BH BH7 Suspect #1: CFZ - Voting [Banned]

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Voting has concluded. While not everyone got to vote, we still managed to hit the 59 votes needed for ban as stated in the OP.
By my count, here's the breakdown:

Voted: 78
For Ban: 68
No Ban: 10

This was actually closer than I expected, so I'm glad we went through with the suspect. But now, bust out your Z-Rings; CFZ are banned from Balanced Hackmons

thanks for the celesteela

The Immortal scpinion to move this thread and get the banlist updated on main server.
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Your count might be wrong as I removed two voters because alts (so there's 96, not 98). Can you recount? Also can you double check that everyone who voted actually is on the list and that nobody voted twice by mistake?
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