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Welcome to the second Best Friends Tournament! Congratulations to ABR and BKC for winning the first instalment. This time, there will be a prize (to be determined). There are many friendship groups and bonds made through playing Pokémon on Smogon, and I wanted to host a tournament which would celebrate that. This is a tournament where players pair up in teams of two and take each other on in tiers that they choose to find out who is the best duo.

Each match will be a best of 3 between two pairs. During signups, each pair picks a tier from my list. List of tiers available to choose from:

Here's an example to show how a round will be played. Suppose team 1 (players A and B) choose ORAS OU and team 2 (players X and Y) choose USUM RU. Team 1 decide that B will play ORAS OU and A will play USUM RU, where as team 2 decide that X will play ORAS OU and Y will play USUM RU. If there is a tie (let's say A beats X and Y beats B) after all player have played, then a third game will be played in USUM OU (to be as fair as possible) to decide which team advances (each team picks the player to represent them - let's say X vs A). (RBY is always a best of 3).

Each round will last one week. Here is a link to the rules and guidelines competitors must follow. All games must be played on Pokemon Showdown! (server does not matter). Replays are preferred but not necessary.

143. team shid: PurpleGatorade & ADF Test. Tier: USUM OU vs. 21. Tiramisu Trial Revolution: zugubu royale & MCVPodge. Tier: USUM OU
132. Team hey hey we're gay gay: Prof Drix & luckypiper. Tier: USUM OU vs. 134. Team Drowning Melancholy: Asuya & Heroic Troller. Tier: ADV OU
27. Team débilité overlords: SiTuM & Ismakhil. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. 117. Team Tiny Herb: SaltyFrenchGuy & Adri989898. Tier: ORAS OU
83. The Process: Choice Specs & Bongi. Tier: ORAS OU vs. 112. Team Fiinu: Pohjis & Mana. Tier: RBY OU
138. Team ULTRA KEK: Exiline & RyLon. Tier: USUM OU vs. 113. Team pas d'idée: Squash17 ^_^ & Action Game. Tier: USUM PU
92. Team 4Joca: Giopato & toinha. Tier: USUM RU vs. 99. Team Running Man: Xiri & trace. Tier: USUM RU.
163. Team Hax-R-Us: @WhiteFerret21& Bothadeeznutz. Tier: USUM OU vs. 166. Team Peak imsosorrylol & DurzaOffTopic. Tier: USUM OU
14. Team Loli Fuckers!: Sacred Wings & ithrowrocksatkids vs. 90. Team greentee the fatfuck: Peli & thenewguy24. Tier: ORAS OU
39. Team Les Arcanistes: Dragonillis & iKiQ. Tier: DPP OU vs. 46. Team Mongerals: TaceBreeze & Vulpix03. Tier: USUM OU
42. Team Los Canceres S/A: Diego Maradona & SrPato. Tier: USUM OU vs. 121. Team Drerries: Jordy & Mellow. Tier: USUM OU
64. Team DPP DONS: SOMALIA & badabing. Tier: DPP OU
vs. 139. Team BIHXOU: Akola & BIHI. Tier: B2W2
178. cb aaron judge & Wanonymous1616. Tier: TBD (please DM me) vs. 11. Team: Uterusjackhammer: SoulWind & BLUNDER SANTANA . Tier: B2W2 OU
126. Iron Man and The Goat: Mr.378 & Melle2402. Tier: GSC OU
vs. 62. MISHI SOCIETY: Watchog & stax. Tier: USUM NU
159. Team Burning Figthers: Dankoc & Sagiri. Tier: USUM OU vs. 165. Team Instagram Models: H.M.N.I.P & Mysterious M. Tier: DPP OU
13. the gatis kandis fanclub: Pearl & Jirachee. Tier: B2W2 OU
vs. 111. Team :blobpex: : Luigi & Jimmy Turtwig. Tier: GSC OU
