Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Player Signups

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Username: Monsareeasy
Timezone: GMT -4
Formats Played: usumo,oras(bss)
from 10am-7pm everyday but on mon wen fri i cant be on from 5:30 - 7 and on sat i cant be on 10-11 and on sun i cant be on 8-10. If needed i could play later like 11 or 12 pm but my wifi in my room is trash and i cant sneak to the computer.

Edit:(When i played oras I was first starting to understand pokemon decent competitively so really just count it as me saying USUMO lol)
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Shoutouts to Mish for letting me know this is on rofl

Username: SirScrubbington
Timezone: GMT+10 (Australia)
Formats Played: SM BSD & ORAS BSD (primarily) / SM BSS (a little)
Availability: I'm a final semester Computer Science student, so my schedule will get pretty busy but I should still able to play once a week if needed. If I can't play for any reason, I'd be sure to tell you before time to not cause any scheduling issues.

If you wanna know why you should pick me, I've done well at a few events I guess lol

T8 Brisbane VGC Regionals 2016
T8 Australian VGC Nationals 2016
T32 Smogon VGC Tournament 2017
T16 Sydney Challenge 2018

I also am a 3x Midseason Showdown finalist and have too many PC top cuts to list but those events aren't really worth much merit lol
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