Tournament Battle Stadium Premier League V - Week 5

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It's not a misplay, it's RNG manipulation
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<<Scheduling Sheet>>

:golurk: Houston Stealth Rockets (3) - (3) Paniola Ranch Ponies :mudbray:
BSS: TonyFlygon vs TJ
BSS: Solerme vs 1_TrickPhony
BSD: calvonix vs AuraRayquaza
BSD: Mr.GX vs FloristtheBudew
SM: chemcoop vs Monsareeasy
Classic: NOVED vs Ika Ika Musume

:kangaskhan-mega: Saffron Side Pups (1) - (3) Ecruteak Shadow Ballers :gengar:
BSS: cant say vs RaJ.Shoot
BSS: LightScreener vs The Squash
BSD: Havens vs Mishimono
BSD: Cynara vs EmbCPT
SM: Puff Killa vs Jmal98
Classic: Suinub vs average fella

:aegislash: Castelia Cavaliers (3) - (3) Fallarbor Flare Blitzers :blaziken-mega:
BSS: Descending vs kamikaze
BSS: TectonicDestroyer vs Egor
BSD: marilli vs Memoric
BSD: Demantoid vs stax
SM: zaaya vs qsns
Classic: Megazard vs Psynergy

All games besides Classic are TEAMLOCKED best-of-threes. Please open all three games with the same team BEFORE starting game 1.
You are allowed to bring different Pokemon at team preview for each game.
Game 1 format of Classic must be agreed upon, or SM BSS otherwise. Loser of G1 gets to select the format for G2.


DEADLINE: Sunday April 26th, 11:59 PM EDT
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Banned deucer.
They played their series. I don't see the issue? both teams are out the tournament, it doesn't impact results of the tournament in any way, shape, or form. banning players from a tournament is absolutely ludicrous, especially when both teams have nothing to play for, expect for fun, if it determined a team making playoffs i could understand maybe.
Define "integrity of the tournament" for me? Because I don't think such a thing exists. You guys need to stop trying to treat this like a professional sport or something, it's a community run tournament on a community run site and if two users who have been active members of this community for years (puff moreso than myself in recent years) want to have a little fun we shouldn't be threatened with a ban. We brought a team that was legal in gen 7 bss, we both agreed to the terms of the battle ahead of time, and the result has no effect on the outcome of the tournament.
What Dragonwhale wrote on discord:
after all i said about not ruining the integrity of the tour
Not ruining the integrity of the tour? We played our games like how we schedule it and we both agreed to it, just like Cynara said there should not be an issue since both Jmal team (The Ballers) and my team (Saffron side Pups) are eliminated from BSPL. Jmal and I both played for fun since there was nothing at stakes and IF our game was important or important to the other team then we would play like normal.

Honestly, "not ruining the integrity of the tour" just because of an actually legal team that we brought for fun??? :pikuh: To get banned for that is such stupidity, the integrity of the tour is not soiled by two eliminated teams having some fun. Do you not understand that far more cynical stuff happens in full-on pro sports and they really can't do much to stop it because unless you can prove that a team/player was trying to lose then it doesn't matter.

Edit: How come last year there was a similar issue to this but no action was taken? When it actually mattered for Playoffs.
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