7. Team Restraint: Charmflash & Fear. Tier: GSC OU vs. 154. The 1000 IQ Zams: cromagnet42 & GarbodorIsHot. Tier: USUM OU
73. Ce Piace De Figa: Ilsolitostronzo & Fener. Tier: DPP OU vs. 102. Team DJ: Thundaaaaa & DugZa. Tier: USUM UU
63. Team Quack: rozes & Eternally. Tier: USUM NU vs. 77. Team Splashin' Abby: Mr. Abby and Splashbrutha. Tier: USUM UU
104. Team Shimasoc: Venomshoc & Shimakaze. Tier: USUM OU. vs. 81. Team :psysly: Sas0 & xJoelituh. Tier: ADV OU
47. Team Blazikens Revenge: Pyroshi02 & LaBalladeDesCieux. Tier: B2W2 vs. 106. Team tachibana: crayon pop & Lacus Ichinose. Tier: USUM NU
144. Team Australia Is Fake: HylianKnight & Chomp Tho. Tier: USUM OU vs. 55. Team Jacky JaaJ: Rokhan & W2S. Tier: B2W2 OU
179. Cheese5555 & BlueLobster Tier: USUM OU
vs. 93. Team TBD 1: SanJl & His. Tier: USUM UU
23. Team Happy Sugar Life: xImRaptor & Rey Joya. Tier: USUM OU vs. 58. Team UMD Army ☭: Eramoth & Yggdrasil60. Tier: USUM NU
60. Team Les Etudiancies: Royal1604 & Starfire06. Tier: USUM UU vs. 153. Team Yeet on Wheat: Mari 18 & Balandrick. Tier: USUM OU
18. Team - hs: Yay & Hydreigon Specs. Tier: USUM UU vs. 59. Team fetal alcohol syndrome: ceraa & The Hallows. Tier: USUM OU
40. Team no canbies es tranpa: Javoon & Chokepic. Tier: USUM NU vs. 108. Team YTB: Stoward & Qplaz. Tier: USUM OU
135. Team 1breon vs 3: -Howkings & umbreon098. Tier: DPP OU vs. 100. Team Hashbrowns: Kev & Chaitanya. Tier: USUM OU
136. Team Idiocy Excels: Ahsan-219 & Alfabulous. Tier: USUM OU vs. 29. sza: roman & TPP. Tier: USUM RU
109. Team ._.: @z0m0g & Ciele. Tier: USUM OU vs. 10. The Iron naVigators: GSC LOWER TIER KING HSA & the pirate. Tier: GSC OU
70. THE MAD MEN: MJ & Eternal Snowman. Tier: USUM UU vs. 6. Eveer Grande BBWs: Bedschibaer & Starry Blanket. Tier: GSC OU
12. Baguette + Burger: GW & Zokuru. Tier: ORAS OU vs. 133. Team racist youths of central europe: mashumarutu & Husemannen. Tier: B2W2 OU
168. Team garbage: Lugia_numair & benjies. Tier: USUM OU vs. 97. Team fr*ck Lyd: curiosity & tondas. Tier: USUM PU
161. The Cardinal's Warriors: Gus2000 & ItsTulio1. Tier: USUM OU
vs. 170. Team Flip Flapping: broken Promises and Dragonjarl. Tier: DPP OU
85. Team Cursed Bro: Piratilla & Alvar. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. 88. Team Watches Hentai for the Plot: Hayburner & suapah. Tier: RBY OU
180. Master Origami & Reymaki. Tier TBD (please DM me) vs. 80. Team hey nana: ima & Empo. Tier: DPP OU
16. Notte di Walpurgis: Lopunny Kicks & @Averado. Tier: B2W2 OU
vs. 105. Team Name TBD 2: Chill Shadow & Hassin627. Tier: USUM OU
120. Team Théo et Benjamin: Alkione & Carmin. Tier: GSC OU vs. 127. presine da forno: Toxeek & Corckscrew. Tier: USUM UU
146. HARVERD DROPOUTS: Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) & Lux92. Tier: GSC OU vs. 38. Team Double Dems: Dark4Ever & MSnt. Tier: USUM OU
173. Team SNORTALINEFORME: Mold & Jase The World. Tier: USUM RU vs. 130. Team Skynight's Vagina: Kyotoshi & RyoDio. Tier: USUM OU
119. wrawnnn?: Sacri' & Lord Thorx. Tier: RBY OU
vs. 19. FN Gang: Lucix & Staxi. Tier: ADV OU
53. Team Juguemos, amigos!: egalvanc and Makesuit. Tier: USUM OU vs. 147. Team Sacred Wings is Mystical Haze’s alt: Gorfield & Shivam1105. Tier: USUM UU
20. awa de uwu: Fantos13 & Nurul. Tier: DPP OU vs. 71. cute panchams: Snou and Adam the First. Tier: USUM NU
