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It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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This is the signup thread for aspiring managers. From the signups, I will select 6 managers to lead the 6 teams in this year's BSPL. Make sure you know the responsibilities of a manager before you sign up.
  • Managers are required to participate in the auction to draft their players in July 14 (time will be determined later with all managers).
    • They are allowed to assign one assistant manager (who they need to draft) who can bid on their team's behalf during the auction.
    • Don't post who you plan to have as an assistant, unless you want other managers to upbid the hell out of you for that player. You're still required to draft them.
  • Managers must select the lineup for the week, and send it to me before the week starts. This has been an issue on occasion in past BSPLs, so if you don't think you can do this for the duration of BSPL IV (it's honestly not that complicated), do not sign up.
  • Managers are responsible for their team's behavior. Make sure members of your team are abiding by the rules and remain active.
  • Managers are expected to facilitate substitutions when necessary.
  • Managers will be allowed to purchase themselves as players for their team, for a price of 10k.
To sign up, post your team name, logo (if you have one), and what makes you a good choice for manager. Signups will close and managers will be decided July 7th.
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Team Name: Paniola Ranch Ponies


(Will commission a less “brony” team banner if selected, with my tuff guy pony mudsdale, ponyta and blitzle)

Why pick me as manager:
I'm sure when you think of managers, you immediately think of the mainstays: such as kaori, psy, cant say, solerme, and our esteemed champion NOVED. It might be hard to imagine an up and coming player like me joining their ranks.
I have a ton of respect for these established managers, and wouldn't sign up for a managerial position unless I was certain I could live up to the expectations set forth by my predecessors. Here is why I belong alongside this veteran squad of managers, as manager of the 2019 BSPL Team, the Paniola Ranch Ponies.

-I have developed a rapport with old players and new players alike in Battle Spot. I am hoping to grow in the doubles community too; I have watched a ton of sets and am familiar with their top players.
-My drive to be the best I can be is infectious. I always want to work with others and am a team-first oriented player. I want the win for others as much as I do for myself. I plan to pick players who can fit into our team framework, helping everyone prepare for their weeks by having a strong backbone for teambuilding, testing, and scouting.
-Most of all, my biggest concern is sharing my love of BSS and other battle spot formats with others in order to grow our community. I view BSPL as one of the most unique events and easily most fun event of the year, and I hope that the positive affirmations I share in this tournament encourage players to pick up our format full time, much like how people like Solerme and Greil did for me last year.
-Regardless of my team winning or losing, I want to be known by both my teammates and opponents alike as a dependable friend whose love for the game inspires passion in everyone. If I can get even 1 or 2 players to stick around who normally wouldn't, I would consider my managerial time as a success.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will choose me, 1_TrickPhony, as one of the managers for this upcoming BSPL!
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TEAM NAME: The Frigid Glalies


I've been a manager for the RBTT for two years straight. won best manager in the unofficial awards in RBTT2. led my team to semi-finals in RBTT2 as well. not the most well known person in the Battle Spot community, but hey what better way to show people my calibre!

PS: Massive thanks to Freelance MS Paint Artist A Cake Wearing A Hat for this amzaing logo.
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cant say
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I plan to bring back the Cavs this year for a fourth season. However, I am currently overseas and get back on the day of the draft so it will be really difficult for me to do much pre-draft prep. If there are a lot of good manager applicants then perhaps I miss out this year, however I do really want to manage.

If you want to manage but don't get picked, or just want to straight up assman, send me an expression of interest on discord or something. I don't have a specific assman in mind so I'm open to hearing people out. Previous Cavelier alumni assmen include Kamikaze (when we won) and NOVED so it is a highly prestigious group!

Really excited for this BSPL. GO CAVS
Team Name- Driftveil Donphans (Art coming soon)

I joined the bss community last year, so i'm still fairly new but I have managerial experience since i'm currently managing The Snowbelle Stuffuls in Best Leaderboard Tournament and we have currently made it to the playoffs of the tournament and i confident in my ability to lead my team to similar heights in BSPL as well.

