Beginning guide to EV Training in ORAS/XY

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This is my first thread post, This is a Beginner’s guide to EV training in XY/ORAS (different routes for training in ORAS and XY)

What are EVs?

EV stands for effort value. EVs are earned by battling and defeating pokemon. Playing through the game normally, EVs and Nature don't matter,However, In the competitive metagame, EVs make a huge difference in a pokemon’s strength. A pokemon can have 500 EVs total. EVs are equal to extra stat points. a pokemon with no EVs will ultimately fail in the competitive scene. 4 EV points will equal one extra stat point. a pokemon can have up to 252 in a stat at which it caps. A standard EV spread is 252, 252, 4, but other spreads can also be used.

Step one. Make sure the pokemon you need to train has NO EVs.

A newly hatched/caught pokemon will have no EVs. However, if you want to EV train a pokemon that already has EVs, you still can. go to the super training option and use the punching bag until you get a light gray “Reset Bag” using this on your pokemon will erase all of its EVs.

Step Two: Pokerus.

(Note: Pokemon that can spread pokerus will have a pink PKRS icon in their summaries)

This step isn’t crucial but doubles the speed of EV training. if you don't have a pokemon with pokerus, find one on the GTS. Or you can get super lucky and find it in the wild (Like Me!)

The effect of pokerus gives an infected pokemon two times the EVs. Example: a pokemon with pokerus KOs a pokemon that give +1 speed EVs. the pokemon will now give the infected pokemon +2 speed EVs. To infect a pokemon with pokerus, put it in the front of your party and battle with it until your pokemon has a pink pokerus icon in its summary. (Note: if the pokemon has a pink face in its summary menu it still benefits from pokerus but can no longer spread its effects. a pokemon will get this about 2 days after being infected, unless it is put in a PC box.)Put the carrier back in the PC in case you need to use it again.

Step Three: Vitamins

This step isn’t required but does help make the process a little faster. buy 10 vitamins for the stats you want to increase by 252 and one for the stat you want to increase by 4.

HP up: +10 hp EVs

Protein:+10 Attack EVs

Iron:+10 Defense EVs

Calcium:+10 Special Attack EVs

Zinc:+10 Special Defense EVs

Carbos:+10 Speed EVs

Using vitamins will only contribute to the first 100 EVs a pokemon gets per stat. After the pokemon has 100 EVs in a stat, vitamins will have no effect. Use the 20 vitamins for the Two primary stats. DO NOT USE THE VITAMIN FOR THE +4 STAT.

Step Four: Acquire the power items

If you already have these, skip this step.

These are available from the battle frontier/chateau for 16 BP. Prepare to do a lot of battling to get them.

These items add +4 EVs in their respective stat when held by a pokemon.

Power weight:+4 hp EVs

Power bracer:+4 Attack EVs

Power belt:+4 Defense EVs

Power lens:+4 Special Attack EVs

Power band:+4 Special Defense EVs

Power anklet:+4 Speed EVs

These make each KO’d pokemon worth 4 more EVs than their normal value. Paired with pokerus this can boost a +1 EV pokemon Giver to a +10.

Step five: begin the EV training process.

You will need:

  • a High level pokemon with sweet scent and a multi pokemon hitting move (Such as Teddiursa with earthquake) Teddiursa is a great pokemon for this role because of its ability pickup. a level 100 teddiursa with pickup has a chance to pickup leftovers while you are EV training.

  • The pokemon you want to train, holding the power item of the stat you want to train

  • The exp share turned on.
Go to the route where horde battles of the stat you want to train are. (each horde with PKRS and power items is 50 EVs) These include:


HP: Gulpin on Versant Road/ route 5

Attack: Bellsprout on Laverre Nature trail/ route 14

Defense: Nosepass on Menhir trail/ route 10

Special Attack: Vanillite in frost cavern

Special Defense: Mime Jr. in reflection cave

Speed: Wingull at Azure bay/ route 12


HP: Whismur in Rusturf tunnel

Attack: Shuppet in Mt. Pyre cemetery area

Defense: Sandshrew on route 111

Special Attack: Oddish on route 119

Special Defense: Swablu on route 115

Speed: Zigzagoon, Wingull, and Taillow on route 104

Go to the route and use sweet scent to encounter a horde battle. (this will not work in the rain. it also will not work in a sandstorm in XY) once you encounter a horde battle, use your multi-target move (earthquake, surf, etc…)

to quickly KO all of the pokemon. this can give your pokemon about 50 EVs at once

1 EV +4 power item x2 Pokerus x5 horde encounter= 50 EVs per horde battle

Repeat this process until you have 252 EVs (Vitamins+3 horde battles=250 EVs) find your horde battle pokemon and KO it twice to get the last 2 EVs.

Step six: Repeat step five for the other Primary stat.

This step is pretty straightforward. do step five again.

Step seven: Use your remaining Vitamin to get the last stat points.

Remember that vitamin i told you not to use in step 3? now is the time to use it to get the last 4 EVs your pokemon needs.

Congratulations! you have successfully fully EV trained a pokemon! if your pokemon has the right IVs and Moves, you can now use it for competitive play!
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