BSS Battle Spot Singles 2018 Invitational - FINALS [Won by: greilmercenary9!]

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It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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Battle Spot Leader

thanks to Bummer for the art!

Welcome to the final tournament of the 2018 Battle Spot Singles Circuit, where 10 players who have proved their skill throughout the year will fight for the title of 2018 Champion and a BSS Circuit Ribbon (

Specific Rules
  • This is a standard USUM Battle Spot Singles Tournament.
  • The tournament will be Best of FIVE, Single Elimination.
  • Players may change their teams during the set.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown/SmogTours
  • Replays must be saved and POSTED. Matches without a replay will not count as completed. If you don't want to risk forgetting to save replays play on Smogtours as it's automatic there.
  • In an event of a timeout, the player who times out will lose that game unless the opponent grants a rematch. This holds true even for a disconnect, due to being unable to know which three Pokemon have been selected at team preview. Consequently, players do not need to send in their teams to a TD..
Standard Rules
  • Matches will be played in the Singles format
  • Pokemon above level 50 will be brought down to level 50. Pokemon below level 50 stay as is.
  • Players pick 3 of their 6 Pokemon at team preview.
  • 3DS-born Clause: A Pokemon cannot have a set that can only be obtained from before gen 6. (i.e. no past-gen exclusive move tutors/TMs/events)
  • Species Clause: No two Pokemon in the same team can have the same National Pokedex number.
  • Item Clause: No two Pokemon in the same team can hold the same item.





















Full bracket can be found here:
Simulator Glitches: Any battle mechanics not properly implemented in the simulator used for a tournament battle are fair game, unless explicitly banned by that tournament's rules. Illegal movesets that are not restricted by the simulator fall into this category as well. However, this does not include faulty tier scripts; for example, if there was a bug in the BW OU tier script that allowed you to use Drizzle and Swift Swim on the same team, taking advantage of this would result in disqualification in that battle. If a game breaking glitch is discovered, we will make a blanket tournament ban on that glitch via an announcement in the Tournaments forum until it is fixed.

Ghosting: The player in a tournament battle should be the one making their own decisions. Do not tell a player what move to make in a tournament battle (i.e. do not "ghost" them), and do not make your moves based on another person's suggestions. If we are made aware that someone playing a tournament battle is making some of their moves based mainly on the suggestions of someone else, punishments may be handed out to both parties involved.

Identity: Pretending to be another player in relation to a tournament battle is strictly prohibited. Do not try to impersonate or play as another player. This applies to the use of alts as well. Any player who breaks this will be disqualified and may be subject to further punishment.

Rule Breaking: If a player breaks a rule during a battle, they are disqualified from that particular battle. If it was a single battle in a series, they will still have the opportunity to play the rest of the series.

Draws: If a battle ends in a draw in an elimination tournament or another tournament format that is unable to handle draws, there should be a rematch between the players with the option for both players to change teams.

Forfeiting: A player may forfeit their battle during or after the battle, as long as the result has not been confirmed by the host. If a player forfeits before a battle commences in the first round of a tournament, they are eligible for substitution if appropriate. We highly recommend that you do not forfeit your tournament battles just because you got lucky, but we do not enforce this.

Host / Tournament Director Decisions: The host may make a judgment call on the outcome of a battle with a disputed result, even if one player has broken the rules. If you believe the host has made an unjust decision, you may inform the Tournament Director responsible for the tournament of the situation and request that they make a final call on it.

Sportsmanship: If a player displays exceedingly poor sportsmanship before, during, or after a tournament battle, they may be disqualified or otherwise punished.
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Battle Spot Singles 2018 Invitational - Power Rankings

[1] Psynergy - Psynergy is not the greatest player by any means, but he is certainly the one with most experience and this time of the year is no exception. Last year around the same time he lost to the eventual winner in three extremely close games. Unlike chemcoop, the later it is in the year, the stronger Psynergy becomes, so he is actually in peak form right now. Unless the RNGesus pulls his strings again, Psynergy has a good shot at winning this year's title.

[2] greilmercernary9 - greil never really got a chance to shine last year, he was drafted for 15k and couldn't find his form in the invitationals and crashed out. This year has been quite good for him though, claiming the first BSSLT title vs chem, and ended BSPL with the 2nd best record behind Jhon-senpai. As the invitationals have no teamlocks, greil has lost quite a bit of advantage, because he is a player who excels in teamlocks. Nevertheless, he is in quite a commanding position right now so things should be fine.

[3] chemcoop - chem-sensei is as solid as ever. He tends to win BSSC titles earlier on in the year with back to back titles and then doesn't win BSPL/Invitationals because his form somehow decreases towards the end of the year (opposite to Psynergy). Being the most consistent player and a GOAT sensei, chem is the type of player that would never fall out of top 3 in any power rankings. The gap between him and the top 2 is very marginal.

