Tournament Battle Spot Premier League IV - Week 1

Making predictions because Bobo didn't make any.

(3)Castelia Cavaliers vs Blackthorn Drummers (3)

BSS: GroudonEmpire vs martha - GE lying about his availability so he can go cheaper I feel like Groudon can win this one, Not sure how good Martha is.. (would love to be proven wrong).
BSS: chemcoop vs 11oyd - (should be an interesting game, I believe 11oyd has beaten chemcoop before but even so never count out chemcoop.
BSD: ck49 vs Charlotte - I don't know much of doubles but I believe Charlotte should win this one, ck49 can also win so I'm not sure how this match can go about... 50/50 choice so I'm leaning on Charlotte
ORAS: cant say vs Cynara - I feel like cant say should win this one unless he gets haxed
ORASD: FloristtheBudew vs Memoric - No clue at all aside from that both are really good doubles players jajaj
GBU: average fella vs Darkinium I believe these 2 played each other before in GBU :blobthinking: should be a good game nonetheless.
(4) Lumiose Luxrays vs Anistar Farseers (2)

BSS: greilmercenary9 vs Jmal98 - Yikes, right off the bat Greil has a tough MU. Both players are extremely good in this format however I'm leaning towards Greil to take it here, don't underestimate Jmal since he's also very good (tough pick honestly)
BSS: Plas vs zaaya - Ooof another good matchup, Plas is extremely good and I can see him win against Zaaya, however, I can also see Zaaya win against Plas... I love both of these players so its hard picking 1 here ;( (Giving it to Zaaya since he's taken out Chemcoop twice and taken out Greil).
BSD: marilli vs BK - Not sure how good BK is in doubles but I know he's excellent in old gen OU, giving it to Marilli though since I feel like he has more knowledge. (could be wrong again and would love to be proven wrong).
ORAS: MAMP vs Solerme - Really want Solerme to win it and I know he can as long as he doesn't get haxed
ORASD: EmbCPT vs umbreon098 - Heard good things about EmbCPT so my bet is on him.
GBU: Megazard vs Lego - Giving this one to Megazard since he has a lot of GBU experience, but I also see Lego taking out Megazard. 50/50 and I'm giving it to Megazard, sorry Lego ;(

Did I just predict all of the sets correctly?? Take that Bobochan :D
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