will be looking to get some blood after losing plenty of it during the skirmish vs cant say.

Zamrock vs NOVED
Zamrock is an extremely good player who doesn't play bss but there's no way in hell NOVED will let his man/team down when they need a win so badly.

Natalie. vs cant say
A classic match up between two powerhouses. Natalie has a better record this year vs top players but cant say will definitely want it more.

Plas vs youmu@poke
The "Jhon" of the pups this year Plas has always been great but unfortunately didn't get to see him in action this season. Meanwhile youmu-kun will want to bring his fav teams so that he can take CAVs to da semi's.

Kaori vs Demantoid
One can easily tell Demantoid is running out of steam. He's a beast and one of the greatest doubles players of our generation, having an undefeated record in PSPL and a comfortable win at the start of BSPL this year. But you can't put him against quality players and expect to him win every week, he is being overworked. Meanwhile his opp this week is the legendary Sam, who will be his biggest opponent yet. Demantoid will give his 200% here and sacrifice his soul to the CAVs.

Feis vs flarz
Feis is Sam's bestie, nuff said. On the other hand flarz might be able to squeeze in a win here if he gets looked down by his opp.

Cynara vs ethan06
There's no better week to play ethan the OZ who took down Joint in BSSC. He will bring a victory to the CAVs and put himself on the scoreboard. With that said I will predict against him here to give him and the CAVs that extra boboRNG.
Man, this is going to be a pretty hype last week.. 5 teams fighting for the playoffs. Great premier league so far boys.

Also isn't it funny how we're switching places to our players just to try to predict the match ups?


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