Beautifly (BW2 Update) [QC 3/3](GP 2/2)

Ok, so this is my first try at helping the community. Hope this isn't God Awful!

  • Beautifly is an awful Pokemon
  • Outclassed by literally all other Quiver Dance users out there
  • Has a boosting move in Quiver Dance
  • Has a decent ability in Swarm, which boosts it's bug type moves
  • A weak Pokemon that has little potential, but could work (probably not)

name: Late Game Sweeper
move 1: Quiver Dance
move 2: Bug Buzz
move 3: Hidden Power Ground
move 4: Psychic
item: Focus Sash/Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Only set that Beautifly can run to some degree of success without being completely outclassed by other Quiver Dancers
  • Send in late game to set up Quiver Dance(s)
  • Bug Buzz is a reliable STAB move
  • Hidden Power Ground (HP Ground for Steel, Poison and Fire Coverage)
  • Psychic for coverage (Fighting and Poison Types)
  • Max Speed and Special Attack for maximum sweeping potential
  • Timid Nature to speed tie with Base 120's and lower at plus one
  • Large amount of team support is necessary for the set to function
  • Rapid Spin support is crucial
  • Hazards on the opponents side are beneficial for dealing damage (Lickilicky can be 2HKO'd after Stealth Rock, with an even higher chance if Spikes are up, Munchlax can be 2HKO'd on the switch in if Swarm is activated, and Stealth Rock and a layer of Spikes are up.)
  • Dual Screens/Memento support is helpful for setting up (Gardevoir, Musharna, Serperior)
  • Needs removal of Ghosts and Dedicated Special Walls
  • Skuntank and other Pursuit users for Ghost types
  • Sawk, Primeape, and Piloswine for Special Walls (Lickilicky, Munchlax, Regice, Vileplume)
  • Slow U-Turn, Volt Switch is helpful (Probopass, Eelektross)
[Other Options]
  • Support set with Whirlwind, Morning Sun, U-turn, and Stun Spore (Weak to Stealth Rock)
  • Giga Drain for recovery/Seismitoad
  • Energy Ball for more power over Giga Drain, but Giga Drain is preferred
  • Hidden Power Flying for neutral coverage, and STAB, but loss of coverage over steel types
  • Substitute for protection from status/revenge killers
[Checks and Counters]
  • Stealth Rock (Removes 50% of max HP)
  • Strong Priority users (VERY frail) Ex. Samurott, Carracosta, Skuntank
  • Faster Choice Scarf Users (Not very fast) Ex. Sawk, Primeape, Jynx
  • Faster Pokemon (120 base speed with boosting nature) Ex. Swellow
  • Ghost Types (Resist Everything) Ex. Misdreavus
  • Status (Variants without substitute) Ex. Vileplume, Lickilicky (Body Slam)
  • Very Specially Defensive Pokemon (Lickilicky, Munchlax, Regice, Vileplume, Misdreavus)
  • Phazers (Lickilicky, Mandibuzz, Munchlaxx)
  • Pretty much anything that counters Bug Types (Bulky Fire, Steel, Ghost types)
  • Horrible Pokemon, will almost never work, Other choices should be considered.


<p>While Quiver Dance gives Beautifly a chance to potentially sweep, its awful typing, which gives it a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, horrible bulk, and subpar Speed make it difficult to use. Even with Quiver Dance, the butterfly has difficulty standing out from other Pokemon of the same type such as Butterfree, which has access to Sleep Powder and Tinted Lens. Beautifly has access to a situational ability in Swarm, which will boost the power of its Bug-type moves when is at low health, but even while taking Swarm into consideration Beautifly is still overshadowed by Butterfree, which outclasses it in more ways than one.</p>

name: Quiver Dance
move 1: Quiver Dance
move 2: Bug Buzz
move 3: Hidden Power Ground
move 4: Psychic
item: Life Orb / Focus Sash
ability: Swarm
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


<p>This set mainly functions as a late-game sweeper, cleaning up weakened teams. Quiver Dance is a given, as Beautifly needs both the Speed and the Special Attack boost to clean up, and the Special Defense boost will only make it so that weak attacks, such as Alomomola's Scald, will do less damage. After one Quiver Dance with a Timid nature, Beautifly outspeeds Zebstrika, Serperior, and Tauros. Bug Buzz is the main STAB move of choice, with good neutral coverage and a chance to lower the opponent's Special Defense. Hidden Power Ground hits the Steel-, Rock-, Poison-, and Fire-types that resist Bug Buzz hard. The last slot is given to Psychic, a reasonably powerful attack that hits levitating Poison- and Fighting-types for super effective damage.</p>