145. ALV PIU PIU: Aishia & Mitsuki.
Tier: USUM UU vs. 30. Team PUGB > Mons: skrt & Borrower. Tier: USUM OU
152. Team Desi Assassins: Winterains & @Dj Breloominati. Tier: ADV OU vs. 129. Council of Ten: Kongee & Misterioussaint. Tier: USUM OU
150. Team FranChouChou: Yvettee & Wamr. Tier: ORAS OU vs. 56. The Fluffly Lolis: Treble Clefable & youtuberhotspots. Tier: USUM OU
2. Fuck le procureur: S poi re & cielbakasan. Tier:USUM OU vs. 34. Team piroca flamejante: Spl4sh & Hyogafodex. Tier: GSC OU
8. Team elodinosaurs: Eo Ut Mortus & elodin. Tier: USUM NU
vs. 31. Team Kirins with Attitude: PrincessSmitten & Granny Pie. Tier: USUM OU
82. Team autistic alomomolas: Tobste & Nigel97. Tier: USUM NU vs. 43. Team Loli Defense Patrol: Ren-chon & passion. Tier: USUM NU
5. The ATQ-Maj Peace Treaty: @Astamatatitos & UD. Tier: ADV OU vs. 52. Team Snack Attack: skysolo14 & Fille. Tier: B2W2 OU
89. Team alas lucked again: Jytcampbell & Sjneider. Tier: USUM OU vs. 48. Team Saskatchewan Roughriders: Jrdn & frisoeva. Tier: USUM NU
131. Poceplayers Toxicos: LeoShakur & Hec. Tier: ORAS OU
vs. 78. Team #brexitmeansbrexit: CZ & Dizno. Tier: ADV OU
76. Team :pikas:: obii & Pak. Tier: USUM UU vs. 171. Team Togekiss of Death: Twilight & Scizorphobic. Tier: USUM UU
155. Team OUI: Sageau & Vay. Tier: DPP OU
vs. 157. TEAM BRICK HOUSE: Jefozz & c0mp. Tier: USUM OU
57. Team Solo Mid ft. Reginald’s Teriyaki-Coated Nipples: Lavos & Stone_Cold. Tier: DPP OU vs. 141. Team Thicko Mode: not adam lol & XOVIER. Tier: USUM NU
174. Team advou: Gilbert arenas & thelinearcurve. Tier: ADV OU vs. 160. Team Mich is in possession of quite the large amount of currency: Michielleus & Water Drone. Tier: USUM NU
4. Noisy is horrible but I don't have friends: neomon & So Noisy. Tier: USUM OU
vs. 65. 2 Humorous And Cool Dudes: Triangles & mael. Tier: ADV OU.
67. Team Miam: Emeral & Sakito. Tier: DPP OU vs. 115. Team Metamorfose Ambulante: Ade50 & M Rodrigues. Tier: B2W2 OU
167. Team East Gastro Best Gastro: spatulakun & Egor. Tier: USUM OU vs. 1. Team Freedom: ABR & BKC. Tier: GSC OU
91. Team Charlotte: Holy Break & Evuelf. Tier: B2W2 OU
vs. 61. Team OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!: Shaneghoul & yogi. Tier: USUM PU
114. Dare to Chatot: HSOWA & Carl Murray. Tier: DPP OU vs. 137. Team GIVE IT TO DEM: StepC & Mix. Tier: USUM OU
36. La Prophétie: Hurtadoo & Minougarou. Tier: USUM RU vs. 125. Team Double F: @⚡THUNDER482⚡& Dragonflo. Tier: USUM OU
116. Team OwlBeers: Mirbro & tlenit1. Tier: USUM PU vs. 17. Mazar Appreciation Gang: xray & menci. Tier: USUM OU
140. Team Umbrella Acadamy: dice & Shoka. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. 75. GLI AMICI DI FILO: Tricking & Rexus. Tier: USUM PU
148. Team SURVIV GOATS: juan123juan & @peid. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. 74. the decems: Decem & MetaRiolu7. Tier: USUM OU
69. The Luthargic Wall: TheWall & Luthier. Tier: USUM RU vs. 22. Ghosting Gang: Perry & double switches. Tier: USUM OU
164. Team cope free, mog hard: We & Vore Gidal. Tier: USUM OU
vs. 50. Team Big Messi: Teaquoo & LuluDzn. Tier: USUM NU
9. Team wig bitch: jacob & Genesis7. Tier: RBY OU vs. 3. Keuze Band Stoutelande Rechters: Djokra & Drud. Tier: USUM PU
96. Team dog man sstj: xujing691691 and dragonitenb. Tier: USUM NU vs. 37. Eh Mole: Thiago Nunes & PILZ. Tier: USUM PU
15. Sons of z0mOG: Finchinator & Garay oak. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. 45. Team FR air lines: HGgamer & Maitre rock. Tier: ADV OU