[4] Puff Killa - When I saw the round 1 pairings for BSPL my initial thought was that I was going to get destroyed. Puff is someone who is overshadowed by the big 3 in battlespot (Jhon-Greil-Chem) in fame, but certainly not overshadowed in the skills department. On good days he can beat Jhon-senpai, that says a lot because realistically speaking no one can beat Jhon-senpai. Puff is in a good spot right now and this year's invitational will be a good place for him to shine.

[5] marilli - marilli is an excellent all rounder. He excels in doubles but is fantastic in BSS as well. There isn't really much to say about him otherwise. If Jhon was 9/10 in BSS and 10/10 in BSD, marilli would be 8/10 in BSS and 9/10 in BSD. Just don't forget to put those EVs and he should be fine.

[6] 11oyd - Lloyd is probably my favourite player on tour right now, for being the most charismatic person ever. BSSC records and performances in tours aren't all there is to the reflection of a player's skill, and 11oyd is a perfect example of that. There are many times when I fought 11oyd in practice which made me thought, this man is an absolute beast, but he has yet to show any of that in tours. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we've all been waiting for.

[7] GroudonEmpire - GOATonEmpire is hands down, the greatest coach/prep master in the community. Ika's performance this BSPL was legendary, and even that does not hold a candle to what GE was back in BSPL last year. Coaching and vast knowledge in the meta isn't all what GE's capable of either, this man can win tours like no man's business. He most likely won't have the time to prep himself enough for winning the invitationals, which is a shame, but we'll see how it goes.

[8] Solerme - Much like Psynergy, the Italian magician had his chances at winning the invitationals last year, but blew it away. He hasn't really recovered since then but the minor victory over greil with Octillery was fascinating to witness (he went on to lose the set though). Solerme is going to struggle a lot this tour, because the competition is much stronger than it was last year. But he has many students rooting for him in the sidelines.

[9] Mishimono - First of all I must apologise having to put mish all the way down here, because mish deserves way more. Mish is a good player and the almighty protector of all Dewgongs, never underestimate.

[10] hzhz - hz-senpai is a bit like his fellow countrymen Yosshi-senpai and youmu. The three are all great players and topping the PS ladder and winning room tours regularly, yet for some reason they all struggle with the tours on Smogon.

Round 1 Predictions

Psynergy vs marilli - Hello RNGesus, Psynergy managed to draw himself the most difficult opponent from the get go. Due to the manager-player relationship these two had during BSPL, marilli will take full advantage of that. Hopefully the top seed doesn't disappoint here, but it's gonna be tough for him no doubt.

Mishimono vs Solerme - Without a doubt the closest match up in round 1, either of these players could win. No one knows what mish has planned and it's a question mark whether or not Solerme is fully ready for the invitationals. However, I'll be cheering for the Italian maestro.

chemcoop vs hzhz - chem-sensei is gonna read hz like a book so unfortunately for the viewers this match might get one sided very quickly. I still haven't completely given up on hz and if anyone can conjure up a miracle then it'll definitely be senpai.

Puff Killa vs GroudonEmpire - Puff should win here, but it all depends on GE's form on match day. If GE's feeling good then Puff got no chance, and if GE isn't feeling so good, you could even send Kevin to sub off Puff and still beat GE.
Psynergy vs marilli - I have to say, i love to watch Psynergy play since he's such a consistent player when he doesn't get mished - but tours like this one have a tendency to not be polite to anybody. If he gets some solid games going it's hard to see anyone who would be able to shut him down completely, nonetheless marilli has proven to be a force to be reckoned with
Mishimono vs soLerme - the Primo will overcome the mishing in the first round of the tour, who else's gonna stop him?
chemcoop vs hzhz - chem is incredible and there's no doubt about that, but hzhz is going to put up a fight totally worth watching. If chemcoop can't summon his peak skill, he could easily get mished here
Puff Killa vs GroudonEmpire - This one is tough for me, Puff has impressed me a lot this year whenever i had the chance to watch some games. GE's playing level can be enormous though when he draws on his peak skills, so i'm gonna put my coin on him in the hopes of seeing some of the Empire's greatness again (IN KETO WE TRUST). I hope both players give us their best show!

So much talent, but i'll predict soLerme finally outshining his luck and win this year's invitational <3
For the Farseers!
It's ok, now what i'm going to write it's nothing personal against you. We are all friends and i don't mind waiting 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes to play a game, but since this is a game i can't really wait 1 hour, specially if i rush to come back home from work to respect our schedule

Don't take it personally Mishi, i do respect you as a player, as part of our community and as a friend. I'm writing this because it's not the first time that i find myself waiting a lot, even more than the hour that i waited today (obviously this is in general). We all have things to do, and we schedule for this exact reason.

Now, i'm not writing this just to randomly whine, but i hope that no one will be surprised if the next time this happens i leave or even ask for activity.

anyhow, ggs
I would've liked to play it without being this nervous, but i still enjoyed our matches
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