Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - FINALS! [Won by: Rustboro Rocky Helmets]


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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(5) Rustboro Rocky Helmets vs Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (1)

BSS: The Squash vs chemcoop
BSS: Puff Killa vs marilli
BSD: AuraRayquaza vs ck49
ORAS: NOVED vs Psynergy
ORASD: Jhon vs Memoric
GBU: Darkinium vs Maxx C

All games are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.


DEADLINE: Sunday September 23rd, 11:59 PM EDT
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Here's some BSPL (Battle Spot Premier LOLS)

What did the Fallarbor Flare Blitzer say to the Rustbro Rocky Helmet while they were taking a walk?
~Man, Fall's a bor.

What did the NOVED say after almost getting haxed in a match but ended up winning?
~Hell: met.

What do you call it when Psynergy is running to catch the bus he almost missed?
~A fallarbor flare blitz!

What did Darkinium say when he needed to borrow his friend's old iron tool?
~Can I Rust boro that?

What did Ika post after BSPL finals?
~Dewgong Cup Signups
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cant say
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BSS: Plas vs chemcoop
BSS: Puff Killa vs marilli
BSD: AuraRayquaza vs ck49
ORAS: NOVED vs Psynergy
ORASD: Jhon vs Memoric
GBU: Darkinium vs Maxx C

BSS: Jhon vs chemcoop
BSS: NOVED vs Psynergy
GBU: Darkinium vs Maxx C

Hulavuta thinks he's good at predicts. watch me get this perfectly correct
I'm not making a prediction. I'm just listing my desired outcomes "predictions":

BSS: Plas vs chemcoop
BSS: Puff Killa vs marilli
BSD: AuraRayquaza vs ck49 :(
ORAS: NOVED vs Psynergy
ORASD: Jhon vs Memoric
GBU: Darkinium vs Maxx C

BSS: NOVED vs chemcoop
ORASD: Jhon vs Maxx C
BSD: AuraRayquaza vs marilli

Realize my desire
Edit: As my hidden agenda has been crushed, I've adjusted these to not account for it.
Edit 2: Wow, this leads to a tiebreaker huh.
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the mighty nuaguunibi
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I want to thank all of my teammates for helping me practice some teams and thank my opponents that I had for the wonderful matches. forgive me for massive tagging and grammatical errors since my English is terrible

Thank you so much NOVED for picking me to be in this wonderful team, I know at 1st you didn't trust my skills and it's ok because I was also having some trouble as well. However, you are an incredible leader and every time I lost you would always talk to me which helped me when I couldn't understand very much due to my lack of English. Thank you for keeping your patience with me despite all my mess ups! Wonderful team captain and the best for sure! :)

Darkinium the GOAT. Wonderful teammate to have and really nice of you to help me as well with practice when I was having doubts with my team. It really is nice talking to you and hope to continue talking to you buddy!
Jhon Though we never talk much, you do tell me what I can do to improve by showing my mistake in chat and I thank for that because I can learn from the many mistakes that I make. Thanks for the help buddy and sorry if my autism made you lose patience with me in some talks. Best single and doubles player for sure.
Plas Hey Plas, I hope you're doing good after the hurricane and that everything is all right buddy. You sure can play really well and I will just keep learning from you and the rest. The pleasure to have you as a teammate as well.
The Squash Sorry if never talked a lot but I know you're a really good player from watching you play Cant say and other players. Hope we can talk more in the future buddy :D
AuraRayquaza Hey buddy, I know you are probably not too happy with the record from the tour and think you were carried but I know that you are a really good player without a doubt. Good teammate as well!
and banks (I don't know your smogon username), Really glad how you performed the week you played doubles despite never having to play it and winning the game. Wish I could do that on a tour jajaja Good teamate nonetheless

That's it for the shoutouts, Thank you for the community for being so heartwarming, honestly, one of the many reasons why I joined BattleSpotsingle was because of all of you being really nice to each other helpful. Thank you Dragonwhale for hosting this wonderful event and I hope you continue to host many more!
:puff: (Wish it was the smiley one)
(Used a little bit of Google Translate jajaj)
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Well this has been one hell of a ride. First of all grats to all my fellow BSPL champions, you guys are a great group of people & great players! I had so much fun and I hope I can team up with some of you guys again next year. This hasn't been easy at all and we worked really hard so enjoy the break now that it's over. And enjoy those shiny discord names! Now let's get to the fun shoutout part