<p>As Beautifly is 4x weak to Stealth Rock, a spinner is essential for its survival. Good choices for partners are Torkoal and Wartortle, and they allow a free switch-in for Beautifly with Yawn. A slow U-turn, Volt Switch, or Baton Pass will also help bring Beautifly in unscathed. Ampharos, Eelektross, Probopass, and Musharna work well in this case. Beautifly hates very specially bulky Pokemon, such as Audino, Lickilicky, and Mandibuzz, so Choice Band Sawk and Primeape are good choices, taking out Lickilicky with Close Combat and Mandibuzz with repeated Ice Punches. Misdreavus is handled by powerful Pursuit users such as Skuntank. Entry hazards on the opponent's side of the field are necessary to make up for Beautifly's lack of sheer power. For example, at +1, Lickilicky and Audino are both cleanly 2HKOed after Stealth Rock and a layer of Spikes. Partners such as Scolipede and Golurk are good choices here. Beautifly needs a Life Orb to have a chance to 2HKO Lickilicky and Audino after Stealth Rock and a Quiver Dance. However, if you can keep Stealth Rock off the field, Focus Sash is an option to guarantee a Quiver Dance boost.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Beautifly has few other options. Support options such as Whirlwind, Morning Sun, and Safeguard are available, but they are gimmicky and are difficult to use effectively. Hidden Power Flying can be used for STAB with its good neutral coverage with Bug Buzz and hits Fighting-types harder than Psychic. Shadow Ball can hit Ghost-types, but won't do much to them anyway. Giga Drain can be used for slight recovery and coverage on Seismitoad and Golurk, but doesn't do much else. Substitute can help Beautifly set up and protect it from status, but will decrease Beautifly's lifespan if using a Life Orb. Lastly, Safeguard protects it and your team from status, but is very gimmicky and there are better ways to prevent status conditions.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Beautifly loses 50% of its health on the switch if Stealth Rock is up, which heavily impedes its sweeping capabilities. Very specially bulky Pokemon also work wonders here, such as defensive Altaria, which walls every set, even after Beautifly sets up. Mandibuzz, Regice, and Lickilicky are slightly shakier checks, as after Stealth Rock damage and one layer of Spikes, they can be 2HKOed even with Leftovers by Beautifly's Bug Buzz. However, they can scare it out with Thunder Wave and Body Slam, respectively, or in Mandibuzz's case, phaze it out with Whirlwind. Priority from the likes of Carracosta, Samurott, Skuntank will stop Beautifly inits tracks. Common Choice Scarf Pokemon such as Braviary, Sawk, and Primeape can destroy Beautifly. Choice Scarf Charizard gets a special mention because it can resist two of the three moves Beautifly carries and can retaliate with a STAB Fire Blast. All in all, Beautifly is not a difficult Pokemon to defeat, and most teams fare well enough against it.</p>
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I'm not QC so you don't have to implement, but I'm just here to help you!

  1. You can't write the Overview and the rest before having 2 QC checks, try to separate everything as much as you can while being clear.
  2. Swarm should be the only ability used with Beautifly. Rivalry is too unreliable and can make you lose game, while Swarm is a guaranteed boost to your Bug-type move under 33% health.
  3. I wouldn't mention Energy Ball, as Giga Drain has pretty much only 5 base power less and gives you recovery. You could put Energy Ball in Other Options I guess.
  4. EDIT: I would also take away Psychic, as it doesn't really give you any coverage either.
Thanks! I'm new to this, so I need all the help I can get!
Psychic for Fighting Types - They resist my STAB, and are neutral to other coverage moves
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I'm not QC, but I'll give you some of my thoughts.

Obviously you're new here, so I'll just give you some pointers on your analysis. @Ice96 ninja'd me to it, but I'll explain a little what he was talking about. Firstly, you aren't supposed to write up the whole thing write away, you first post a skeleton for the full analysis (which is explained here). From there, you bring your skeleton up to Quality Control (QC for short), who will guide and instruct you on what needs to be changed for your skeleton. After you make said changes, you'll receive a stamp of approval from a QC member. Once you receive two QC checks, you are then free to write up the analysis (with the skeleton in mind, obviously). After getting one more stamp (which adds to a total of 3), you move onto GP, which is another story.

Also, regarding the set itself, personally I think it should be something like Quiver / Bug Buzz / Substitute / HP Ground or HP Rock, with Swarm as the only ability and Lefties as the item. Not sure cuz I've never used Beautifly before, it's pretty much fully outclassed by Butterfree.

