I am voting Helicopter ejector seat provided it doesn't eject me into the rotating blades of a helicopter. If it does I am voting Chocolate teapot because who doesn't want a teapot which makes chocolate tea.
Well, we're just waiting for 2 more people. Be patient. I'm not gonna shorten the deadline, but I will catch up on the people who haven't submitted, and make sure they do so soon.
Sorry for the wait, let me make it up to you guys by giving you the results:

Which of these is the best item?
A) Inflatable Dartboard: 0
B) Chocolate Teapot: 3
Crux, Ace Emerald, LightWolf
C) Waterproof Sponge: 4
Blue_Tornado, Lady Salamence, Empoof, NoUserName
D) Helicopter Ejector Seat: 4
Agape, Solace, coolking49, ssbbm

Which means, in the shortest edition of Be Unpopular or Die, that we already have our winners. Congratulatons Crux, Ace Emerald and LightWolf, nobody likes you!
Had I and someone from D picked A instead (I was going to, honest), we'd have ended up with two winners after two rounds, and the 'ideal' shortest game

Oh well


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Why do people lie about what they are choosing in the thread it's literally the only bad strategy there is in this game...

@billymills spiffy solace probs others...
It was so funny, round 1 was too crazy.

In the first round I thought to vote c) firstly, but, I was almost going to vote b) or d), hopely, I decided to not change my option and keep c) relying on my intuition.

In the second round I was thinking to vote b) or c) but I decided to rely again on my intuition even thinking it was risky, and vote c)

When will be the next edition?

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