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Is that a feature in Sun Version? That could come in handy once I move breeding to there.
Yeah, once you hatch a certain number of eggs (was it 10? I can't remember) and talk to an NPC at the Battle Tree, he'll unlock the IV checker, which is present directly from the PC with a tap of a button.
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Yeah, once you hatch a certain number of eggs (was it 10? I can't remember) and talk to an NPC at the Battle Tree, he'll unlock the IV checker, which is present directly from the PC with a tap of a button.
Wish I had this in Alpha Sapphire! Guess I'll just have to hope that at least Special Defense is 30 IVs.
Recently I saved before Fighting Kukui in Pokemon Sun and during the credits I had to go to school and accidently turned it off instead of putting it in sleep mode. So when I was fighting Kukui again I sent my Island Scan Samurott aginst his braviary because mine had ice beam and guess what, I FROZE HIS BRAVIARY TWICE IN A ROW. #FreezeHaxforLife #GetShrektKukui
Me vs Blue:

Venusaur used Razor Leaf!
It's super effective!
Slowbro used Blizzard!
It's super effective!
Venusaur was frozen solid!


Venusaur was defrosted!
Venusaur used Razor Leaf!
It's super effective!
Slowbro fainted!
Gress is out of usable Pokémon!
Gress whited out!


For years, I've had terrible luck with shinies, hadn't legitimately caught a single one. Then in SuMo, I decided to do a blind Nuzlocke, and as such was grinding like crazy. I was in that place where it always rains, and I stumbled upon a shiny Pelipper, one of my favorite Pokemon. A few minutes later, I found another shiny Pelipper. Feeling pretty pumped, I decided to do a bit of shiny chaining in the volcano area (sorry, I'm terrible with Route names) and in less than 100 turns, I had myself a shiny female Salandit.
In my Sun post game, I decided to go for Necrozma. I looked up where he lived and bulbapedia said ten carat hill. I had never been there before.
Thinking I needed shove, I was going for farthest hollow and found flyinium Z. COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT!!
When I finally found farthest hollow, the first pokemon I saw there was, not just necrozma on the first try, but a 3 perfect IV, hasty Necrozma. First pokemon in ten carat hill EVER, and the only thing that could possibly be better was if it was shiny...
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My first (and only) nuzlock challenge in fire red. After I got my Pokéballs the first Pokémon I found in the wild and caught was a Pidgy.
The second Pokémon I found in the wild EVER in the game was a SHINY Rattata (and caught too, cause shiny rule).
I resetted for a Beast Ball 0 atk iv Timid Lunala last week. I got the stats 30/0/31/31/31/31 Timid Nature in a Beast Ball and it only took 3 days.
A few weeks ago I was going to breed Treeckos to make a team based on the one I used to beat Alpha Sapphire (except as competitively viable as possible).

I got a 29/X/31/30/31/30 Treecko with HP Fire from the very first Egg I got.
This happened last week.

Accidentally left my masterball in the PC while catching a rayquaza. I could of went back to get it, but that would mean I'd have to go all the way up the Sky Pillar AGAIN, so I decided to wing it at least once.

Anyways, I had several Poke Balls & Premier Balls as well as a single great ball. I weakened rayquaza until it was in the red, and then started throwing poke balls. I burned through most of the balls (including the Great Ball) and was on the last two balls, both premier. I threw one premier ball and it catches that rayquaza like it's nothing.

I checked the nature.
a d a m a n t

i named that rayquaza "Lotto" because lotto = lottery, it's hard to win the lottery, and I literally just won the pokemon lottery


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Late post, I know, but old forums can learn new tricks. Forums, dogs, cats, whatever. This is why I don't make jokes as much anymore. Um, anyway, back on track.

One of my current playthroughs I am doing rn was my SoulSilver 100% run. Switching between three of those runs and Shiny hunts led me to weird instances where I didn't play some games for a month or more. Anyway, I had found a Shiny Ekans on Route 32 shortly after beating Falkner and getting all of my Route 32 encounters. I was pretty excited and kept what is now a beautiful Arbok on my team up until around National Park. Fast forward to after getting access to Surf. One of my mandatory backtracking routes took me to the back room of Dark Cave, as I stull needed Golbat, Graveler, and Wobbuffet. After failing one Wobbuffet and going through embarrassing save data mistakes, I caught Wobbuffet and was looking for items in the room via the Dowsing Machine when out of nowhere, a Shiny Zubat flies onto the screen. I caught it after being struck speechless for an entire minute, and upon further inspection, I noticed that not only it had a Jolly Nature, but it was the exact same level as Arbok was when I had placed it back in the PC! These encounters followed a five year long drought of Shiny Poison-types, and got me to believe in the odds of potentially finding as many as four full-odds Poison Shinies, counting my Foongus hunt in White I've been working on, all within the same level range and in the same calendar year.


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