Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Week 5


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Saffron Side-Pups

Meet the boss man who helped me get the most elusive achievement of all time: Get drafted by three different Australian managers in three BSPLs.
Sam has a whopping nine wins to his name in doubles, making him BSPL's most successful BSD player, and nothing can take that away from him. Do not mind what other people thought/have said about your drafting this year, you were awesome.
Being able to do well in all BSPL formats and manage at the same time, is a rare trait which only very few users are gifted with. You are an amazing player and even more so on the sidelines, keeping the team's morale high and cheering them up during the lowest of the lows.
Best manager with lots more titles to come, including World Championships. Should our paths cross again in the future, regardless we meet as teammates or rivals, you will always be a good friend and have a place in our hearts.

You know the one guy that studies for his exam the night before and still manage to score higher than everybody else in the class? Pearl is that guy.
The amount of prep he puts into the five matches is probably less than the prep GE puts into one of his match but Pearl still does well, he is crazily good. I have been on the same team with Megazard for two years in a row and I know a pro player when I see one.
The burden you had to carry on your back this year was huge and you did not disappoint your 20k price tag. You are funny, friendly, competitive and GODLY at the same time. I have no doubts in your skills and it is only a matter of time before you add Snake/SPL to your fine collection.

Feis, the magician and second-in-command of the pups. Your BSPL performance gets better every year but unfortunately real life hit you like a truck this time around and there is nothing we can do with these IRL emergencies.
Your GBU may be rusty but you put up a good fight vs Meese the memer and never forget your past GBU victories against top players like Megazard. I hope you and your family are well and please return with Sam next year to lift up that BSPL trophy you guys deserve.

The best BSD player you can draft for less than 5k, and an underrated master in doubles. You went off to a flying start, defeating AuraRay, who was one of the big threats on tour, being a top contender in past BSSC and an experienced DOU player.
Due to unforseen circumstances you blew up after your 2nd loss to hax once again, and do not blame yourself because its Pokemon, these things happen all the time. You are a good competitor and hope to see you stick around.

Cynara is not only the undisputed ACE of the team, but also the top pick in the entire draft. One would think that 3.5k for a 5-1 run in the previous BSPL would see a huge spike in her bidding price, but apparently not.
The satisfaction of a 3k player taking down a 40k player is better than winning BSPL itself. You are not known for your BSSC record and we only get to see you around this time of the year, yet you can hold your own against the top players in the community. Hoping to see at least 20k on your name next year and good luck in Snake II.

Rookie pup of the year award goes to martha, a great player with limitless potential. You were on the bench throughout the tournament yet you still managed to push 11oyd the OZ clam to 3 games in your debut match, all that and without getting any practice in. In the end, you did all you could, leaving no regrets. It was a pleasure having you on the team, you did the team proud.

Misaka Mikoto
Lucy-senpai, it is a great honour for me to be on the same team with a mono specialist such as yourself. Despite your loss, you are still an ORAS master, having main'ed the format in two BSPLs in a row proves that fact. To add some salt to my wounds I never managed to beat your team during the short practice session we had. You are one of the oldest regulars of the battlespot community, we would love to see you return for another year.

Ika... where do I even begin? I lost 4/5's of GE to the farseers so that was a huge blow to my prep game. You filled in the blank nicely and was always there for me when I needed practice/a break. No one takes you seriously and that is what makes you a dangerous player. My BSPL career may be over but yours has only just begun. Discard the memes in you forever and become the true great player you were meant to be.

An enthusiastic team player who always kept his spirit high. You were active on Discord and ready to sub in whenever one of our BSD players got hit with the IRL hammer and your morale support on the bench was fabulous. I saw your game 2 replay and to me that was most memorable, a hard fought and well earned victory, treasure that feeling forever. You did not get to shine much this year but I know your time will come.

The real sleeper of the team: NG, everyone loves him. Do not let that single loss in your BSPL debut get to you, you did what you could in that kind of matchup. You are not quite ready yet to take on the top names, but your ceiling/potential is much higher than theirs. Be confident and never yield to pressure, make happiness not salt, you will be a BSS champion one day.

Unused but not forgotten, you are a fun guy to have around on Discord and I enjoyed our talks about OU and the OST. Unfortunately you did not get to play but do not give up on battlespot, we welcome you to join our community on both PS and Discord.
Closing Words
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the team for my underwhelming performance this year. I could not pull through during the weeks where it mattered the most, notably during my loss in week 3 where we tied with the farseers. A win there would have definitely lessened the pressure on our team and given us a much better chance at playoffs.
I want to thank Sam for entrusting me with the SM BSS slot, where the competition was fierce and being able to start 3 weeks in a row was a great privilege. Thank you for drafting me and giving me the opportunity to feel what its like to be on the defending champion's team.​
I will be honest with everyone here.

