Tournament Battle Stadium Premier League V - Manager Signups

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It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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This is the signup thread for aspiring managers. From the signups, I will select 6 managers to lead the 6 teams in this year's BSPL. Make sure you know the responsibilities of a manager before you sign up.
  • Managers are required to participate in the auction to draft their players on March 22 (time will be determined later with all managers).
    • They are allowed to assign one assistant manager (who they need to draft) who can bid on their team's behalf during the auction.
    • Don't post who you plan to have as an assistant, unless you want other managers to upbid the hell out of you for that player. You're still required to draft them.
  • Managers must select the lineup for the week, and send it to me before the week starts. This has been an issue on occasion in past BSPLs, so if you don't think you can do this for the duration of BSPL V (it's honestly not that complicated), do not sign up.
  • Managers are responsible for their team's behavior. Make sure members of your team are abiding by the rules and remain active.
  • Managers are expected to facilitate substitutions when necessary.
  • Managers will be allowed to purchase themselves as players for their team, for a price of 10k + (number of wins in BSPL IV * 1.5k).
To sign up, post your team name, logo (if you have one), and what makes you a good choice for manager. Signups will close and managers will be decided March 15th.
Team Name: Paniola Ranch Ponies
Logo: TBD, mascot is Mudbray.

Working Logo


(Will commission a less "brony" logo if selected)

Why pick me,1TP, as a manager (gonna keep it short and sweet because idt there are that many options, may add more stuff later should there be a lot of signups)

  • Veteran of BSPL IV, finalist as the "assman" for the Iki Inkays. Went 3-2 in SM BSS with a notable win over BSS Invitationals Champion, Chemcoop. Only losses to Greilmercenary9 and Marilli, the eventual champions of BSPL.
  • Organized and conducted a BSPL mock draft last year, which included 4/6 managers and 2 manager substitutes. Organized another one for this year featuring at least 4/6 managers again, so I have a strong understanding of the draft process.
  • Current tutor for Battle Stadium Singles.
  • Viability Rankings team member for Battle Stadium Singles.
  • Achieved #1 in the PS Battle Stadium Singles Ladder, peak ELO 1715.
Positive Managerial Qualities
  • Focus on community growth and integration first and foremost, even above team success. Everyone will get a chance to play, and feel like a part of our community as a member of the Ponies.
  • Only manager candidate here that has been consistently unwavering in my desire to manage (applied to manage last year as well!)
  • Can play every battle spot/stadium format at a competitive level. Being well versed in a variety of formats, I am an ideal team support for new and old players alike while being an elite option myself for a weekly starter spot.
  • I am likely the most active Battle Spot/Stadium member, and will be available every week to play games, set lineups, and prep my team for upcoming opponents.
  • I know virtually everyone in the battle spot/stadium community, have a strong presence on both the PS room and the Battle Stadium Discord. Was a tutee in Doubles OU, so I have a good familiarity with the smogon doubles scene, despite not playing much doubles in Gen 8 so far.
  • Flexible for draft times! Will definitely make it work with my fellow managers to get an ideal draft time running as smoothly as possible.
Even though my bday is on Friday the 13th, looking for some good luck in the form of having the chance to manage this year!
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It has come to my attention that my intent to manage has been LEAKED by the notorious BSS leader cant say, so I need to beat the fake news Smogon media to the punch and drop a post before everyone wakes up.

I would like to announce my candidacy for manager of the HOUSTON STEALTH ROCKETS (better logo pending finding someone who can improve upon my mediocre photoshop skills).

I believe I would be a good manager because I have experience assmaning in more or less official capacities the past 3 BSPLs, while also helping draft last year's semi-finalist Castelia Cavaliers. I am also very familiar with the Battle Stadium community and our BSPL playerbase, so I'm confident I can prepare a solid draft plan. Finally, this is one BSPL where I have experience, time, and no availability issues, so I can put my all into starting a great BSPL franchise :blobthumbsup:

P.S. In an attempt to be the manager of the people, I would like to run on a platform of free Mishdicare-for-All, eliminating tutoring tuition on, and opposing the establishment and advocating for the ban of cant say.

Thank you for your consideration, your vote is important to me, and I hope you will make the right decision on March 15.


Are we done here?
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Pick me, I promise I won't quit if I make another broken team that gets first seed and loses in finals for the third time in a row. If I keep making good teams the Fallarbor Flare Blitzers will eventually overcome any bad luck right???

Activity shouldn't be an issue for me this year so I'm signing up this time, I do have other priorities going on right now but I have plenty of time to spare for managing this time.


Formerly Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd
Team Name: Distortion World Deerlings

Assistant Manager: pqs

Why would I be a good manager?
I have experience leading several 1v1 oms and managing several mini PLs in the 1v1 community (1v1 clashes). I’m smart enough not to draft myself for this, and focus on players that are actually good. My comanager pqs is a manager in the current 1v1 PL for the very successful Deluxe Dustoxes and is also a leader of some 1v1 oms. We are both pretty active on PS and have very flexible schedules to have a smooth draft.
Team Name: Ecruteak Shadow Ballers

I've been lurking around the BSS room since 2017 and feel it's high to time to have a crack at managing a BSPL team.
On occasion my strengths as a Pokemon battler have shone fairly bright, I was the 2018 BSSC Runner-up, I got that one sick WP proc against Jmal98 in the BSLT tourney and have made many a deep run into the 1800s on stream with my stream community. I would have loved to have done this last year while Breloom was still in the game but holidaying got in the way. I'm good to go this year, sign me up. :blobthumbsup:

shadow BALLERS.png


It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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The following managers have been chosen for BSPL V:

1_TrickPhony - Paniola Ranch Poines
kaori - Saffron Side-Pups
marilli - Castelia Cavaliers
chemcoop - Houston Stealth Rockets
Psynergy - Fallarbor Flare Blitzers
11oyd - Ecruteak Shadow Ballers

Managers will need to choose whether they draft themselves when the draft starts. The pricing for managers is 10k + (wins in BSPL IV * 1.5k).
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