Battle Stadium Premier League VII - Player Signups (Custom Avatar prize)

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Username: Adrean Dawn (Both here and on PS.)
Timezone: GMT +5 (Also known as Eastern.)
Formats Played: Mostly random or anything goes on PS. This is my first tournament ever so technically no formats have been played, and I'm hoping to get into more formats by doing tournaments.
Availability: On weekends I'll be available for about twelve hours, but on school days the best I can do is 4:30 to 6 or 8 PM.
Nombre de usuario: KunaialF4
Zona horaria:(GMT-3)
Formatos reproducidos:SS Serie 13 BSS - Trae 6, elige 3 batallas individuales
Disponibilidad: (llene esta sección si cree que puede estar inactivo durante algún tiempo del torneo)
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