Tournament Battle Spot Premier League IV - Week 5


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Week 5

(5) Castelia Cavaliers vs Anistar Farseers (1)

BSS: hzhz vs BP
BSS: chemcoop vs zaaya
BSD: FloristtheBudew vs Solerme
ORAS: GroudonEmpire vs Jmal98
ORASD: TheLoanRanger vs Lego
GBU: cant say vs Havens

(1) Blackthorn Drummers vs Iki Inkays (5)

BSS: 11oyd vs Puff Killa
BSS: youmu@poke vs 1_TrickPhony
BSD: Charlotte vs Mr.GX
ORAS: Cynara vs Misaka Mikoto
ORASD: Memoric vs kaori
GBU: Darkinium vs The Squash

(2) Lumiose Luxrays vs Rustboro Rocky Helmets (4)

BSS: greilmercenary9 vs LightScreener
BSS: Plas vs Monsareeasy
BSD: marilli vs Demantoid
ORAS: MAMP vs Pearl
ORASD: EmbCPT vs Mishimono
GBU: Megazard vs NOVED

All games are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.


DEADLINE: Sunday August 18th, 11:59 PM EDT
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Tough game, please stop me from losing g1 these last 4 weeks, it hurts so much trying to make a comeback...

G1: I got this! WHAT YOU CRITTED ME THROUGH REFLECT?!!! (I got solermed, wow)

G2: Oh it's on about I throw a little jolt to your Mence and sweep you with Mawile (Goodness this Mega is too good)...

G3: I'm sorry Cynara but...I have to finish you off with a railgun too!

PS: Railgunning Cant Say's prediction!


Sorry my posts are so cringe! In all seriousness, good game Cynara, I expected to lose this week honestly. Congratulations to everyone who played their hardest trying to make it to the final 3 as well as the opponents I fought against. Sorry again if I haxed any one of you in my previous weeks. Feel like I don't deserve these 4 wins.
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