AuraRayquaza I know you were pretty upset about your record but you got your win when it mattered most. Sometimes shit doesnt go your way but you're still a great player and I'd draft you again in a heartbeat. Thanks for sticking with us through it all

banks I'm sorry you didn't get to play much and I had to throw you in a format you've never played before but you kicked ass in it. You were chill in our discord & i'm glad we had you on the team

Darkinium Young GOAT! Hell of a first bspl year I have to say. You were a key part of our team for sure, and worked your ass off behind the scenes. Looking forward to seeing you grow as a player, you'll be a top player in this community for a long time with how much enthusiasm you have.

Jhon Holy shit it's crazy how well you did man. Our team wouldn't be the same without you stepping up week after week. Glad I got to put you in your best meta for the first time in BSPL, you kicked ass. I wish we got to practice together more but it was great having you around nonetheless. I'm happy you've got a BSPL win under your belt now, you deserve it.

Plas Wish we got to practice more but you did an awesome job. You had really tough opponents through the tour(& only lost to greil!) and still put up a great record for us. Hope you keep up playing BSS through the year, you're sick at it.

Puff Killa You did a great job & you've been an awesome presence for the team. You're a great guy and I'm glad I was able to pick you up, would 100% draft you again. I know you're disappointed with how you did some weeks but don't let it get you down you're a great player & I know you're gonna keep getting better!

The Squash I'm sorry I didn't put you in more but you did great whenever you had to step up. Beat a tier leader and chemcoop, I can't ask for more than that! You were awesome to have in the team chat, hope I can play with you again next year.

To all my teammates above remember you've got always got a friend in me, you dont have to be strangers. if you ever wanna talk, battle, or shoot the shit i'll be around. Love you guys :heart: :letsgohelmets:

greilmercenary9 my team would not have been anything like what it became if it werent for all the help i got from you about drafting. i learned so much from you and im stoked i got to put it to good use. you're an awesome dude & i always love talking to you. i hope one day we can play together in a BSPL!

Jmal98 Fischgrat P3DS my former helmets who are still kicking. thanks for being such cool dudes, if you werent i might not have ever revived the team. im sorry i wasnt able to pick any of you up but you're awesome! you can share this bspl trophy in spirit

Psynergy You had an awesome team and there wasn't any point during the finals where I wasn't feeling nervous about the outcome. It's bittersweet winning the way we did. Just gonna say ggs, you & all the blitzers are great.

cant say my former BSPL teammate & buddy. thanks for rooting for me when your team was out & thanks for letting us use your secret server even though we didnt end up using it that much lol. it was still cool of you. beyond BSPL you're ofc an awesome friend, thanks for being cool, being an awesome leader & being part of what keeps me in this great community.

Hulavuta you werent super involved in this BSPL but you deserve a shoutout, thanks for being a great dude & cheering for me kinda in my last game!

Solerme i'm still sorry about that leaf storm lol. you had a great team though & theres no shame with how far you guys made it. love you bro

DragonWhale thanks for being an awesome host & pulling some strings for the tour here & there lol. the work you do for this community is amazing and we wouldnt be where we are without you.

Zarel thank you for being there when I needed you most!

And that's all I got. Thanks everyone who played, this was an awesome BSPL and I had more fun than I've had playing pokemon in a long time. Already counting the days till next year :psyglad::psyglad:

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Are we done here?
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Thoroughly unsatisfied with how most of these finals games treated us but I'm not here to be a downer, congrats to the Helmets for winning.

