Tournament Battle Stadium Premier League V - Week 4

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<<Scheduling Sheet>>

:kangaskhan-mega: Saffron Side Pups (0) - (6) Castelia Cavaliers :aegislash:
BSS: Cynara vs Finchinator
BSS: Puff Killa vs Descending
BSD: umbreon098 vs Demantoid
BSD: LightScreener vs marilli
SM: Suinub vs TectonicDestroyer
Classic: cant say vs Megazard

:mudbray: Paniola Ranch Ponies (3) - (3) Ecruteak Shadow Ballers :gengar:
BSS: greilmercenary9 vs 11oyd
BSS: 1_TrickPhony vs Moose And Goose
BSD: AuraRayquaza vs EmbCPT
BSD: FloristtheBudew vs Mishimono
SM: Monsareeasy vs Jmal98
Classic: Ika Ika Musume vs average fella

:blaziken-mega: Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (3) - (3) Houston Stealth Rockets :golurk:
BSS: Egor vs TonyFlygon
BSS: kamikaze vs Solerme
BSD: Memoric vs Mr.GX
BSD: stax vs calvonix
SM: qsns vs chemcoop
Classic: Psynergy vs NOVED

All games besides Classic are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.
Game 1 format of Classic must be agreed upon, or SM BSS otherwise. Loser of G1 gets to select the format for G2.


DEADLINE: Sunday April 19th, 11:59 PM EDT
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Matches to Watch

I'm back again with another edition of "Matches to Watch", where I go over each tier and showcase an interesting matchup that's worth catching if you have a free weekend. As usual, I rate stuff vaguely based on hype, storyline/history and general gameplay but it isn't an exact science and is definitely my personal opinion.

SWSH BSS: Greilmercenary9 vs. 11oyd

There's a lot of cool matchups here, Cynara vs. Finchinator, Egor vs. Tony and Kami vs. Solerme are honourable mentions but how could I not talk about Greil vs. 11oyd. These guys have a storied history, with the most important set being the 2018 BSS Invitationals Finals where Greil unceremoniously 3-0ed 11oyd. 11oyd typically has gotten the worse end of the stick when these two have met, but with a new generation to play, we shall see if 11oyd has what it takes to bring it back. He has always had the cartridge results demonstrating that he has the skill level to do well so it's time to prove it against the biggest of boys in this match.

USUM BSS: TectonicDestroyer vs. Suinub

USUM has calmed down a bit after giving us the hype match Chemcoop vs. Puffkilla which was all that we expected it to be. A lot of the current matchups are underdog stories going up against Titans of the USUM metagame. Definitely both have the capability to put in an upset, but I thought that it might be better this week to look at two of the most underrated players in the scene. Suinub is a Japanese player who generally see on high ladder showdown and whilst a rare fixture in the tournament play, has done well in BSSLT previously and is known for his solid gameplay. TectonicDestroyer meanwhile is a rising star in the BSS scene, making it to Semifinals in BSS Masters only to fall to the eventual winner Chemcoop and doing well in Open. I think unlike the other two matchups where there is a clear theoretical favourite, this one promises to be an interesting one.

Classic: Cant Say vs. Megazard

Again Classic is full of gem matchups (as always) since only the finest most gentlemanly of players play old gens. I could have easily gone for Psynergy vs. Noved this week as I think that's an extremely interesting matchup in its own right, but I thought I'd cast a light on Cant Say vs. Megazard. Right now, the Side Pups have been having a bit of an issue in their classic slot, switching between Kaori and Cant Say to limited success but I think if there's a matchup Cant Say can win and begin his redemption arc it is this one. Megazard has not been happy about facing less conventional strategies in GBU for the last two weeks and Cant Say, known for stuff like his Sableye and Sand Veil Garchomp in GBU is definitely no exception to this trend. Both players of course are great at old gens so it should be a treat to watch. We might even see fireworks in the chat.

SWSH BSD/VGC 2020: AuraRayquaza vs. Embcpt

There are some cool matches here, Calvonix vs. Stax is one in particular that comes to mind but how could I not put Edu vs. AuraRay here. Given that both top cut Champions Cup, which is arguably the biggest tour in 2020 VGC to date, we'll get to see how they stack up in BSPL. Both are coming off a loss from last week (Edu does actually, contrary to popular wisdom, bleed), so it will be interesting to see who bounces back. Also I think, in general when you watch players who are the top of their craft play well, at least I sometimes get the feeling of "damn this kid is good" when they make plays during the game.

Overall Hype Team Matchup of the Week: Paniola Ranch Ponies vs. Ecruteak Shadow Ballers

Normally I try not to be biased towards my team and definitely last week I probably overcompensated, but I think our matchup vs. the Shadow Ballers this week is a solid 8.5/10. All the matches here are pretty cool, with the two main ones I've already gone over and I believe it barely puts this series over the edge.. In second place is the Pups vs. the Cavs, with the matches above really being ones to watch though I do think overall it is slightly worse than the first place hype matchup so I give this an 8/10. In joint second place therefore is the Blitzers vs. the Rockets. There's still some great matches here, especially Psynergy vs. Noved here and Stax vs. Calvonix. either ways I think the overall level of matches is pretty decent this week so I give this series an 8/10.

That's it until next week :)
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Missed last weeks predicts, mostly from being awful week 2 that I needed a break. Back at it.

:kangaskhan-mega: Saffron Side Pups (4) - (2) Castelia Cavaliers :aegislash:
BSS: Cynara vs Finchinator: Cynara gets 3 vs 3 while I don't think finch does atm. Expect this to go to 3 just cause thats what the smogoner sets tend to do.
BSS: Puff Killa vs Descending: Should be a lot closer than Puff's pedigree suggests, but I still give him the edge in 3
BSD: umbreon098 vs Demantoid: The Toid has been on a run and I don't think thats stopping this week.
BSD: LightScreener vs marilli: I like what I've seen from Marilli.
SM: Suinub vs TectonicDestroyer: This should be REALLY interesting. I like Tect's old gens play a lot, but I dont think Tect will have the knowledge of Suinub's builds or exactly the same experience level, so I'll give this to Suinub.
Classic: cant say vs Megazard: Both of these guys are on a losing streak despite most people thinking they'd be positive or better players. I think cant say is due for a win and this is the kind of matchup where he could get it. Alternatively this could be cant say's last BSPL game of the year.

:blaziken-mega: Fallarbor Flare Blitzers (2) - (4) Houston Stealth Rockets :golurk:
BSS: Egor vs TonyFlygon: Egor is good, don't let last week's shellacking convince you otherwise. He does need to work on some new teams though.
BSS: kamikaze vs Solerme: Hopped off the Solerme train after week 1, and now I guess I have to be back on after his win vs. Suinub. Pretty even MU imo.
BSD: Memoric vs Mr.GX: Mew Mew
BSD: stax vs calvonix: Stax is in an off/weird form, and part of it makes me think he just hasn't given the effort level he is capable of and showed in SPL DOU or major tours like the champions cup.
SM: qsns vs chemcoop: Should be a layup for chemcoop to get back on his winning ways.
Classic: Psynergy vs NOVED: I made a harsh-ish comment to my bud NOVED on a previous week, where although I predicted him to win, I said if he loses, it might be indicative of him losing some of his touch, considering his strictly suboptimal playing in week 1. I think he has corrected himself a bit, but think that Psynergy is too polished to lose this one.
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