I participated in this BSPL by an accident. I made a signup post because 'I felt like it', and I just sat back and waited for the week 1 to arrive. I never expected anyone to draft me when Ullar PMed me on Smogon with an invitation link to Clubbers' server.

For anyone who is not familiar with me, I am not very much of a tournament person. In fact, I have a generally negative attitude view on tournament itself due to how many dramas / cheating I have witnessed and it is a competition after all - there will be winners and losers, and thus there will be people who walk away with satisfaction while others are left to deal with their own frustration, which, if not managed properly, can lead to nasty events. As a person who doesn't have the best temperance in the world, I vowed myself to keep away from every official tournaments / premier leagues in Smogon after I watched a Premier League where people fought in Discord weekly for the games.

This BSPL proved that I was completely wrong. Despite the fact that I was not the most responsible team member and our team didn't end up doing well, I still had fun. Having fun while playing ever-so-stressful and dynamic competitive Pokemon is something that was seemingly impossible to me who despises luck. The fact that I was in a team also soothed my mind even during the weeks I lost. In other words, I had a chance to feel what I could not when playing in single tournaments.

For whatever the reason you drafted me for, thank you Ullar for giving me an opportunity to go through this worthwhile experience. You called yourself a bad manager a few times, but the only thing that will hold you from being good at something is going to be yourself. You still kept things on track, submitted lineups on time, and joined discussions prior to games. I would honestly call myself one of the 'not-so-great' members in the team seeing how I went 1-2 and borderline johned the first and third game. I am so sorry to Mikaav and Devilican for my sloppiness. I will make sure not to overload myself with tournaments and other obligations I have throughout the website in case similar things happen in the future.

I'd also like to express my gratitude on Yosshi for being a great opponent I have faced in Week 3 (second game). I am somewhat of a corrupted human being who forgot a meaning of having fun playing competitive Pokemon when SM arrived after I played 3 weeks of ORAS (which is my first experience of competitive battling in PS), and having a match with you temporarily brought me back to the time when I could play this game for fun. Regardless of the outcome of the match, I honestly felt happy. I was happy to go back to myself 2 years ago and actually get beaten up by Talonflame. This game alone might make me more active on PS as a battler.

Thank you DragonWhale for hosting, spending your valuable time here to make this event successful. To the whole Battle Spot community, thank you for the wonderful experience. I am only seldom involved with Battle Spot community with a few C&C work, sometimes participating in project threads, and occasionally stopping by #salty_spitoon and #analysis_discussion in Discord server... but hopefully this BSPL will be a turning point for me to have more involvement... assuming I will spare myself some time outsides spamming in Ubers.

Allow me to conclude this post by:

- Praising fellow Ubers QC squad Cynara for making superb performance as usual
- cant say for being a hella chill man who is leading this great community with DW
- Jhon for helping me out with BSS and VGC C&C work a lot and being doing great in this tournament
- PinkSylvie GroudonEmpire Jmal98 MAMP Mishimono Monsareeasy Moose And Goose Particular1
As a person with somewhat lower confidence, you were all valuable to me throughout the tournament no matter how often we talked to each other. Believe it or not, I silently did my best, and I know you all gave what you've got. Best of luck with whatever happens to you guys in the future - both in here and irl.
I definitely had mixed feelings about this season, on one hand I'm extremely disappointed with my own performance, which goes beyond just not getting the results that I wanted. I felt like I choked a couple games throughout the tournament, got lazy with building the same archetype over and over again, stopped making myself available to help my teammates, and this week I definitely checked out completely even though we still had a shot to make playoffs. I haven't been motivated to play bss much this year, but this tournament was a big one for me, and it really sucks to go 1-3 after getting drafted for 40k, even if it was a mistake.

On the other hand I'm extremely proud of, and happy for all of the new players who got an opportunity to shine this year.
I think most people know I've been on the brink of quitting this game altogether for over a year now, but being the competitive person that I am I could never stay away from this place. Seeing all the new faces doing well in this tournament made me reflect on where this community was at 2 years ago when I was one of the up-and-comers. Putting it all in perspective like that, seeing how much this community has grown over the last 2-3 years makes me want to continue to contribute however I can to allow this community to be even better in 2 years from now. I honestly believe that the battlespot community is the best on smogon, just look at all the drama and hate that goes on in the OU tournament community, and then think about how rarely anything remotely negative happens in this community.

Personally, my only goal when it comes to pokemon now is to do whatever I can to help this place grow as much as possible. Whether that's tutoring new players, doing analysis, trying to raise the competition in tournaments, whatever it may be, if people are willing to learn and want to get better at this format I'll gladly offer all of the knowledge and wisdom of a guy who has a 25% win rate in 2018.

With all that being said, I'm grateful for this experience, and grateful to be a part of this community. I hope more and more people continue to find this place and see for themselves how enriching an environment like this can be when handled by the right people.

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