Battle Troezi/Link Battle

As the game just came out in the US yesterday, has anyone gotten it? Thoughts?

For me, it's fun, buuuut a major case of Guide Dang It. They never even give you hints on what the "special conditions" might be to unlock so-and-so. And I kind of miss the excuse plot of the last game, but that's just me. :p


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I finally got the game...yeah, I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't like the first one (I always wanted to play the first one but never did). I really like it so far though, it reminds me a lot of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge :D

Okay, after playing for a bit here:

The typing thing really threw me off, since each Pokemon has its primary type as its only type. I went for Gastly and Umbreon to beat Aegislash but really you counter it with Mankey...since Aegislash is only Steel, not Ghost. Complete reversal of what we know but I got used to it quickly enough.

I'm starting to get the hang of is really fun. I'm really liking how you have to be fast and stuff too, very much like Pokemon Puzzle Challenge except you get way more Pokemon and you get to play with Pokemon heads instead of those lame boxes.

Totally worth the money...even though I didn't even pay for it: my friend got it for me as a gift, but whatever :D

Oh P.S. the soundtrack is really cute too, loving the Harmonica
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^The gameplay's completely different from the first. You don't even move the pieces the same way. Yeah, that threw me for a loop for a bit...
Oh I see. Well, I still think the learning curve sucks a little bit, but once you get the hang of comboing, it gets really good. Since my QQ post I've gotten to world 7 and I have 25% of the Pokedex completed.
Oh, also keep in mind that you can't use Support mons anyway until after you beat Stage 3-1. That's sort of weird IMO, although I do understand that the game wants to prevent OP-ness.

BaffleBlend: Oh yeah, you're right. That is definitely a concern.

One thing is that the gameplay starts to feel a little repetitive. I haven't gotten very far yet, but it seems like it's always this:
1) Line up at least 4 (5/6 if there's a group of foes) super effective Pokémon
2) Line up 3 of anything else.
3) Clear the board
4) Rinse and repeat.

So far, the only foe actions I've seen so far are lowering health, replacing some of your things with copies of itself, and dropping through. How does it get harder later in the game?

EDIT: Just encountered Zone 4-6. The only Pokémon in it are Unown. Pure, absolute torture. I suppose that's how it gets harder...

This game is definitely very well put together, and I'm almost glad there's no cringeworthy story to go along with it.
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The game actually got harder for me after we were able to put in a second support. Like... there's always one more species without a match on the grid during a big combo...
I'm torn apart in deciding whether to get this game or not. I kinda dislike the original Trozei game, as while I found the idea of a Pokemon puzzle game to be a pretty cool idea, it's just that the game's really only fun for a few hours, then it gets rather boring after a while IMO, also, the story was a bit bland. Though, from what I've seen, Battle Trozei seems pretty interesting, with the whole fighting against Pokemon with Trozeis, and the whole support 'mons, etc. Though, the game seems a lil' short for my tastes, so....
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I would recommend getting it. It's rather cheap and pretty fun to get better at. It doesn't have any story at all, but the graphics are pretty good.

If you're looking for a puzzle game, though, this is not for you. It's totally different from the first Trozei game and requires much more fast, skillful swapping than careful thinking. It's still really fun, though.
Right so this is a massive necrobump but I mean like where else would I put this lol

So partly out of it being cheap, partly out of me wanting a decent timewaster, and partly out of me being infinitely salty about Shuffle being a F2P, I decided to pick this thing up off the eshop - I mean, it's only £7 so why not give it a shot?
Keep in mind my only experiences with this playstyle are a few zones of Shuffle, which I eventually deleted because I find F2P pretty disgusting, and the intro of the first Trozei which I found infinitely cringeworthy to the point of laughing at Link Battle when it was announced. Now having just completed the quote-on-quote 'final boss' and having done a few levels beyond... this game is addictive. Like, hour-absorbingly addictive. It's not an incredible game, nothing that'll sell you on Pokémon or puzzle games but oh my god does it suck you right in. And there's no plot! No characters, no story; just a few tutorials... hell, the final boss actually felt a little underwhelming because final boss of what? There's no story, so... well, at least it had some damn cool music. Actually that's something else to note; around Zone 8 the music starts to get surprisingly intense. It almost feels out of place but due to just how stupidly difficult it gets at that point it fit my mood completely and it drew me in even more.
I mean; okay, the core game itself isn't too hard; maybe you'll die to a boss or something a few times but nothing out there. But what really throws you is the special requirements for getting to certain stages or Pokémon. To get Scizor I have to get a combo of 30 or more on both Scyther and Pinsir in the same round (why pinsir lol). To get to Stage 6 of Zone 5 (I think?) I have to get a flawless capture on the lake trio. How hard this really is never quite dawns on you until you actually try it; it's actually kind of frustrating! I mean, hell, I still haven't done those two examples, they're pretty... oof.
But does this difficulty and frustration set me off the game? No! I keep coming back to it; I just adore it's simplicity yet difficulty at the same time. It feels so good getting those combos; finding those rows of three and adding another number to my combo meter. I got a combo of like 102 once; that really sticks out - and the music changes on each 10 combo too which is a nice touch. It feels kiiiiiiiinda creepy after 50 tho; like you've lost yourself in comboing... which really you have if you're at fuckin' 50.
All in all a pretty damn fun little game - and at just the right price too. I mean, if it was like over £10 I'd say it's a bad deal, but for the price it's at I think Nintendo found the perfect value for it. It has all the fun of Shuffle, just without Megas (which I didn't miss tbh), without the bullshit F2P system, with a much better idea of difficulty that F2P kind of prevents, and at a VERY affordable price - sure, Shuffle's free, but I'd rather dish out £7 rather than wait for hours or pay money to skip that. 8/10 puzzle game imo; very underlooked little gem rn.

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