Either way, hope I helped and didn't send your brain spinning (I know I sounded like such a nerd in this post :))


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Fair enough, also just a nitpick, but don't forget to put the Quality Control tag on your title.

To do that: Thread Tools -> Edit Title -> insert Quality Control (over no prefix).

Other than that, you did quite well for your first time! :toast:

EDIT: I wouldn't even mention Venoshock in Other Options in all honestly, (and this time I did check) Venoshock doesn't really hit something you can't with Bug Buzz, Hp rock/ground, and Psychic.
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Not QC, but here are my two cents

Firstly, I don't think Substitute deserves a slash because Beautifly has a tough time setting up Quiver Dances already, and Beautifly is better off Quiver Dancing if it forces a switch. Plus, Stealth Rock weak + Life Orb + Substitute makes it die easily. Also, another point of Substitute is to protect it from revenge killing, so add that in AC.

You shouldn't mention that the set isn't outclassed. In fact, it's outclassed by almost every special attacker out there. You should probably mention that in the overview. When you mention that Psychic "provides coverage", mention exactly what it covers (ie. fighting-types, poison-types, fire-types). There's no need to mention that you speed tie with base 120s since there aren't any in NU afaik. Your EV spread might be a little inefficient since it doesn't really hit a benchmark. I think a spread of either 48 Def / 252 SAtk / 208 Spd Timid to outspeed Serperior at +1 or 12 Def / 252 SAtk / 244 Spd Modest to outspeed Kadabra at +1 would be more efficient but that's up to QC to decide.

When you mention Rapid Spin support, give specific examples of Pokemon who can provide it. Same with dual screens support. When you mention hazards support, you should give examples of extra KOs it nabs with the support. Also, I don't think physical walls to take priority is really a form of support, so I think you should remove that point.

In checks and counters, you could mention Choice Scarf users as well as special walls. Munchlax and Lickilicky are good examples of special walls because they can also phaze out Beautifly, while Regice can hit it super effectively. As for choice scarf users, about anything viable goes because Beautifly is super frail.

You could include things like Roost and Stun Spore in OO but emphasize that Beautifly either sets up and attack or dies. And yeah, remove Venoshock from OO


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Beautifly does get Roost from a BW2 move tutor. I have no idea what should be on the set at this point, but when I get the chance, I'll look through what Beautifly can do to separate itself from any other Quiver Dance user in NU and QC this.
I mentioned Morning Sun, and I guess I should mention Roost as well. Just double checked it's moveset, and I missed Roost! Sorry
Beautifly kinda sucks, so it can't differentiate itself from most other Quiver Dancers (Butterfree has Sleep Poweder, Masquerain has Baton Pass, Air Slash, and Hydro Pump, Mothim has Better Special Attack, and Air Slash, slightly higher speed, and Tinted Lens) I guess Dustox is outclassed offensively, but it has better bulk to set up more.


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Talked about this briefly with Treecko and WDM on irc, we don't think there are enough redeeming qualities for Beautifly to give it a serious analysis to be perfectly honest. It's got Quiver Dance, but the "shitty generic early-game Bug with Quiver Dance" niche is filled by like 3 other Pokemon, which is pretty sad to say the least. If we do decide it gets a less serious / joke analysis, it'll probably be reassigned.
if it gets reassigned for that, dont worry about it.

However, I am not a fan of Joke analyses, and won't support Beautifly getting one. The analysis should be beautiflys best set (without regards to other Pokemon on the tier) and should explain that is it outclassed and shouldn't be used. I reserve joke analyses for Pokemon that were intended to be jokes. Beautifly does not fit that criteria


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ok you're the boss here we go:


-make it more negative. there is approximately 0 reasons to use Beautifly seriously in NU, which should be emphasized. The only redeeming quality it has is Quiver Dance, which Masquerain, Mothim, and Butterfree all have access to and are better at anything Beautifly could hope to accomplish.


-Item should be Focus Sash / Life Orb, you want to be able to survive a hit, set up a QD, then die. It also activates Swarm.
-Drop HP Rock, HP Ground hits Steel-types and Rock-types and Fire-types SE which is more important than Flying, Bug, and Ice-types imo. Scolipede is hit SE by Psychic anyway. HP Rock should be in AC.
-Giga Drain should be in AC, the only mon it really hits harder than STAB Bug Buzz is Seismitoad.


-Remove Energy Ball, there is 0 reason to use it over Giga Drain.

Other Options:

-Remove mention of a defensive set, there are literally no redeeming qualities to a defensive Pokemon that has the effective bulk of a wet paper bag.

