Tournament BDSPPL II - Player Signups [Auction June 3rd at 2 PM -4]

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Player Name:Joenotsochill
Tiers Played:gen 8 Ubers(rip) gen 9 randoms
Foreseen Inactivity:sat may 27 until may29 and school
(as a heads up my teams are not the best)
Player Name: (five times three dots. kinda like this ".:.:.:.:.:.". I couldnt find the symbol online.)
Tiers Played: All except LC
Foreseen Inactivity: none
Player Name: hynax7
Tiers Played: a tiny bit of OU, some random battles, and in like 8 draft leagues
Forseen Inactivity: 3 hours a day for a month of driving school
Player Name: Arumanfi
Tiers Played: OU
Foreseen Inactivity: I will always be available, they can give me much better equipment.
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