Good Evening, I am Ika, here applying to be the manager for the Iki Inkays. I understand that most of the slots are essentially predetermined, but that there are a few spots up for grabs every year in BSPL. I want to convince you why you should believe in and choose me and the Iki Inkays.

The History of the Iki Inkays:

The Inkays originated in the Battle Spot room on Pokemon Showdown as kind of a nickname for myself, partially because Ika sounds kind of like an Inkay, but also because of my prolific use of its evolution Malamar in the Battle Spot Singles scene when I was more of a memer. I’d be called Ika the Inkay generally by Bobochan and after I played in BSPL III, I had an ambition of managing the next year and bringing my own team to the heights that a competent manager like Kaori is able to. I was struggling for a name, but why not just use the Inkays became an idea. Ever since then, for about six months, the Iki Inkays has been memed about on and off on the Showdown chat when talking about BSPL. I am here to tell you though that it is no meme and a deadly serious goal of mine.

What does the Iki Inkays represent:

Iki town is the first town in the Alola region, representing the beginning of a new journey, a suitable location for a scrappy new team that is just starting in the league. Inkays are local to Iki town, being found in USUM next door on Route 1, therefore it makes perfect sense that the humble Inkay would be the mascot of Iki Town. Finally, Inkays evolve into the majestic pokemon Malamar and with its signature move Topsy Turvy, it has the ability to use the opponent’s strength against them, turning the tide of battle. See my use of Malamar against an evoboost team as an example of this:

Why should you pick me as manager?

I’m a long-standing player that has been heavily involved within the community since the beginning of 2018. I’m knowledgeable about all three singles formats, especially GBU and USUM where most of the content over the last year posted publicly comes from me. Due to having some understanding of Japanese as well as a high drive to learn from the peak of BSS, I am well read of what happens at the top of the meta. Despite the meme of being part of the 3k core, I’ve reached quarter finals in USUM and semi finals in a GBU only tour and have beaten several prominent and respected players in the scene, whether it be in friendlies or tournament play. I’m probably one of very few players that has been top 5-10 in the scene at multiple singles formats at the same time rather than just being good at a singular format. This isn’t really about my individual play though, you do not have to be the best player to be the best manager and I think my talents are more suited to managing than playing.

I have knowledge of other scenes, having been in other team leagues and played smogon formats. With that comes knowing players that I can bring into the draft if needs be to bolster my team. If need be, I can use highly individually skilled players from other formats, backed by my knowledge base and willingness to spread that (I was voted as the most helpful player for example in the discord rooms survey) as a recipe for success. Whilst I do not know as much about doubles, I’d argue that other than Kaori, I probably know around as many doubles players as any other manager and have a solid gameplan when it comes to the draft.

In conclusion, I hope you give me a chance, I work tirelessly to promote the scene whether that be through analysis or tutoring or hosting tours or just hanging in battle spot rooms and I would bring that same energy to managing.
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Lumiose Luxrays

Team Logo:

What makes me a good choice for manager:
In addition to having strong familiarity with all of the main 3v3 cartridge Singles formats, including having played them when they were current, I have had fairly strong results both in tournaments and on cartridge. I also know much of the community fairly well, especially on the Singles side. Further, I also have experience performing Assistant Manager duties for the Farseers last year, so I am familiar with some of the administrative duties expected of a manager.


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in managing for BSPL IV! While everyone who signed up look like very capable managers, unfortunately there are only 6 slots available for this tournament. These are the 6 teams and managers that have been selected to manage this year (in no particular order):

Rustboro Rocky Helmets managed by NOVED
Castelia Cavaliers managed by cant say
Anistar Farseers managed by Solerme
Iki Inkays managed by Ika Ika Musume
Blackthorn Drummers managed by Charlotte
Lumiose Luxrays managed by greilmercenary9

Congratulations and good luck to the 6 managers who were selected. Please contact me on discord for potential available times on the 14th so that I can organize the auction time.
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