BDSP BDSP OU Winter Seasonal - Round 1

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Ara ara

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Hi! I wonder if I can get a sub since I contacted my opponent Awwsomestars 48 hours ago without any reaction. The account hasn't been online since sign up, which is their first and only post, so I doubt they'll return anytime soon.


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Contaced my opponent days ago and still no answer, the account has no activity either.
Can i get a sub?


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Won in 2 ggs to JP, first game was horrendously lucky for me I'd change the luck draw if I could
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Ehh? I attempted to contact my opponent, and indicated so on this thread, I did get a reply, but it’s been radio silence since…
If you schedule in a place that is not public I am going to assume there’s nothing going on. The tournament guidelines say to schedule on profile walls. I can sub you back in if you’d like.
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