BSS Battle Spot Singles Ladder Tournament I - Qualification Stage [Done]

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Welcome to the first ladder tournament in the Battle Spot Singles Circuit. In this tournament, players will take their skills on the BSS ladder on Pokemon Showdown, and aim for the top. The first part of this tournament features 4 cycles, each a week long, where the top 4 players on the PS ladder will be qualified to play in the playoffs. The playoffs will be a best of 3, single elimination tournament, with a best of 5 finals. Your performance in this tournament will earn you CP to qualify for the Battle Spot Singles Invitational at the end of the month. More information on that can be found here.

To participate in this cycle, follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Create an alt on Pokemon Showdown that begins with "BS13" (e.g. BS13 DragonWhale), and post a screenshot in your post proving that the alt is fresh using the /rank command. It should look something like this: . You can make as many alts as you want, but all of them need to be posted in your signup post. Alts created before the start of the cycle will be disqualified, so don't register "BS14" alts right now as those will be used for cycle 4. Cycle 3 alts cannot be made before April 1
  2. Do NOT ghost each other, boost each other, share alts, or do any other unsportsmanlike stuff. Let's keep this a fair competition for all. Break this and you will be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. Begin laddering!
Playoff bracket challonge (courtesy of chemcoop):

Cycle 1 qualifiers (screenshot):

#1 Seed: Jmal98 (BS11 jmal98)
1656 | 48-20 (74.7% GXE)

#2 Seed: chemcoop (BS11 DEWGOD)
1623 | 258-167 (72.8% GXE)

#3 Seed: hzhz (bs11 hzhz(´・・))
1612 | 90-53 (72.0% GXE)

#4 Seed: greilmercenary9 (BS11 Ragnell)
1612 | 69-38 (70.85GXE)
Cycle 2 qualifiers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

#1 Seed: Yosshi (BS12 Yosshi)
1578 | 149-100 (67.9% GXE)

#2 Seed: Hastar (BS12 Hastar)
1569 | 65-38 (71.0% GXE)

#3 Seed: Mishimono (BS12 DEWGONG)
1550 | 74-46 (69.4% GXE)

#4 Seed: cant say (BS12 cant salt)
1453 | 66.6% GXE​

Cycle 3 qualifiers are as follows: 1 2 3

#1 Seed: Psynergy (BS13 Atk Ploy)
1559 | 74.9% GXE

#2 Seed: Suinub (BS13 Luca)
1558 | 78.5% GXE

#3 Seed: Puff Killa (BS13 Meme Puff)
1527 | 73.3% GXE

#4 Seed: 11oyd (BS13risingozlord)
1525 | 69.8% GXE
Cycle 4 Qualifiers are as follows:

#1 Seed: Megazard (bs14wheredoesitend)
1574 | 76.8%GXE | 35-8

#2 Seed: Solerme (bs14pineapplestorm)
1510 | 62.5% GXE | 84-61

#3 Seed: Moose And Goose (bs14caboosegoose)
1459 | 63.0% GXE | 45-28

#4 Seed: Suspensse (bs14susp)
1411 | 66.8% GXE | 18-11
Congratulations to all the qualifiers. Playoffs can be found here:
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