Tournament Battle Stadium Premier League V - Week 3

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<<Scheduling Sheet>>

:blaziken-mega: Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (2) - (4) Paniola Ranch Ponies :mudbray:
BSS: kamikaze vs TJ
BSS: Egor vs 1_TrickPhony
BSD: Memoric vs AuraRayquaza
BSD: stax vs FloristtheBudew
SM: qsns vs Monsareeasy
Classic: Psynergy vs Ika Ika Musume

:gengar: Ecruteak Shadow Ballers (2) - (4) Castelia Cavaliers :aegislash:
BSS: 11oyd vs Descending
BSS: The Squash vs TectonicDestroyer
BSD: Mishimono vs marilli
BSD: EmbCPT vs Demantoid
SM: average fella vs zaaya
Classic: Jmal98 vs Megazard

:golurk: Houston Stealth Rockets (5) - (1) Saffron Side Pups :kangaskhan-mega:
BSS: TonyFlygon vs Cynara
BSS: Solerme vs Suinub
BSD: Mr.GX vs umbreon098
BSD: calvonix vs LightScreener
SM: chemcoop vs Puff Killa
Classic: NOVED vs kaori

All games besides Classic are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.
Game 1 format of Classic must be agreed upon, or SM BSS otherwise. Loser of G1 gets to select the format for G2.


DEADLINE: Sunday April 12th, 11:59 PM EDT
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Matches to Watch

I got a little bored due to being in all day but rather than doing the usual predictions which are usually just guesses in a lot of cases, I thought I'd go over a few of the matches really worth catching if you have got a chance in each of the tiers. I've rated roughly in terms of hype, storyline or general gameplay level but it is by no means an exact science.

SWSH BSS: Egor vs. 1_TrickPhony

It's really hard to determine match quality so early on in a generation, however both of these players have proven their mettle so far in SWSH BSS, with Egor reaching finals of BSS Open and 1TP reaching top six and 1st on the Showdown ladder. Both of these guys are relatively new and rising stars in the scene, with Egor only really being around for a few months and 1TP being around for 2 years or so and just starting to establish himself as a top threat. Of course, though results in Open definitely do count for something, but BSPL is a far more difficult tour to perform in so it will be up to these guys to show what they are made of. Both are very familiar with the meta and the Dynamax mechanic and have shown solid Gen 8 results that I haven't seen enough yet from other starters so I think it will be one to watch.

USUM BSS: Chemcoop vs. Puffkilla

This is the only matchup where two juggernauts of the USUM tour circuit go up against each other so it is definitely the most hype of all the USUM matches. Both are currently coming off of a loss this week so one of these guys, as strange as it is to say, will be going on a two week losing streak which ups the stakes. Last week, both of these guys brought teams that were slightly outside of their general wheelhouse and ended up losing in part due to the hard team matchup. Expect the pure fat to be ditched this time in favour of some more traditional bulky offence from both players, which should result in an exciting back and forth. As far as I am aware too, these guys have magically managed to avoid each other asides from BSPL Allstars when PuffKilla beat Chemcoop in a Bo3 BSS Monotype. So definitely tune in if you see it come up.

Classic: Jmal98 vs. Megazard

This one was honestly the most difficult to decide with Noved vs. Kaori also being a pretty hype matchup, but I've decided on Jmal vs. Megazard as it is the two most expensive Classic players going at it. Neither of these guys have played before as Jmal's expertise is ORAS whilst Megazard favours GBU so they don't often cross paths. I definitely do think Jmal98 is favoured here and is generally considered by quite a few people to be the best overall classic player (that isn't Ika ofc. :P), but Megazard definitely has a significant advantage in GBU and should he manage to take one of the other tiers, which he is more than capable of doing, he can definitely win. Either ways, all the classic matches I think should be pretty fun this week, so catch any of them and I'm sure there will be a good showcase of the older gens.

SWSH BSD/VGC2020: MisterGx vs. Umbreon098

I will have to admit my familiarity with doubles is kind of lacking so this will be more storyline based than having a in depth knowledge of history and skill levels. The Shadow Ballers vs. Cavaliers series was so close to having the two most hype series with Marilli vs. Edu as the doubles set of the week and Mishitoid being the mish set of the week, but that did not happen. Therefore I shed my light on MisterGx vs. Umbreon098. Whatever your opinion on these players, it is undoubted that they are both as of yet undefeated and only one is going to walk out with a 3-0 record. My gut here says that MisterGX will come out on top, as he is on an absurd 11-0 winstreak in BSPL currently, but you never know. Honorable mention to Calvonix vs. Lightscreener, both these guys look pretty good.

Overall Hype Team Matchup of the Week: Houston Stealth Rockets vs. Saffron Side Pups

In pure team vs. team matchup in terms of density of hype and cool matchups, the Stealth Rockets vs. the Side Pups looks like the coolest series to watch with most of the series looking cool. I give it a 8/10 hype rating. With a bit of jiggling, the Shadow Ballers vs. the Cavaliers could have been more hype but it was not to be. Jmal vs. Megazard looks one to watch still though so I give it a 7/10. In last place is the Flare Blitzers vs. the Ponies, largely due to the absence of Greilmercenary9 and TheLoanRanger who I am sure will be back in future weeks but points are docked off for that. I give this series a 6.5/10.
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It's not fun when games go like this, and i do wanted to have a clearer match with Suinub, but it is what it is.

I honestly think that the hax in g2 and g3 was more scenic than impactful, cause Vish had a really amazing match up, but unfortunately we'll never know.
GGs Suinub and also thank you for being a real gentleman
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