Tournament Battle Spot Premier League IV - Player Signups

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Welcome to the fourth iteration of the Battle Spot Premier League! This thread is where you can sign up to be drafted into one of the six teams participating in this tournament. To sign up, please post the following information in your post. Do not sign up if you have no intention to play in the tournament.

Formats Played:
Formats: ALL FORMATS ARE TEAMLOCKED BEST OF 3, meaning you will be using the same team during the best of 3 set (but you can bring different Pokemon at team preview, similar to VGC tournaments).
  • SM Battle Spot Singles - Bring 6, choose 3 single battles
  • SM Battle Spot Singles
  • SM Battle Spot Doubles - Bring 6, choose 4 double battles
  • ORAS Battle Spot Singles - Gen 6 BSS
  • ORAS Battle Spot Doubles - Gen 6 BSD
  • GBU Singles - Gen 5 BSS
Teams and Managers:

Rustboro Rocky Helmets managed by NOVED
Castelia Cavaliers managed by cant say
Anistar Farseers managed by Solerme
Iki Inkays managed by Ika Ika Musume
Blackthorn Drummers managed by Charlotte
Lumiose Luxrays managed by greilmercenary9

BSPL IV schedule:
  • Manager Signups: July 1 - 7
  • Player Signups: July 1 - 13
  • Draft Auction: July 14 (will be scheduled further so all managers can attend)
  • Week 1: July 15- 21
  • Week 2: July 22 - 28
  • Week 3: July 29 - Aug 4
  • Week 4: Aug 5 - 11
  • Week 5: Aug 12 - 18
  • Semifinals: Aug 19 - 25
  • Finals: Aug 26 - Sep 1
As shown above, signups will end July 13, 11:59 PM EST. Auction will be decided at a later time with all the managers. Happy posting!
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