I can't not thank my team for being so amazing though so I want to give some people a proper shout-out. It really hurts to draft an even more insane team than last year and have an even more dominating regular season only to lose finals again, especially in the way we did, but I still hope the strength of my team and drafting were clear enough to look beyond just the final result.
  • chemcoop deserves the first mention for so many different reasons. It may not have seemed that way to some people but it was definitely a risk to draft you around your vacation, though it was a risk that was always worth it regardless of the outcome. The utility and ability you brought to the team is probably unparalleled and it really showed even when you weren't around. I can't say enough about how good it was to have you on the team and I'm glad I was able to get you on a team that could bring a player of your level to the finals.
  • marilli also deserves a similar mention for being such a fantastic and flexible player, I wasn't expecting to put you in SM BSS so much but you really proved to be just as effective outside of the BSD setting. You're definitely an underrated player on the BSS front and I'm sure anyone who saw your games will think otherwise from here on out. You were also easily one of the most helpful and involved team members and did a great job of picking up slack so I'm really glad to have had you on the team too.
  • Maxx C it astounds me how underrated you went in GBU when you're possibly the only player here who actually played it back in the day. I think your last game highlighted every reason it shouldn't have been in the tour but your reliability and general Battle Spot experience is something this community could use more of. I wish I could've put you in other formats but you did excellently in GBU, even if we don't end up on the same team I hope to see you back next BSPL.
  • ck49 and ankle1snowfan it's insane that I got both of you for 3k each, still amazed I managed to get you both and it made my Doubles slots even more incredible than I was expecting. I wish I was able to put you in more ankle1 since your one game was incredibly solid but I hope you'll be back next year too. I'm also convinced that ck49 is easily the biggest 3k steal this year, you were incredible and really stepped in well that it's almost unfair to have had so many good Doubles players to choose from, especially when the pool to choose from seemed weaker than past years.
  • Speaking of Doubles players, I can't forget Memoric. I know you didn't do as well as you would've liked but given the awkward situations and matchups you were in, nobody can blame you for it. It was fun to have you on the team if only for the banter and even if your record implies otherwise, I was fully confident in your ability every week you played. In a different timeline I'm sure you would've won every week, don't let anyone else's opinions convince you otherwise.
  • Even if you didn't quite do as well as your price would've implied, I have no regrets with drafting you either Yosshi. I know you weren't the most active chatter but I always appreciated how nice you were to work with whenever you were around, and I know you took it every bit as seriously as the rest of us. Likewise to you jroxas, I know you treated your spot as a glorified cheerleader from the start but I appreciate you at least stepping up when the team needed it, even if you didn't win. You played better than you give yourself credit for.
  • I also want to quickly thank Quote and Quaze for joining the team chat despite being unexpected extra pickups on an already stacked team. I know you probably felt like extra baggage or whatever but I still appreciated you guys at least joining the team chat even if you didn't say much.
  • An extra special shout-out to kamikaze for being such a valuable member of the team chat, you were every bit a team member as the rest save for actually being able to play for the team. I know you like to tease about being lined up with so many successful teams but it's not for no reason, there were multiple decisions that may not have been made without you around. You were incredibly helpful for the team from start to finish and even if you're not active with Battle Spot anymore, it was amazing to have you around with so many familiar faces.
  • I've also got to thank nvakna and Hulavuta for hanging out in the team chat with us even if it was just for the sake of being there, it was a ton of fun having so many cool people in the chat and it felt like the perfect storm having all of you around.
  • Last but certainly not least, thanks greilmercenary9 for being such a great dude to talk to and even vent about things that annoyed me about this BSPL (same to you cant say btw, at least on the venting part), you were the closest thing to being a teammate without actually being on the team, even when our teams were up against each other. I know I've said it before but it really means a lot to hear you commend my drafting and team performance, I'm still amazed the team turned out so well.

I'm really happy with our team despite the super disappointing ending and in the end none of the draft prices ever mattered to me, you were all so great and I'm sorry we couldn't win this one. If I manage again next year, I'd love to have most if not all of you back so we can actually win the next one.


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Congratulations to the Rustboro Rocky Helmets, your Battle Spot Premier League III Champions!
All the players in the Helmets will receive a BSPL Champion role in the official Battle Spot Discord.

MVP this year goes to Jhon, who got a staggering 7-0 record! A tough record to surpass in future BSPLs as it requires you to play two extra games past the regular season, and go undefeated through all the sets. Below is the list of the rest of top 10 from this tournament. Congratulations to all of them for a fantastic performance:

Thank you to all the managers, players, and everyone else in the BS community. You are what makes these tournaments possible and great in the first place. There were a few bumps here and there but it was a great hosting experience overall too. To people who are new to the community and enjoyed the games, don't be a stranger and talk to us on PS or discord!