28. Team Iban: Rewer & Caasi. Tier: USUM UU vs. 33. Team Inferior Sharp Ladder UU: SANJAY & Osh. Tier: USUM UU
32. Team Tuber & Goober: Nat & aim.
Tier: USUM RU vs. 66. Team emilia clarke please have my babies: Drew_ & Komodo_Drogo. Tier: USUM OU
158. Team suscribete al demente: Rodri10 & hugobtw. Tier: USUM OU vs. 151. Team HamonGang: AnimeroDaniel & Gochan. Tier: RBY OU
123. Team SR Enthusiasts: Accelgor & Kingler12345. Tier: USUM NU
vs. 118. Cheeky Landos: tjdaas & HML am. Tier: RBY OU
35. Hoot Gang: Bluxio & Bitana. Tier: USUM OU vs. 169. Team Get Laid Get Paid: Thunder Pwoell & DemZii
79. LOCK ON + ZAP CANNON: martha & Nuked. Tier: USUM OU vs. 128. SilvioGuacamole & Bebo. Tier: USUM UU
87. Team Jytcampbell is ugly: blarghlfarghl & FMG. Tier: USUM OU vs. 41. Team joo is fat: Insult & LL. Tier: B2W2 OU
101. Team thank u, next: maroon& Gum. Tier: USUM PU vs. 122. Team Maná: Regnite & Shockblade Kongou. Tier: ORAS OU
68. Team Fake Default Skins: Drydragonfly & AceTrainer21. Tier: USUM OU vs. 72. cclm: Simia & Kory2600. Tier: USUM OU
124. team erika: crystal Lynn & Yuki. Tier: USUM OU vs. 84. Team Reies del Cacaolat: Sinkyr & Night Yagami. Tier: DPP OU.
44. Fathers of Yjh971203: shawyu 1313 & sstj. Tier: B2W2 vs. 142. Team jajaja putos: Vgcici & isuckstbattles. Tier: USUM OU
51. nao eh mole nao man: Nowh & LuckyRyu. Tier: ORAS OU vs. Bye1
149. Team peli the ugly tilting 0-2 to gunner-lookn ass: dream & @teasy. Tier: DPP OU vs. Bye2
162. Team sippin tea in yo hood: Captain Funk & ShadowTash. Tier: DPP OU vs. Bye3
98. Team lets get it then: CrazyClown94 & Flex plays only. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. Bye4
24. Fodase: Ampha & didi. Tier: ADV OU vs. Bye5
156. Team haram core: Hamhamhamham & dhaarma. Tier: USUM OU vs. Bye6
95. Team Brave Chatots: JLK 17 & AlolaPersian12. Tier: USUM RU vs. Bye7
107. La Wiggly Family: Xizaaa & thomas888. Tier: USUM OU vs. Bye8
25. Team Magma Bigs: Sabella & UltraBallz. Tier: USUM RU vs. Bye9
103. The Proletariats: Nexecutioner & A Random Rift. Tier: USUM RU vs. Bye10
110. Two Awesome Friends Lying By The Fireside Together: Diophantine & HarrisIsAwesome. Tier: USUM OU vs. Bye11
172. Team Mewthrees: Glurakaiser & Sir Snub. Tier: USUM OU vs. Bye12
49. DP Gang: Pais & Maw The Impaler. Tier: DPP OU vs. Bye13
94. Melhor Pessoa Team: Jeffis & Bia-Akemi. Tier: USUM NU vs. Bye14
26. Team Draco is Dead: IPF & Kurai Hada Ichi. Tier: USUM OU vs. Bye15
54. Team GGPD: Sage & Cynara. Tier: B2W2 OU vs. Bye16
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