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Posting on the forum and taking part in the various projects we have is super fun, but a lot of the action is in our chatrooms! Our Pokemon Showdown room is the place to be when testing a team on the simulator. We also host tournaments regularly in the various Battle Spot formats including Singles, Doubles, the current Special, and our new randomized format; BSS Factory! Our Discord server is much more laid back, and really good for when you've only got access to your smartphone. We have several channels set up so discussion of the various formats don't get mixed up as well.

List of notable users:

Pokemon Showdown:

  • We also have various other roles for recognizing achievements in tournaments; such as BSSC Champion, BSPL Champion, and Friendly Competition Winner, and positions on the forum; such as Tutor and QC Member.
How authority positions work:

New Voices or Totems are chosen based on how active people are in the respective chatrooms, as well as the quality of their posts on the forum. If you often make good forum posts you can be considered for both Voice and Totem! Good Voices/Totems are then considered for Driver/Trial Captain and so on.

That's basically it! Don't be shy, the people in our chatrooms are super friendly and there's usually someone around at most times due to the amount of timezones we have covered. But if no one replies to you then don't worry, we aren't ignoring you, we're probably all just AFK... Hope to see you there.
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Other useful resources:

Battle Spot Damage Calculator by cant say
Handy calculator based on Honko's damage calculator that uses sets common in the Battle Spot formats

Battle Spot Usage Stats by Boehijt
In-depth usage stats of the PGL and PS ladder

Battle Spot Singles Smogon Analyses
Learn what kind of sets fit a Pokemon in the Battle Spot Singles format

Official resources:

Pokemon Global Link
Official website that handles the online activities you do in the Pokemon games, including Battle Spot

PGL Usage Stats
Usage stats of the PGL ladders, though not as in-depth as the one linked above
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