Until Next Time, See Ya :psyglad:


the nth
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As a former Helmet,

Congratulations NOVED and his Team, you gave us a tough fight in semis; in the end you really deserved to win this tournament. It was great to see the return of
, and in such an incredible way!

Huge shoutouts once again to all Farseers, it was a truly special and awesome experience, sorry that I was on vacation the one week where it mattered most ;; at least my friend Solerme got his BSPL win though
Last but not least, I want to thank the whole community for being awesome. Whether you're one of the most impressive battlers or rising stars, whether you're leading this community or great projects like this (THANK YOU DragonWhale ! ), or if you're just chatting and hanging out, every single one of you is friendly, approachable, funny and welcoming to new users. This community is like a family and the reason why I am still coming back to Pokémon every now and then, because I know that even when some of the people might not know me or might've forgotten about me, I could always join the battlespot community again and would be welcomed the same way as over 2 years ago. :heart:
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the mighty nuaguunibi
Damn... So we did it, Helmets! :psywoke: For my first BSPL this was tons of fun, pretty happy with my record. Admittedly used a lot of blog teams, but I'm glad I got to bring my own heat in the finals. One thing I'm happy about is that everyone that we drafted got to have a chance to nab a win, so I'm being truthful when I say everyone pulled their weight :blobuwu: But enough with the fluff, time for shoutouts!
  • AuraRayquaza - I know the record you got might not have been the one you wanted, but you're still undeniably a great player, and you got the W when it mattered most. Was great having you around, hope to see you next year!
  • banks - Not gonna lie, I wasn't super certain about how you were gonna do when you were slotted in for Doubles, given that I knew you as more of 6v6 player. Glad to say that my expectations were flipped on their head when you took that juicy win! Sadly you didn't get to play as much you may have liked, but you were a really chill person to have on the team! (also up until this tour I didn't even know that you were krystaal on PS LOL)
  • Jhon - The MVP! It's hard to even put into words how outstanding your performance was. You pulled through our Week 2 curse vs the Farseers, stopping the dreadful 0-6, and really carried your weight as a player and as a teammate. The only thing we're missing is the GOD tier 9-0 (5 weeks, Semis, Finals, and a tiebreaker each :O)
  • NOVED - Man, where do I even start... Well, first off, HUGE thanks for drafting me! I really wanted to be on your team because you were probably one of the chillest managers I knew, and I still remember when you guided me through my very first GBU days, as well as Classic. You helped me so much in this tour as well, with both prep, passing teams, and assisting me build my own (Heracross = :sogood:) Solid record overall, too, so you're far from just a behind-the-scenes manager! Overall, you're one of my favorite people in this community and on this site, so I'm really thankful I got to be on your team <3
  • Plas - Was great having you on the team bud! You're a cool guy overall, and your record shows you're no slouch either. It's unfortunate that you had to miss the finals because of Florence (my Internet was down because of it, but it came back miraculously the day of my game, so I guess I can somewhat relate :P) Glad we drafted you, I hope things aren't too hard on you IRL right now, take care!
  • Puff Killa - You might not have done as well as you liked, but through all the prep that we did together, I can see that you really are a great player, regardless of what your record says. The games we had together were really valuable help for me, and even when it wasn't for my own games they definitely helped me as a player. You're a really helpful dude, happy we got placed together :D
  • The Squash - Man, you really crushed it in this tour! Even though you weren't the main slot, whenever we did sub you in you definitely didn't fail to deliver. One of your games even got streamed! You're a really great presence, in both the Battle Spot room and our team discord, and I hope to see you become an even better player!
  • Finally, although you weren't on our team, greilmercenary9, you're a really cool dude. Even though you weren't on the Helmets, your positivity and encouragement really meant a lot, and I hope that sometime we might be on the same team!
Overall, this was a really fun first BSPL for me, and I'm looking forward to participating again next year! Everyone in this community's always so nice to be around :blobnom: Hope to see you all again then, but for now... Fall Seasonal! :blobtriumph:

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