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Just in time for the season, I am beginning a suspect on Shedinja as per discussion in the Suspect Thread and the Suspect Poll (more information below)

(Original Announcement - Poll that decided Shedinja should be next)
(Discussion on it began here)
Recap/Summary on the presence of Shedinja
  • Longstanding feature of BH, Shedinja is primarily known for its (in)famous Sturdy Shedinja set that allows it to tank most damaging moves from its opponents
  • Due to the above, it has shown itself as an extremely effective momentum gainer. When armed with Endeavor, it almost mandates the use of a Ghost type switch in, which causes it to be able to force out other threats that can't hurt it very easily while pivoting to something that can punish the new switch in heavily. This ability to warp gameplay around it has led to many deeming it overpowered.
  • While Gen 7 has introduced the "mold moves" (Moongeist Beam, Sunsteel Strike, Photon Geyser) that allows the user to ignore Shedinja's ability, oftentimes it is easy to stall their low PP
  • Otherwise to defeat it, hazards, status moves, passive damage from weather, partial trapping or residual damage like Leech Seed are usually required. Mold Breaker and its sister abilities also do the job and prove to be effective especially when paired with Pursuit.
    • As mentioned before, these become almost necessary to run and there is a further problem that if only a limited portion of your team that is dedicated to eliminating Shed is removed early, Shedinja can often win the endgame purely because the opponent has nothing else left to threaten it
  • Meanwhile, Gen 7 has also introduced the item Protective Pads which allows Shedinja to be able to use its stab U-turn or Endeavor to deal moderate to extreme damage with impunity, without having to worry about common held items like Rocky Helmet that was previously used to check it fairly easily
  • Because of this extreme success, there have also been a small number of lure Shedinja sets, such as -ate Sheds to hit Ghost types on the switch in, or Magic Bounce and others to lure walls designed to just set hazards or status it
  • We will be using the new suspect process laid out by Zarel here(aka no COIL). I already did not support game limits so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Therefore the requirements simply are 84 GXE with at least 42 games.
  • Do so by making a new alt with the sequence "SHED" in it anywhere, but not separated.
  • The alt must have a creation date on or after October 15, 2019.
ShedSkinHologram ✓
ShellshockedHologram X
  • I will also hold a mini contest, where the alt I like the most will also be given a shoutout during the final announcement in the BH Discord (and maybe even a custom role) and the voting thread on Smogon
I have several reasons: allows me to eyeball ladder/room for suspect activity for future suspect tweaks, lets people know who are participating in suspect/raises awareness, etc. However, the key one that should matter is that if you don't have an alt with one with reqs, you can't vote/I won't count your vote.
NEW! The rest of smogon seems to now agree with me and this seems to be how most suspects are done now! Wouldn't you believe it..
You must post your proof of reqs in this thread and play your games on the main sim.

Shedinja will be in effect in the ladder for the duration of this suspect; I would recommend using it as much as you can to get a feel of how it is in the meta and have a good idea of it is broken, or if its a piece of its common sets, or if it is perfectly manageable after all.

  • Post your proof and, if you wish, your stance on the matter briefly, in this thread. Read the following CAREFULLY on how to do so:
    • you MUST FIRST AND FOREMOST PROVIDE AN IMAGE OF THE ALT WITH PROOF OF OWNERSHIP. I can't stress that last part enough. Refer to these examples of how to do this: example1example2example3
      • If you don't do at least the above, your vote won't be counted. I will be very strict about this.
  • Post in this thread if you have any questions about THIS SUSPECT PROCESS
  • Post your stance in detail on the matter in this thread without proof. (Why? Post in the main suspect thread instead)
  • Post anything in this thread unrelated to this suspect (with or without proof)
This suspect period will last until 11:59PM Friday, November 1st, 2019 (<-this link will show how much time is left). I will try to begin the voting immediately after confirming some other details on how it will be done and posting the Voter Id Thread similar to past suspects.


