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Welcome to the very first Best Friends Tournament: Monotype Edition! There are many friendship groups and bonds made through playing Monotype on Smogon, and I wanted to host a tournament which would celebrate that. This is a tournament where players pair up in teams of two and take each other on in tiers that they choose to find out who is the best duo.

Each match will be a best of 3 between two pairs. During signups, each pair picks a metagame from any of the current gen metagames or previous gen's Monotype OU tiers. List of tiers available to choose from:
Current Gen:
USUM Monotype
Monotype Ubers
Monotype LC
Monotype AAA
Monotype STABmons

Previous Gen:
ORAS Monotype
BW Monotype

Here's an example to show how a round will be played. Suppose team 1 (players A and B) choose Monotype LC and team 2 (players X and Y) choose ORAS Monotype. Team 1 decide that B will play Monotype LC and A will play ORAS Monotype, where as team 2 decide that X will play Monotype LC and Y will play ORAS Monotype. If there is a tie (let's say A beats X and Y beats B) after all players have played, then a third game will be played in USUM Monotype (to be as fair as possible) to decide which team advances (each team picks the player to represent them - let's say X vs A). If both team 1 and team 2 pick the same tier, then they'll play by slot order, aka, A will play X and B will play Y.

Each round will last one week. Here is a link to the rules and guidelines competitors must follow. All games must be played on Pokemon Showdown! (server does not matter). Replays are preferred but not necessary.

To sign up, tag your partner in the thread (only one of the pair needs to) along with a team name and your team's chosen tier. If you do not have a partner but would still like to signup, post "in as a free agent" and I will sort you into a pair. This could be a way to meet a new friend!

Resources: USUM Monotype Sample Teams / USUM Monotype VR / Monotype OM Mega Thread / Monotype Past Generations Mega Thread

Here's an example of what a signup should look like.

Team Name: Meteor Falls Miniors
Members: @dhaarma and @Attribute
Metagame: BW Monotype
Feel free to message me on discord @dhaarma#1113 if you have any queries.

Signups will end when at least 32 teams have signed up.

1. Delta Homophobes OWO (Waszap and Chaitanya) Tier: ORAS Monotype
2. cb aaron judge audis
(cb aaron judge & North) Tier: BW Monotype
3. Boxhead Metabeasts
(Attribute and Cell) Tier: ORAS Monotype
4. Undefeated in MPL and Prosaic
(Prosaic and Brisked) Tier: USUM Monotype
5. Hax > Skill
(Sae and Anttya) Tier: Monotype STABMons
6. The meme Lords
(CrazyClown94 and pikachu<3) Tier: ORAS Monotype
7. bot me r1
(Jase Duken and EricSaysHi) Tier: BW Monotype
8. > Pro Ghosting
(Mr. Miner and Splashbrutha) Tier: USUM Monotype
9. Making adjustments
(Decemm and xEpicc) Tier: USUM Monotype
(racks and Xyiavez) Tier: USUM Monotype
11. Meteor Falls Minors
(terrors and Gratify) Tier: USUM Monotype
12. stick to xy
(Yaksok and all falls down) Tier: Monotype AAA
13. Staying Oras
(Vodoom and zugubu royale) Tier: ORAS Monotype
14. Fuck le procureur
(cielbakasan and S poi re) Tier: USUM Monotype
15. dead simulator
(Mikaav and Hurricane69) Tier: Monotype LC
16. Chatot best mon
(HSOWA and Carl Murray) Tier: BW Monotype
17. :notlikeblob:
(Moosical and Ticken) Tier: Monothreat
18. stay oras zugubu royales
(Azalea and Wyn) Tier: ORAS Monotype
(MCVPodge and Poison Adhesive) Tier: USUM Monotype
20. Mafia Bosses
(Sabella and Eien) Tier: BW Monotype
21. WHO? WHAT!
(Ice Tray and Trichotomy) Tier: USUM Monotype
22. Alcoholic Haxorus
(Magma and Rukt) Tier: ORAS Monotype
23. Chuck Norris offsprings
(Harpp and Cam) Tier: USUM Monotype
24. Ice Room
(Ur Boi UT and Crashy) Tier: USUM Monotype
25. Monotype Gym Leaders
(The Excadrill and Alpha Rabbit) Tier: ORAS Monotype
26. The Zoopals
(luckypiper and LO Garchomp) Tier: USUM Monotype
27. Uivo do Lobo Assassino
(Jeffis and JLK 17) Tier: USUM Monotype
28. spl?
(So Noisy and Anish) Tier: USUM Monotype
29. We got forced to do this
(Owangster and Mashiro-chan ) Tier: USUM Monotype
30. Click Clickers
(rssp1 and neomon) Tier: Monotype LC
31. Banded Chanseys
(Shokkking and Maskun) Tier: USUM Monotype
32. Flushed Cookies
(flusheddd and GotCookies) Tier: ORAS Monotype

Mystic Master Tier(s): any current gen
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