Bet Your Avatar, Round 11- Will The Real Sprigatito Please Stand Up? [SEE POST #250]


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The Bet Your Avatar Council with a majority of 1 leak have voted that Sprigatito WILL stand on two legs.

Total Clefairy, Oglemi, Fishy, ThatOneSpork, Laurenbee, Finland, Neko, Bidoof Princess, shnowshner, Aurora, HaHaOktoberfest, Zipzapadam, PartMan, Bog Monster, Abyssal Ruins, Dorron, GatoDelFuego, BP, megaspoopy000, NB402141, Lucario, Shadowpea, omi, Fusion Flare, Panic Station, LillianLoop, BakuraFangirl28, Cusalgado33, Styles2You@Showdown, GlitchedKitsune, NeonNitroGlycerin, MiNi Charizard-X, R8, Cdijk16, and FakeFan0 have all lost and must change their avatar to something cursed for 1 month.

Goom3745 has lost more than the others, and must change their avatar for 3 months.

However, Fivell got in over their head and bet an entire year on the wrong answer, making them tonight's biggest loser.

Unless these leaks are fake, you will all be required serve your sentences on (or before) the release date.

But of course the real winners... are the rule 34 artists, goodnight everyone.
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