Best Pokémon designs of each generation?

I'm curious to know from all of you, if you could pick just one pokemon from each generation, which in your opinion has the best design, what would it be?

For me:
Gen 1: Nidoking

I like the way his legs and feet are designed. The bulkyness makes it feel heavy. The color just contrasts his might. I like the way his eyes are drawn. The overall appearance just screams badass.

Gen 2: Houndoom

The moment I saw houndoom, I loved it. Simple design, but the devil dog just won it for me. I love the skull collar.

Gen 3: Flygon

Here is a design, that I could not tell what it was? A dragon? a dragon fly? What's with the tail? The eyes? Only one word fit it correctly... mystic, true to its description. I love the colors, and the eyes contrast a dragon types ferocity. I love it.

Gen 4: Gallade

A spartan warrior. I love the helmet. I love the elbow blades. I love the primary colors.

Gen 5: Scollipede

I never really like gen 5, but this was probably the only one that was unique. A centipede is definitely new, but I like his horn and 4 legs. Almost looks like a dark horse. The colors really brought out it's poison typing.

Gen 6: Noivern

My favorite of gen 6. We have never had a wyvern before. But a wyvern crossed with a At first I didn't like the speakers/ears...but they eventually grew on me. I also like the over all primary colors. A little bit complex design, but it still looks great.

What are your favorite designs from each gen?
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For me:

Gen 1: Ninetales

Ninetales is hands down one of the most beautifully designed Pokémon ever! It may be simple, but she has that look of elegance that most of the newer Pokémon lack. I also love her concept and the mythology she is based on (the kitsune).

Gen 2: Lanturn

I really have to give the creators props for this one. The Angler fish is a pretty furious creature in real life, so I expected Lanturn to be no different. I never would expect Lanturn to look so cute! Imo, Lanturn is probably the coolest fish mon out there. The little light dangling on his head I also find to be a nice touch.

Gen 3: Absol

Being the generation I grew up with made it hard to choose just one, since Gen 3 is full of awesome designs. In the end, I chose Absol. The Yin-Yang symbol on his forehead really gives a mystifying quality to the Pokémon. The "Yin" part of the symbol also sticks out like a blade, so it gives the feeling that this Pokemon is ready for any challenge.

Gen 4: Honchkrow

Now this is an example of a good evolution! I just love the hat and feather "scarf" around Honchkrow's neck, especially the hat. It makes this guy look like such a pimp!

Gen 5: Hydreigon

Oh. My. God. I've been waiting for an Orochi mon for so long and I finally got one with Hydreigon. Hydreigon looks like it will kill something and the three heads nicely plays homage to its concept.

Gen 6: Clauncher

Jokes aside, I love the design of this mon! Those claws look like they will be used as cannon-like weapons, as it name might suggest (or just pierce foes to oblivion). I also love how pissed off this guy looks. :)
Gen 1
Flareon - I think he's so cute and I love the fluffy scarf and tail and the red orange colour of his body!
Gen 2
Donphan - I like the style of his trunk and I like the way his body looks big and bulky and can take some hits. His offensive attacks may not be that good but I still like him!
Gen 3
Crawdaunt - He just looks so big and menacing! I love him and he is the best Hoenn, closely followed by Torchic and Mudkip!
Gen 4
Luxray - He so relaxed and I like his massive hair! There was so many to chooses from. Notable mentions are Toxicroak, Drapion, Palkia, Bastiodon, Dustox, Honchcrow, Garchomp and Gliscor!
Gen 5
Samurott - Really cool shell and I love his big four legs and moustache lol. I was gonna say Gigalith because I like his four legs aswell and also Scolipedes four legs!
Gen 6
Clauncher - Well there hasn't been many reveled yet but I like claunchers name and his massive claw and he's fun to draw aswell. I also like Noivern and Xerneas and Yvertal
Gen 1

I have always loved the look of Arcanine. The fur and design are amazing.
Gen 2

The tail and head design win me over on Ampharos.
Gen 3

Maybe it is the fact that it is so difficult to get or is beautiful appearance. I love the design of Milotic. I was never able to get one in any of my 3rd gen games.
Gen 4

Since I do not want pick legendaries, I will not chose my favorite pokemon Shaymin. The first time I saw Lucario was in the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Its appearence reminds of a strong warrior who always strives to improve.
Gen 5

