BH BH7 Suspect #3: Trapping - Voting [Banned/Banned]

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BH7 Suspect #3 - Trapping (Voting)

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This is the official thread containing all the votes for the BH Gen 7 Suspect on Magnet Pull and Gengarite, as seen from here.

Voting Specifics: should be simple and just like before -
  • Procedure:
    1. Go here, and click on "Post new thread" on the right hand side
    2. Title your thread "BH7 Suspect 3 Trap" or anything similar
    3. In the body of your post, put your vote, one for each category. You may vote BAN, ABSTAIN or DO NOT BAN
      Here is a sample post*:
      Gengarite - ABSTAIN
      Magnet Pull - ABSTAIN
    4. Hit "Create thread". The deadline to vote is July 15.
  • A decision will be made when there is a majority of 60%. We have 46 voters, so that should be 28 votes either way.
The list of registered voters are as follows: If you do not see yourself and believe it's an error from me let me know. Note that if you did not provide proof of ownership of your alt, you won't be counted, which I made pretty clear in the original thread a few times.

Thanks for participating.
(*note that this sample has no ties with my own personal vote)
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Gengarite - Ban
Magnet Pull - Do Not Ban

gengarite: Ban
magnet pull: Ban
%sugarhigh: also
%sugarhigh: flint
%sugarhigh: can u change
%sugarhigh: my mag pull
%sugarhigh: vote to ban
%sugarhigh: i will vouch for it
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