Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Week 2


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Week 2
(1) Saffron Side-Pups vs Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (5)

BSS: bobochan vs chemcoop
BSS: nintendogeniuses vs Psynergy
BSD: Therazer456 vs marilli
ORAS: Pearl vs Yosshi
ORASD: Kaori vs ck49
GBU: Cynara vs Maxx C

(5) Anistar Farseers vs Rustboro Rocky Helmets (1)

BSS: greilmercenary9 vs Plas
BSS: GroudonEmpire vs Puff Killa
BSD: P3DS vs AuraRayquaza
ORAS: hzhz vs NOVED
ORASD: Sir Scrubbington vs Jhon
GBU: average fella vs Darkinium

(5) Po Thicc Clubbers vs Castelia Cavaliers (1)

BSS: Jmal98 vs 11oyd
BSS: DMDW vs Mikaav
BSD: Particular1 vs London13
ORAS: Monsareeasy vs cant say
ORASD: Mishimono vs I Am a Rookie
GBU: MAMP vs Megazard

All games are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.


DEADLINE: Sunday August 12th, 11:59 PM EDT
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cant say
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