Whimsicott is cute and one of few Gen 5 designs that I like.
Gen 6

Better then almost all of gen 5 and 4 designs. A very cute Pokemon and I love how much it resembles a fairy while still having the eevee evolution feeling.
My personal opinion:

Gen I:
Jolteon is by far my favorite Eeveelution, taking inspiration from cheetah, sighthound, and the Japanese mythical beast Raiju, and it looks really badass with its spiky body.
Gen II:
Skarmory is awesome. It is inspired from both mythological birds such as Alicanto and real world condors. It looks badass and has a perfect colour scheme for both regular and Shiny forms.
Gen III :
Armaldo is inspired from Anomalocaris, and it is surprising how an ugly thing can give an awesome looking Pokémon. Maybe it is a little overdisigned, but its details fit perfectly the overall design and concept, contrary to some overdesigned Pokémon.
Gen IV:
Real-world bees are my favourite animals, and Combee and Vespiqueen are a very good transcription of honeybees without being carbon copies. Vespiqueen's design is a perfect mix between a beequeen and a beehive, and she looks badass (contrary to most female-only Pokémon).
Gen V:
Terrakion is my personal favourite Pokémon, and by far my favourite Rock-type. It looks badass and has awesome horns. It is inspired from Porthos from the Three Musketeers, and its design is based on an african buffalo with some characteristics of pachyderms like elephants or rhinoceroces. The overal design seems to be the perfect one for its signature typing Rock/Fighting IMO.

I will not give a true opinion about gen VI mons because we only know a few of them, but gen VI Pokémon look overall very good IMO. Honedge, Noivern, Clauncher and Pangoro are my favourites so far.
It's kinda hard to put one, especially since I probably can categorize into most badass, most cute, most beautiful...etc, but I'll try to go with overall (and not to be biased by my favorites) as much as possible:

Gen I:

Probably one of the most badass Pokemon out there imo. Its snake fangs, dragon look and scales all make it look ferocious and violent which is exactly what it is. The fins it has from the transition from Magikarp also adds a good factor. It's not a complex design, yet not a simple one. It simply works.

Gen II:

I am not biased by snake-like Pokemon. However, design-wise Steelix is one of my favorite steel-types. Its hard steel looking structure, rotating spikes and giant head/jaw makes it look like a scarier and way cooler Onyx. Its Gen V rotating animation best showcases how the rotating spikes add to its coolness.

Gen III:

OK, this is my top favorite Pokemon so I may be biased here, but it's not my favorite for nothing. A menacing spider-like creature that has one of my favorite colors (blue). Its four legs look very strong, which when compared with its attack they are. When you see it you'd imagine it can crash a car with ease. Its red eyes add more "scary" factor to it. The "X" on its head/face is a simple design, but a unique one (to an extent).

Gen IV:

Its looks reminds me of several things. Jinpachi Michima (due to its mouth belly that opens), stereotypical ghosts (the bottom), cyclops (obviously), Curse animation (the head transmitter thing) with a hint of mummy look. One of my favorite overall ghost-type designs.

Gen V:

A fierce-looking Hydra/Dragon mash-up that has two heads for hands which I thought was really creative. The two hand-heads (lol) also look like puppets of sorts, but still look menacing never the less. The way its wing is shapes steers away from stereotypical wing look (for either birds or dragons). The main head's purple fur flower like projections make it resemble Medusa to an extent perhaps in a reverse fashion to an extent, but still.

Gen VI:

I obviously can't fully judge yet, but of the so far revealed I'd have to choose:

Cuteness wise it's very cute. Its small size and the flower it holds shows a very nature loving and peaceful/majestic look. The fluffy looking yellow "crown" also makes it look more peaceful and cute which reminds me of wedding crowns or celebration (grass) crowns in general. A simple, but creatively appealing design.
Gen 1:
Gengar... Something about his creepy eyes and evil grin is so cute.

Gen 2:
I have to give it to my boy Donphan. He's a juggernaut that can take so many hits and his trunk looks cool.

Gen 3:
Grovyle, because his cocky laid back "idgaf" attitude and style is pretty cool. Honorable mentions are Corphish, Cacnea, Exploud and Swampert

Gen 4:
Riolu, he's a cute fighting dog. This man is a beast I don't know what else I have to say about it. Broke my heart I can't take him and Toxicroak though.

Gen 5:
Carracosta, he's a cute big and blue turtle. I just have to love it.

Gen 6:
Pancham at the moment. He's the perfect mix of cute and bad-ass. He wants to be tough but he's just too cute!
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