Battle Spot Singles Sample Teams (New Season 4 teams, season 5 currently underway!)

as requested by my boy ThickFatAzumarill some Mega Venusaur teams:

Dual Mega Offense

Season 2, 2188 - (Blaziken, M-Venusaur, Z Empoleon, Z Gyarados, Mamoswine, M-Gengar)
Japanese Blog | Importable
Mega Venusaur Offense
Season 2, 2000 - (M-Venusaur, Tapu Koko, Greninja, Celesteela, Z Blaziken, Landorus-T)
Japanese Blog | Importable
Mega Venusaur Balance

Season 2, 2111 - (Z Tapu Koko, Landorus-T, Cresselia, Heatran, M-Venusaur, A-Muk)
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Solerme Like the teams , im gonna try the Venusaur offence but i dont like Venusaur , is there a way i could change him ?
Well usually when you build a team around a mega it's hard to use that team with another mega.
I recommend to check the other sample teams :)
Anyhow, if you really liked those three mega venu team, maybe the second and the first could work with Mega Salamence over Venusaur, since there are some standard Mence partners such as blaziken, celesteela, koko and mamo.

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