Battle Stadium Premier League VI - Player Signups!

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Welcome to the sixth iteration of the Battle Spot Premier League! This thread is where you can sign up to be drafted into one of the six teams participating in this tournament. To sign up, please post the following information in your post. Do not sign up if you have no intention to play in the tournament.

Formats Played:
Availability: (fill this section out if you believe you may be inactive for some time of the tournament)

Formats: ALL FORMATS ARE TEAMLOCKED BEST OF 3, meaning you will be using the same team during the best of 3 set (but you can bring different Pokemon at team preview, similar to VGC tournaments).

This year, all formats are singles 3v3.
  • SS Series 9 BSS - Bring 6, choose 3 single battles
  • SS Series 9 BSS
  • SS Series 10 BSS
  • GBU Singles
Note that the slots listed above may change depending on signup circumstances, but for now this is the most likely list. There will still be no Festive Feud, so please do not ask. The slots will be finalized on 22nd.
Username: mets3569
Timezone: GMT-4
Formats played: any just need teams
availability: around on weekends and most week nights


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Username: frostyicelad
Timezone: GMT+1
Formats Played: USUM preferably SS (series 9) is fine too
Availability: n/a
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