I crack my knuckles. With labored breath I bend my knees and plop heavily onto my computer chair, a cloud of Cheeto dust rising about me as my lardy ass hangs out of my pants.
I lean in towards my computer screen. I toss aside a damp tissue that was left on my keyboard and start typing... “”
The front page opens... the harsh whiteness sears my bloodshot eyes. I squeal in displeasure but begin scrolling down the front page. My tummy grumbles... I look down and pick some moist lint out of my cavernous navel. The bodily crumb does not satisfy my hunger after I eat it.
My lips are dry and cracked, with a shiny gleam of snot lining my moustache region, but I open my mouth wide to yell “MOTHER! Fix me some CHICKUN STRIPSS!” My hanging jowels vibrate under my chin as I bellow ravenously. Saliva showers the PC screen as I return to my web surfing. I quit yelling after I hear the woman upstairs turn on the oven to prepare my tendies. However, the physical exertion of yelling so hungrily caused me to shart my drawers. I sniff the air, but pay it no more mind.
Lo, I inhale sharply as I see an unwelcome post on the BH Suspects and Bans Thread: a Shedinja suspect announcement.
I feel a rumbling in my bowels... but not from chicken-hunger. No, no...
I shake Doritos crumbs off of my mouse and prepare to enter a comment. Yellow sweat begins to stain the pits of my white Che Guevera shirt... my heart rate begins to rise as I think about shedinja “heavily warping teambuilding” and BH “having only two viable ghosts.” Utter FOOLISHNESS. A flawed, bourgeoisie dogma.
I type furiously, possibly 25 WPM+ — as fast as my size 16 fingers will allow. I feel a bulge firming in my pants as I realize the brilliance of my superior intellect. I consider opening a... different... website as I viciously type, but put this desire aside in my pursuit of righting societal wrongs.
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I commence my message on the suspect thread:

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My work is done. My thoughts turn to anime tits and I exit Smogon. I look towards my bed where my waifu pillow gazes back at me. I sigh and smile, slowly rising from my computer chair and waddling towards her.

Sunshine beams in from my basement window onto the stained space on my bed beside her. All is well.
Shedinja bad rof
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42 games of low-mid ladder to decide a change that lasts for 2 weeks of bh, neat

ight its time to post on shed because thats what all the cool kids are doing

my belief is that shed does have some issues with being potentially too strong and/or matchup-based, but the things it adds to the game make it not necessarily worth banning in my opinion. specifically, removing shed would lower the skill ceiling of the metagame by removing the complex situations involved in games with shed as well as shed teams' ability to autolose to very few things.

to support my opinion, let's look at the definition of "skill" outlined in the tiering policy framework, which is much more specific than the criteria in the suspects and bans thread.

I.) Skill - the subjective metric we use to judge player worth in competitive Pokemon.
  • Team Building Skill - the part of skill that is involved in the preparation for a battle
    • Assessing and Dealing with Threats
    • Building Towards a Strategy (or Strategies)
    • Creativity
    • Catering to Metagame / Opponents
  • Battling Skill - the part of skill involved in actually battling
    • Picking the Right Lead
    • Recognizing the Win Condition
    • Picking the Right Move
    • Smart Switching
    • Gathering Information and Making Assumptions
    • Long-term vs. Short-term Goals
    • Assessing Risk
    • Probability Management
    • Prediction
building skill with shed should be pretty obvious. shed hardly stops the entire metagame by itself and there are numerous threats to it that you have to cover with building. this is hardly as simple as "slap on a random bouncer", most shed teams need a bouncer, but choosing the right one requires knowledge of all four of the points brought up. this means choosing a bouncer with good inherent viability and synergy with the team's goals that performs well vs common rockers, which can take creativity to optimize. general structures of shed teams have similar skill requirements to be fully developed. there's a reason i was only able to build 3 exceptional shed teams in 2 years.

and if anything, the battling aspect is even more dependent on the shed player's skill. typically shed teams have multiple potential wincons, but without access to the most powerful pokemon in the metagame (they tend to lack defensive utility and not be conducive to threat coverage, resulting in less consistency), the shed player needs a solid plan to reach this wincon. running pivots means sacrificing field presence, while stacking offensive threats means more auto-losses. to achieve the late-game wincon, the shed player can't rely on cheese and running away with an advantage state, they have to use all the battling skill principles above. and the opponent has room to outplay if they're good at the game. i can get more specific and cite examples from the games ive played if you guys want.

now, i know that this isn't always the case. shed teams can be tailored to achieve greater power at the cost of consistency, which we have seen in ompl and other high stakes games. but i think that consistent shed builds bring more value to the game than inconsistent ones take away from it, which is why i plan to vote no ban.
Hi, I have reqs, just in time...


I will vote no ban, I think Shed is strong but it not deserve a ban.
I didn't run a special counter on each team, but with some offensive Pokemon like NormGar Tail Glow, you can completely disrupt Shed teams...
Also, I agree with Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) post.
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