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Alright ladies and gents, it's your least favorite cat with glasses back here ready to test another idea out!

Match Rules

- Each trainer sends in 3 Pokemon (3* and above)
- They do not have to use all of them. In fact, they could use the same two every game, that's on them.
- When the thread is posted, players take turn striking arenas from the basic arenas list in snake format, until 1 remains. This means that Player 1 strikes 1, then Player 2 strikes 2, then Player 1 strikes the last one. The first game of the match takes place in that arena. Player 1 is determined by a coinflip. Player 1 sends out first once the arena has been chosen.
- After a game has ended, the winner of the game can now strike 2 arenas total, choosing from both the basic and counterpick arenas lists. The loser of the previous game chooses the next game's arena from the remaining arenas, and then sends out first.
- A match has been won when a player has won 2 games.

Game Rules

B3P2 Singles
48h DQ, 1 warning
Chills: 3
Recoveries: 1
Abilities: All
Items: Rental
Arena is selected either via striking in the first game, or loser's selection in subsequent games
- Game ends after the first Pokemon is KO'd. That Pokemon's trainer loses the game
- In the case of a double KO (enko + ko, or killed by the same residual effect timing), play until the next KO
- Combinations cannot be used
- D/E Moves must be suspended for a minimum of 1 turn before attacking. This means Dig is not legal, but Dig (Suspend) - Dig (Attack) and Dig (S) - Dig (S) - Dig (A) are.

Plains: Sun + Grassy Terrain
Island: Rain + Electric Terrain
Mountain: Hail + Psychic Terrain
Desert: Sandstorm + Misty Terrain
Building: ASB Arena

Moon: Trick Room
Jupiter: Gravity

These battles will be free since its a beta of a new thing, and rewards are standard. First four to post here will be the people playing. I'll randomly pair you off and then have you send in to me.
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