Best Friends Tournament I - Round 1

Calling activity on my opponent... tried scheduling multiple times with no response, tried adding on Discord but never accepted.

Diophantine not sure what to do since my partner lost his series, but mine can't even start.
Hi, I will grant an activity win for you, but you must (or your partner) organise the tiebreaker with the other opponent. You will be granted an extension, but please get this done quickly.

I invited you in our conversation, so you could see that I tried, but he was johning
JeromeSeiko activity win granted.

Have been trouble finding my opponent for the tiebreak, there was one day when he was on at 10:14 am my time and went off for over 24 hours, then wasn’t even on after I responded in less than an hour after his latest post, so idk
TheGreninjaWarrior21 activity win granted.
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The opponent team never answered the tag in this thread, only got contacted once on Discord Tuesday where we were meant to schedule and I never had any answer to my offer of playing saturday (yesterday); my partner hasn't been contacted by his opponent.

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