Checks and Counters:

-emphasize that it's absolutely terrible and most everything that isn't weak to Bug can check it, not "requires lots of support, can work in some situations"

make changes and i'll stamp
Instead of saying that it's outclassed by all Special Attackers, be more specific and say that it is outclassed by all Quiver Dancing Bug-types. (I mean seriously, it basically is Mothim with slightly less bulk and power, and a similar movepool without a few important moves like Air Slash).

Instead of saying that this set isn't outclassed, say that the set is all Beautifly can do somewhat effectively without being completely outclassed (this is mainly because the other Bugs don't bother to use Swarm).

Truthfully, Substitute clashes with both Focus Sash and Life Orb, so I feel it should also be moved to AC. I personally liked using Substitute (with Leftovers), but Beautifly doesn't really have time to set it up when it should be Quiver Dancing. Let's see what other QC members say. Giga Drain is still slashed, so remove it and just keep it to a mention in AC. Remove that mention of Energy Ball, there really is NO reason to mention it over Giga Drain. Emphasize that Beautifly needs A LOT of team support to actually work. For teammates, I don't see how Skuntank/Pursuit users can take on priority users. Gurdurr, Kangaskhan, Piloswine, Muk, etc. are all able to retaliate against Skuntank and Tauros/Scolipede and don't care about Pursuit. Keep it to just Ghost-types. Mention that a slow U-turn/Volt Switch from the likes of Eelektross or Probopass is useful to bring Beautifly in safely, and they both handle the Flying-types that threaten Beautifly.

[Other Options]
Mention HP Flying as a possible option, it gets STAB and hits everything but Steel-types for neutral damage at least, and is an option if you opt for Substitute. This is the place Energy Ball goes, but point out Giga Drain is better overall. The ONLY moves Beautifly has to separate itself from Mothim is Stun Spore and Whirlwind (Mothim has the same movepool and similar stats, but with more useful options, and lol on trying to compete with Masquerain and Butterfree). Tailwind and U-turn are usable options, so mention them.

Make these changes and I'll stamp it.
No need to mention max SpA and Spe, its the standard spread for sweepers. I also don't think your suggestion of Baton Passing Substitute teammates is necessary because almost every Pokemon in the game would appreciate Sub Passes. Format the items to: Focus Sash / Life Orb

QC 2/3 @TM Rock Polish


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I'm not QC but I'd like to give you some pointers. Firstly, you should place your paragraphs into <p></p> HTML tags and remove the bullet points. Also, your analysis has a lot of fluff especially in the overview. In general, you should cut out anything that is extra or is too obvious. In other words: if it adds nothing, remove it; if it's something i should already know if I actually play Pokemon, remove it. Also cut out all the mentions of it hitting a certain stat like you have done in your set comments. Saying that beating base 120s is enough, and hitting that special attack stat is irrelevant and doesn't help with the analysis at all.

It's okay if you're unfamiliar, if anything, you can try referring to the other analyses in the forum for a better understanding, or even read the OP of the C&C index
Yeah, @scorpdestroyer is correct with his post. Remove all the unnecessary spaces and add the <p> tags. I don't remember any discussion about adding Rivalry or removing Focus Sash, so either explain or else return it to what QC has discussed. Finally, please don't delete your skeletons. You can simply put HIDE tags (use []) around the skeleton, and it helps everyone remember what was discussed beforehand.

Remove the first two sentences, and adjust the next two sentences to open the Overview.

[Set Comments]
Cut the mentions of the stats it reaches, just tell us what relevant threats Beautifly outspeeds after a Quiver Dance. We also don't need to know Bug Buzz's base power, emphasize its decent neutral coverage. HP Ground hits types that resist Bug Buzz, so add that mention to the sentence about HP Ground.

[Additional Comments]
Remove the last sentence. I could have sworn that you only get the guaranteed 2HKO on Audino and Lickilicky AFTER a Quiver Dance, so mention that detail when you make that statement.

[Other Options]
Yeah, don't even say that the "support set" can work, just emphasize that Beautifly cannot use its support options effectively. HP Flying needs to be mentioned for all the reasons I've stated already. Substitute also needs a mention, and both should be mentioned before the support options.

[Checks and Counters]
Choice Scarf Charizard needs to be mentioned, as it can also switch into two of Beautifly's moves and threaten to OHKO it. 'Stealth Rock' is not a sentence, remove it. Audino and Regice should be mentioned alongside Lickilicky, and point out that even if they get 2HKOed after hazards and a boost, they can threaten to cripple Beautifly with Thunder Wave or Body Slam.

Please make all these changes, and then see what the rest of QC says.

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